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Palestine-Israel, AAtW activists in struggle both the occupied territories and in Israel

The Friday demonstrations against the separation fence we joined were as usual: Bil'in, Um Salmuna, Ni'ilin, and the resuming village Jayyous. In Bil'in it was th 200th demo nearing the 4 years anniversary at February. On the way to Jayyous and Ni'ilin road blocked of the Israeli state force road blocks made it hard to arrive... but not too hard. In the refusnics front Yuval Oron-Ofir was sentenced on yesterday (14 Dec.) to additional 21 days in military prison for his refusal to serve, joined again Tamar Katz, and Raz Bar-David Varon, who are held in the military prison for women.
Thursday we held another demonstration in their support. Excerpt of Haaretz daily article: "About 200 demonstrated in front of the "Kirya" - the security ministry compound in solidarity with the refusnics in jail, as part of the international day of solidarity with occupation refusnics..."

And The Yediot Aharonot on-line:

Leftists urge Barak to free conscientious objectors

Leftist protesters backed by thousands of Jews worldwide demonstrate outside Defense Ministry

Dozens of people gathered outside the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv Thursday evening to support conscientious objectors who refuse to join the IDF.

The demonstrators sought to present Defense Minister Ehud Barak with letters written by about 20,000 supportive Jews from around the world. The rally coincided with the international day of solidarity with conscientious objectors. Meanwhile, Amnesty International again declared that jailing individuals who act on their conscience violates the United Nations' human rights convention.

Roughly 20,000 Jews residing worldwide relayed letters through Jewish groups in an effort to secure the release of the objectors. One of the protest organizers, Shimri Tzameret, said that "three occupation objectors are currently jailed in Israel."

One of the objectors, Raz Bar-David Baron, who is currently on vacation from prison, told Ynet that during her time in jail she could personally feel the "lack of freedom and helplessness of the Palestinians, who have no freedom when it comes to the smallest issues."

"The imprisonment merely served to reinforce my objection," she said.

Turning her attention to Israeli residents hit by Qassam rockets from Gaza, Bar-David Baron said she feels great empathy for Sderot residents and is fully familiar with their plight.

"We need to understand that they are suffering just like the Palestinian people are suffering," she said. "We need to understand that Sderot residents pay the price because we are unwilling to compromise and adopt the path of peace, and so the easy way is to adopt the path of war."

Video clip of the "Shminists" (high school graduates) refusnics
A web site dedicated to the refusnics:


Friday 12-12-08 link to video


In Bil'in we had a bigger and livelier demonstration than usual. For the 200th demo joined us a big contingent from the region of the Front For Struggle with their mobile sound system. The theme of the demonstration was the Bus shoe trowing. Marchers held poles with shoes and Bus picture. Lot of old shoes were also carried in baskets. When we arrived at the gate to the route of the separation fence a kind of "negotiation" with the state force commander enabled us to enter the route and starting showering the state forces with shoes. After a while, the state force who were on the other side of the separation fence lost their tolerance and they started their usual harassment with tear gas and bullets covered with rubber. Our dedicated videographer got there his tenth bullet. (The state force do not like our videographers who often share their clips with the TV channels of Israel...)

The Israeli High Court accepted again an appeal by the residents of Bil'in two days ago against the route of the Israeli Annexation Wall which is confiscating a lot of farm lands from the village. The court ruled that the Israeli authorities should change the path of the wall according to the July 4, 2007 High Court decision - and not compromise it according to needs of enlarging the settlement as the state want. The court also ordered that the Israeli government should pay a fine of 10,000 NIS to the village representative.

Shoes Not Molotovs

Shoes Not Molotovs: a video and pictorial report from the weekly demonstration against the wall at Bilin, 19.12.08
(Pictures also at: )
In Iraq they throw shoes at Bush. In Bilin they threw a similar contempt party yesterday against the aparthied wall and the servants of occupation.
To watch the video report go to the next link (by: Israel putermam)

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