Sunday, May 24, 2009

Palestine-Israel, Friday demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation.

As every Friday, this week too, the Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative mobilized activist from the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other regions to the country to the demonstrations in Bil'in, Ni'ilin (both west of Ramalla) and to Um Salmuna (the Muashara region south of Bethlehem). In spits of the harassment of the Israeli authorities against the Israeli activists, and more so of the the members of local Palestinian Popular Committees, the joint struggle continue.

---- BIL'IN ----

Over 15 Israelis and over 20 internationals joined several dozens of Palestinians (including one Palestinian woman and one bicycle mounted boy) for the weekly demo in Bilin. The demonstrators marched towards the fence chanting slogans in memory of Bassem, who was murdered by the army in April, and against the annexation wall.

The shabab (local youth) gathered to the right
of the demonstrators (rather than on their left
side as they usually do), and started the weekly unbalanced exchange of projectiles. On the shabab side: foul manure bottles and stones; on the
soldiers' side: gas, shock grenades and a few rubber coated metal bullets. The army was a little less trigger happy than usual due to an unfavorable wind direction and the presence of Israeli press invited to cover the event from the soldiers' side. A Quebecois group made a
prominent appearance, carrying their provincial flag. As far as I saw, several people were injured from gas inhalation, and one person was injured in his hand from a shock or gas grenade.

UM SALMUN (Muashara region)

Around 50 villagers, supported by dozens of Israeli and international activists, participated in the weekly non-violent march against the Apartheid Wall, organized by the Al-Ma'sara Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. The protest started after the midday prayer in Al-Ma'sara and moved toward the land that will be affected by the construction of the Wall. The march was stopped by a razor wire military barrier put by the Israeli troops at the settlers' road, which separates the villages from their land where the Wall is going to be built. The protestors delivered speeches calling for the release of Hassan Bergia and Mohammad Bergia (members of the Al-Ma’sara Popular Committee arrested on 1st May demonstration and still being held), and against the Apartheid Wall and the settlements: "Despite the Israeli violence shown during the last protests, we will keep demonstrating until the rights of the Palestinian people will be fully recognized", said Mahmoud Zwahre, head of the Al-Mas'ara Popular Committee. Israeli activists were leading the choirs with drums and percussion instruments. The march ended without any clashes with the army.

Friday 1-5-09 - link to video
Friday 22-5-09 - link to video


Dozens protested today in Ni'ilin against the ongoing construction of the wall. This time, the military and border police decided to violently disperse the demonstration even before it started. Soldiers and border policemen arrayed near the Friday prayer, held in a field adjacent to the village, and as it ended attacked the prayers and the activists from three directions with stun grenades and tear-gas grenades. After a short while, as stones answered the soldier's attack, the police hardened its' measures and added rubber coated bullets and live ammunition ("Tutu") to the attack. During the conflicts one of the demonstrators was injured from live bullet in his leg. To the soldiers it didn't matter – they kept on shooting tear-gas canisters directly at the demonstrator and the medical crew that evacuated him - even while the stretcher was carried away. The confrontations continued for several hours, counting two more injured. One demonstrator was hit in his head with a tear gas canister shot at him directly, and another hit in his back.

Friday 22-5-09 - link to video at


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