Monday, November 17, 2008

Palestine-Israel, Update on the AAtW activities last week.

The divergence of activities included additions to the "regular" joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation at Bil'in, Um Salmuna, and Ni'ilin.
This week activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative participated in the struggle against the Israeli state forces and the colonial settlers in Hebron region in relation to the olive picking (12,14/11/08). Friday there was a road blocks removal action near Deir Ibzi organized by Ras Karka comity. On Saturday was another action related to the 5 refusnics high-school in the women army jail. Sunday was the day the Jayyous village, which was most active 2002 when the construction of the separation fence was started, resumed the struggle.


10:30, 14th November - Palestinian residents of villages North-West of
Ramallah, joined by international and Israeli solidarity activists,
successfully removed an Israeli imposed road-block close
to the village of Deir Ibzi'. However, Israeli forces have since replaced the road-block.

Residents and activists gathered in Deir Ibzi before moving to remove the road-block.

The action was organized by Ras Karka village council and the popular Committee and is supported by the Popular Committees of the west of Ramalla region.

The road-block prevents 14 villages, with around 35,000 people, from traveling directly to Ramallah. The road leading from Ni'lin and Bil'in to Ramallah is unable to be accessed directly by 14 villages including Ras Karkar, Al Janiya, Deir Ammar, Deir Ammar camp, Jammala, Ni'lin, Al Midiya, Budrus, Shuqba, and qibya Instead these villages either have to travel on an agricultural road that links Ras Karkar with Kafr Ni'ma or travel a much longer route to Beir Zeit or through Ni'lin.


The Friday demonstration had this week a contingent of the popular front of the west bank with people of all the main cities.


The struggle continue with already 40 activists of the village already in jail with state force sieging the village for months already.


On Saturday, more than 100 came to an open space near the fence of army jail 400 for females. They had a solidarity party with voices and music reaching the already 5 jailed total refusnics. Some of them already third term of few weeks in jail for repeating their refusing to serve in the army of occupation.


It seems the regional commander still had not made his mind how to treat the resuming of struggle against the separation fence and the change of the route forced on it by the highest court of "justice". There were temporary road blocks for preventing the Israeli activists from joining. However, some were allowed to come while others were allowed to pass one road block but stopped at another.
Ten of us blocked on a round about road, but after a while allowed to reach the village.

When the demonstration started to march on the road towards the separation fence, while still in the village, 6 state cars with lot of state force blocked our way with their bodies. However, as they were not firm enough, after half an hour half of the demonstrators filtrated gradually to the other side of the block. We started again to march towards the separation fence, but the state force blocked our way at the end of the built area of the village.

There we held a long meeting with speeches by both males and females villagers.

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