Sunday, September 14, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continue - Bil'in, Um Salmuna, Ni'ilin, Asiara Al Qiblia

This week the intensive struggle in Ni'ilin continue. The week ended with the big village assembly Friday afternoon to commemorate Ahmed Mousa's murder. In it, the AAtW activist participated together with activists from Bil'in and the region in the marking of 40 days for the murder, and later in the public Iftar - breaking of the fast meal near the path of the separation fence. In Bil'in, we participated in the 186th Friday demonstration, with the usual harassment of the nonviolent demonstration by the Israeli state forces. It took 4 rounds of shooting tear gas grenades, retreating to reorganize and advancing again to the fence, till the declaration of the end to the demonstration by the comity.

Ni'lin 8-9-08 - link to video

A comrade of the AAtW wrote:
Yesterday (Saturday) 4 went to the village of asiara al qiblia in the nablus region, we went there to support the Palestinian residents after their village was under attack the same morning by couple of dozens of settlers from the near by settlement of Itzhar, the settlers arrived to the village on Saturday morning in what they called an act of revenge to a stabbing incident that happened the same morning inside the settlement, they entered undisturbed to the village, some of the armed with guns and some of them with stones and started terrorizing the local residents, an army unite that followed them didn't do anything to prevent their acts of violence and even helped them by firing rounds of live and plastic bullets an act that left 7 Palestinian injured .
during the night while staying in the village we witness the army invade the village and destruct property in a few houses, after we left the village the settlers came back and made an attempt to build an illegal outpost on the land of the village .
due to the short notice on Saturday we were not able to publish it on the list but we intend to stay in touch we the people of the village support their struggle against the army and settler daily terrorizing .

for update on the situation please call ben on 054xxxxx

During the week we started to organize the 17-9-08 big demonstration in Ni'ilin:
Mass Demo against the wall and in commemoration of Sabra and Shatila

Ni'ilin, Wednesday 17.9

In the past four months, the people of Nil'in have been struggling against the construction of the separation wall that is being built on their lands. Since the very beginning of the struggle, the army has used mortal violent in an attempt to oppress this popular uprising. As a result, hundreds have been wounded, dozens have been arrested and two people from the village have been murdered - Ahmad Musa, 11 years old and Yusef Amireh, 17 years old.

Despite the army's oppression, the people of the village of Nil'in continue their struggle and invite us to join them in their struggle against the wall and the violent oppression.

On Wednesday, September 17th, we will join the village in a mass demonstration, in which we will mark the continued resistance against the wall, and commemorate 26 years of the Sabra and Shatillah massacre.

To register to the demo, please call Ilan at: 03xxxxxxx or 052xxxxxxx

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