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Palestine-Israel, AAtW and the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation - Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Tel-Aviv, Um Salmuna

Ni'ilin was the focus of our struggle this week too. Israeli activists joined the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative for 4 demonstrations and one meeting. The Israeli state restrict a bit the "super democracy for Jews" and put more efforts in blocking our way to Ni'ilin - preventing us from passing road blocks or "only" detaining us up to an hour before letting go. One comrade was even arrested for the bogus "trying to run over a soldier"... but released at a far away police station for "now guilt". In Bil'in and Um Salmuna we participated in the Friday demonstrations. On Thursday, a solidarity demo in front of the war ministry compound in solidarity with a jailed total refusenic of the new wave.


After a media focus on Ni'ilin following shooting in the foot of an arrested, blindfolded, and handcuffed Palestinian, border police gendarmes replaced the army in protecting the works on the route of the separation fence. May be the change in state force was the reason for our failure to stop the works for even a short time. However, again and again we came very near to the works and had clashes with the gendarmes while retreating to the village.

On Friday the state forces did a special efforts (that failed) to block the way of activists to the demonstration in Ni'ilin. Comrades who were on the way to the Friday demonstration in the near by Bil'in were detained for a while before released to continue our way to Bil'in.

Thursday 14.8.08 Ni'ilin video at
Thursday 21.8.08 Ni'ilin video at


After experimenting with the "Skunk stink" water canon the two previous Fridays they used this Friday "only" colored water... and the usual tear gas shock grenades and some rubber coated bullets.

Following is the video clip of the previous Friday demonstration. You may even smell the stinking water that hit the photographer...
Friday's 15.8.08 Bil'in demo at


Thursday was the first public action of the new wave of high school graduates total refusenics. AAtW activists are involved with it and they are involved with our struggles.

Udi Nir, 19, from the Tel-Aviv suburb of Hertzlia, has been sentenced yesterday (20 Aug. ) to 21 days in military prison.

Udi Nir is the first conscientious objector to be imprisoned among a new group of high school seniors, who signed a collective declaration of refusal to serve in the Israeli army of occupation. He has been called up to enlist this Monday, 18 Aug., but planned to delay his imprisonment (technically - by going AWOL) to join other signatories of the letter. This intention, however, was noted by the press (Udi appeared in a TV feature and a negative newspaper feature over the weekend). This resulted in what was arguably the quickest operation of its sort in Israel's history. On Tuesday, one day after he has not showed up at the Induction Base, Udi Nir was arrested by civilian police (itself an unprecedented move), and was subsequently given a conditional sentence of 6 days in prison. The following day he was again tried, this time for refusing an order to enlist, and was sentenced to 21 days in prison.

A small demonstration to protest Udi's imprisonment was organized by other members of the high school seniors group (see images on the right), and has received some media coverage.

A demonstration in support of Udi Nir In a brief statement made on the day of his arrest, Udi Nir said:

I cannot take part in the activities of an occupying army, which constantly violates human rights. As an Israeli citizen and as an adolescent liable for enlistment I feel a sense of extensive responsibility for the cycle of violence and for all the choices I am making. It is out of this sense of responsibility that I refuse to enter the cycle of bloodshed and to add fuel to the fire of hatred raging here. I refuse to enlist into an occupying army so that I will not lend my own hand to the occupation and to acts that contradict my most basic values: human rights, democracy and the personal responsibility each and every human being bears towards fellow human beings.

Udi's full declaration of refusal, sent in a letter to the Minister of Defense, can be read here.

A demonstration in support of Udi Nir Udi's intention is to refuse to wear a military uniform in prison, which means he would be, or has already been, transferred to the Isolation Ward of the prison. He is due to be released from prison on 7 Sept. and is very likely to be imprisoned again several times after his release. His prison address is:

Udi Nir
Military ID 6022372
Military Prison No. 400
Military Postal Code 02447, IDF
Fax: ++972-4-9540580

Since the prison authorities often block mail from reaching imprisoned objectors, we also recommend you to send your letters of support and encouragement to Udi via e-mail to shministim@gmail. com, and they will be printed out and delivered to him during visits.

supporting demo for our third objector Sahar Vardi

This coming Monday, August 25th, Sahar Vardi will arrive to the recruiting station where she will declare her objection to serve in the occupying military. Sahar will be detained to the military prison.

In her letter Sahar explains the human responsibility to not hurt another human. She says that "The cycle of death is forever perpetuated by the choices of both sides to act with violence; this is a choice I refuse to take part of".

On Monday the 25th at 8 am, with Sahar's entrance to jail, we will stand outside the recruiting station in Tel Hashomer and call the government to end the injustice of the occupation.

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