Monday, May 11, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle flourish in the Spring - Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um Salmuna, Saffa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Sunday had again a demonstration in Tel Aviv protesting the persecution of "New Profile" that support refusnics. Last Saturday as during the previous weeks comrades escorted Saffa Palestinins (neighboring the settler colonialist Bat Ain terrorists) to their fields. In protest to occupation persecution of popular comity members arrested, an enhanced mobilization from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem succeeded in part to arrive at the joint demo.
In Bil'in - the "Flag Ship" of the non-violent struggle against the separation fence and occupation, we had the 220th Friday demonstration. Not far away Ni'ilin during the joint Friday demonstration, in spite of publicity done that "chief prosecutor declaring direct shooting of tear gas canisters as criminal conduct" it was done, and amputated a finger.


Some 50 punks, hoodies, anarchos, queers and 3 leftist aunties (myself included) gathered today at King George and Ben Zion to support freedom of expression and the New Profile organization that's suffering State and Police oppression. Large numbers of cops and SWATs stood across the street. But thanks to the samba percussionists the anticipated bone breaking assault on our skinny activist youth turned into a pleasant street party with leaflet distribution, slogan chanting, banner raising and pogo dancing (there wasn't any pogo, I'm embellishing). After about an hour and a half the demonstrators and cops dispersed without direct contact. Some participants are reported to have expressed discomfort with the "IDF is a terrorist organization" and "all soldiers are accomplices to murder" slogans.


"Anarchists Arrested Demonstrating in Hebron Reported: 12:44 PM - May/08/09 by Reactionary media Authorities arrested seven anarchists after disturbances broke out Friday morning in Hebron. The seven were part of a group of about 100 who came
to Hilltop 18 next to Kiryat Arba to put up a structure and provoke the local Jews.

Three Jews were lightly wounded in the incident."


Saturday, comrades traveled from Tel Aviv without wide publicity. It enabled the activist to arrive and stay with the villages two more hours of uninterrupted work in their fields before the Israeli state force stopped the works..


"This Friday in Um Salmona
Over 100 Palestinian demonstrators were joined by some 15 internationals and 25 Israelis
for the weekly demo in Um Salmona / Ma'asara. (Other 25 were intercepted on their way.) The army set several roadblocks to prevent access to the area, but eventually almost all Israeli cars got through. The army set up its jeeps farther into the village than in the past, and separated the Israeli demonstrators from the Palestinians who came from the other side. Some Israelis managed to flank the army and join the main demo, but most of us remained on the other side and chanted slogans. Despite the army's attempts to generate escalation through last week's use of tear gas and the arrest of the local popular committee activists, the demonstrators maintained their commitment to non violent resistance. At the end of the day, no stones were thrown, and no weapons were fired. In order to get the Israelis out of the area, the army arrested two of them at the beginning of the demo, but released them after a brief negotiation when the Palestinian demonstrators dispersed.

Today the forces of occupation have once again tried to break the popular struggle in the
Ma'asara - Um salamuna area. Checkpoints were put up to prevent Israeli supporters from
getting in, but they did, and the demonstration took place.

However, the members of the local popular committee are still detained, and facing severe
charges brought forward on the basis of soldiers' lies. The military tribunal has decided
to release three of the five activists, pending the deposit of 10,000 NIS each. A forth
detainee might be released under similar conditions."



"Palestinian, Israeli, and international protesters walked through the streets of Bil’in
on Friday wearing surgical masks to protect themselves from the “Occupation Flu” which
first infected Palestinians sixty-one years ago. It has caused the deaths of thousands of
Palestinians, injured hundreds of thousands and has put millions in prisons, including
Israeli prisons but also the prisons created by the wall in the West Bank and the siege on
Protesters carried banners that read, “Stop the Occupation Flu” and called on
international health and human rights institutions to intervene in order to save the
Palestinian people from this dangerous disease which is spreading in the region and is
threatening the rest of the world. Protestors also carried Palestinian flags and photos
of the martyr Bassem Abu Rahmah, Bil’in’s most recent victim of the “Occupation Flu”, who
was killed by the Israeli army three weeks ago."


Activists were involved with the struggle against eviction of Palestinians from the occupied districts of wider Al Kuds (Jerusalem):

"After a few weeks of uncertainty, both families Hannun and Gawi have received a new eviction notice. The eviction notice is up to date from the May 7th (today) until the 28 of May. reminder- the families can no longer turn to court in order to appeal, after both the local and the high court rejected the documents brought from Turkey in order to claim ownership, saying they were brought too late. Also, last monday two men of the families were up for trial , charged of the fact they did not evict the houses on their own will, the trial was delayed until May 17th."

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