Saturday, August 2, 2008

Palestine-Israel, Ni'ilin, Tel Aviv, Bil'in, Um Salmuna - the Anarchists Against the Wall are on the move

This week we participated in the Ni'ilin continuous struggle. In relation to the murder in it of the ten years old Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa we held a big demo in Tel Aviv. Friday demonstrations were as usual in Bil'in (the 170th) and Um Salmuna. Friday in Ni'ilin (which some of us joined at noon and some after the demo in Bil'in) ended after about 4 hours of intense struggle in dismantling the razor wire fence that cost the life of Ahmad Husam and that of Ahmed Youssef. Due to the intense struggle in Ni'ilin including the previous week exposer of video which shows a direct order of regiment commander to shoot Ashraf in the leg, the Israeli media gave lot of space to the struggle against the separation fence.

The Israeli state force tried to prevent the approach of the demonstrators to the machines working on the route of the separation fence in building with a few hundred meters of spools of razor wire fortified with a steel cable. Tuesday evening after the big demonstration ended Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa age 10 and few friends tried to destroy the razor wire fence. One of the crew of an army car of state force that passed along the route detected them and one shot of live ammunition to Ahmad head killed him. The next day, after the funeral of Ahmad Husam, there was another demonstration of the village youth near the route in building, and an illegal use of guns by the state force which shoot Ahmed Youssef Amira in the head from short distance was fatal. He was in come since the shooting with no hope for recovery.

On Wednesday evening we organized a demonstration in Tel Aviv in protest of the murder of Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa. About 150 activists marched from the Arlozorov train station to the residence of the war minister with placards and banners, shouting all the way. After standing there for a while we started the return march - blocking few times the road. Due to the negative media, the state forces only arrested one of us and released him after few hours.

At Friday noon, there was a protest prayer and a demonstration after it. some of us participated there from the beginning. As there was a long confrontation with the Israeli state force, some of us joined it after we finished the Friday demonstration in Bil'in.

The Israeli state force forced the demonstrators to retreat to the village but the confrontation continued among the houses and the olive trees at the fringe of the village. At a certain point, the state force withdrew and the demonstrators approached again the route of the separation fence in building. We were surprised to find that no state force remained on the site, and used that opportunity to dismantle the razor wire spools fence that cost the life of two during the week.

We returned at evening to Tel Aviv tired but with some bitter satisfaction.

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10 years old killed in Ni'ilin
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