Friday, April 11, 2008

Palestine-Israel, In spite of injuries by state force - the joint struggle continues. 11-4-08

In spite of repeating injuries by shooting, the activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative keep coming to the joint struggle together with the Palestinian villagers and internationals. This weekend "only" three demonstrations - Um Salmuna, Bil'in, and apartheid highway 443. On Friday morning a team came from Tel Aviv for the south of Bethlehem struggle against the apartheid. The demonstration against the separation fence at Um Salmuna was very peaceful... However, after the demonstration the state force harassed the Israelis who wanted to travel to the next noon demonstration - at the El Khader village. After a short detention and involvement of both the police and regional commander the comrades were released. As the same units of the state force were supposed to be present at El Khader, the comrades preferred to come instead to the Bil'in early afternoon demonstration.

In Bil'in, we had the 164th Friday demonstration. As usual we marched from the village center to the gate of the route of the separation fence - used to robe more than half of the village lands for the building of the settler town Modi'in Illit. In spite of the verdict of the Israeli Highest court of "justice", more than half a yer ago, to move the fence westwards in order to return back about 1000 dunams (one square kilometer), nothing is done yet to follow that verdict.

In spite the de-escalation of the suppression of the demonstrations lately, after the unruly youth who do not respect the nonviolent mode of the action start to throw stones, the state force starts to shoot on both the stone throwers and the nonviolent demonstrators.

They do it in contradiction of the official limits on shooting of even rubber coated bullets from too short distance. As result, the rubber coated bullets do penetrate the body of the victims. This Friday, like that of a month ago, a comrade got shot above the knee and because of too short range the bullet penetrated his feet. (It was a 71 years old activist who persistently document on video the Friday demonstrations in Bil'in and other joint actions the AAtW participate in. It was not the first time the state force fire hit and injure him, or "just damage his video". They often concentrate their fire of media workers.)

Till now, in addition to lot of injuries by bullets "rubbed by rubber" that eventually healed, three of the AAtW activists in action got permanent damages from illegally shoot bullets which hit their heads. One got a brain damage and two lost part of their vision in one eye.

(Palestinians participants in the same demonstrations suffered much more... Few even got killed before the official directives forbidden opening fire with life ammunition while Israelis participate too.)

A video of today's Bil'in demonstration at


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