Saturday, December 13, 2008

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the AAtW* and the Palestinians against the separation fence and occupation

The joint struggle against the separation fence this Friday was in Bil'in, Jayyous, and Ni'ilin. In Bil'in it was the 199th Friday demonstration started - with out even one miss, February 2005. In Jayyous, that was one of the first villages to struggle against the separation fence 6 years ago, seen last few weeks the resuming of the struggle. The state forces tried halfheartedly with out success to block the Israelis from arriving to the joint demonstration. At a certain point of the nonviolent demonstration the state forces broke their own rules and shoot live ammunition to the air - to frighten the demonstrators.


In Bil'in,
Excerpt from member of the village popular comity:

"Bil'in residents left after Friday prayers in a massive march in which a group of international and Israeli peace activists and a delegation from the Bethlehem district for the Committee for Solidarity with the owners of confiscated land and areas affected by the wall, waving Palestinian flags, and banners glorifying the first Intifada - the popular uprising that started twenty years ago."

As usual the last few weeks, when we approached the gate to the route of the separation fence the state forces started to shower us with tear gas grenades. However, as the wind was changing frequently it often blew the tear gas away from us and even some times towards the state forces. As usual lately, few of us succeeded to reach the laundry of the route of the separation fence. We stayed there for a while and then regrouped and approached the route of the separation fence on another point. There we stayed for a while chanting and challenging the few soldiers present there till the state force reinforcement arrived and started to shower us again with tear gas.

At that point the popular comity activists declared the demonstration as ended, and we held a meeting circle with the contingent of activists from the Bethlehem district.
* The Anarchist Against the Wall initiative

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