Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation on Tuesday - Ni'ilin - Tel Aviv

At 08:30 a buss load of activists traveled from Tel Aviv to the recruiting center and demonstrated in support of additional three high-school graduates refusing mandatory service in the army. They are part of the new wave of refusnics. Young activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall participate in it and the older ones support it. In this Tuesday AAtW people demonstrated in the village of Ni’ilin - some after the demo at the recruiting center. Following are excerpts of posts of comrades on these actions.

Demonstration in Support of the Conscientious Objectors Omer Goldman, Tamar Katz & Miya Tamrin

This Tuesday,September 23rd, Tamar, Miya & Omer, signers of the Seniors Letter, will present themselves at the Army's central Recruitment Base - where they will declare their refusal to serve in the army of occupation, be court-marshaled and sent to the stockade. Omer, Miya & Omer are to be the fourth, fifth & sixth signers of the seniors letter to enter the stockade for their refusal to participate in the horrors of the occupation, and their decision to protest against the violent measures carried out by the IDF against the civilian population in the territories.

The demonstration will take place at 08:30, Tuesday the 23rd of September at the entrance to the army's central recruitment base at Tel Hashomer


Demon in Support of the Conscientious Objectors 23-9-08 - link to video


Demon against the separation fence
See pictures of the demon against the separation fence at:

On Tuesday the 23rd of September 2008 approximately 50 Palestinians, Israelis and international solidarity activists marched in protest towards the construction site of the annexation barrier being built on the farmland of the west bank village of Ni’lin

Border police fired teargas rubber coated steel bullets and sound bombs at the protesters to prevent them from approaching the fence construction site.

Although this time the protesters did not managed to reach the construction site due to unrelenting aggression by the Israeli military, they did prevent the army from entering the village by building a make shift road blocks out of rocks on one of the main access roads.
A number of people were treated for the affects of tear gas.
The regular demonstrations against the apartheid wall will continue in Ni'lin, as the barrier when finished will annex over 25% of the village’s agricultural land.

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