Sunday, November 2, 2008

Palestine-Israel, Sun and rain... the joint struggle against occupation and the separation fence continue.

This week the Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) were involved during the week and Friday in the south and the center of the west bank. In the Hebron area it was mainly in confronting the atrocities of the colonialist settlers around the olive picking near colonial settlements. At the Bethlehem region it was demonstrations against the separation fence and other occupation atrocities. In the region west of Ramallah there were the Ni'ilin protracted struggle along the week and the Bil'in 193th Friday demonstration. The Friday demonstration in Bil'in was "flooded" for the second week by international supporters. This week, mainly from Belgium and France, but also a band of Musicians from the USA.

The band marched at the head of the demonstration - playing 3 accordions and a guitar all the way to the route of the separation fence and the march within the route. The state force threatened us a lot while we marched along the electronic fence... and after a while started to attack the people with tear gas mainly - as usual using as pretext the stone throwing by kids in a near by location.

See the video clip from Bi'lin demo at 31-10-2008

Following excerpts from a report of member of the Bil'in popular comity for the struggle against the separation fence and occupation.

"For the past four years, the village of Bil’in has been protesting against the
wall and settlement building. Today, another protest marched after the Friday
prayer joined by international and Israeli activists. The protest marked the
52nd anniversary of the massacre of Kifr Qasem and 91st of the Balfour
Agreement. The protesters condemned these events and the Israeli occupation
police. They also held the world, especially the US and Britain, accountable
for the conditions that Palestinians live in and for their support of Israel in
their colonialist plans in Palestine."

"A French delegation of the International Civil Campaign for the Protection of
the Palestinian People (CCIPPP), another group from Belgium, Enseignants pour
une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient (EPJPO), as well as a group from Nanterre,
France, joined the protest today and also listened to a presentation by the
Bil’in committee about the village’s struggle against the wall."

"A music band from the USA, called Olive Trees Circus, played guitar, accordion,
and sung for peace in the middle of the action."

"For more information, Please call Abdellah Abu Rahamah, the coordinator of the
Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in. 972-547258210 or 972-599107069
e-mail –


The village is still in intense struggle against the separation fence - and more so after the end of the olive picking, both along the year and Friday. In spite of the obstacles on the way to the village, the contingents of activists of the AAtW succeed to come to the center of the village in time. Following is a link to video clip of this Friday demo in Ni'ilin (31-10-08):


In addition to the olive picking tasks there are progressive harassments of Palestinian houses located near the settlers houses. Following is an excerpt of a call distributed in the AAtW mailing list:

"Hey all,
As a response to the increasing tension in Hebron, people were staying in the city trying to observe the situation. During Saturday no special events were noticed, but we afraid that the tension will rise when the weekend will be over.
We would like to have some people staying over the night to respond and document any event that might happen.

Please contact Assaf at if you can make it."

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