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Palestine-Israel, Six years of joint struggle against the separation fence and still going strong

Since spring 2003 Masha joint camp against the separation fence the anarchists against the fence is thriving. In addition to the regular Friday demonstrations against the separation fence in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna, we join other initiatives in the Israeli south (Bedouin), West Bank south (Saffa), and the Jerusalem region. Last Fridays around 60 activists were mobilized with the AAtW initiative to the various joint demonstrations.
The focus of the activity was this week too in Bil'in which mourn the murder of Bassem six weeks ago. The popular committee of Bil'in invited us to take part in a commemoration event marking 40 days for the death of Bassem (el Pheel). We also participated in the Thursday planing meeting to mobilize for the big demo in his memory this Friday.


About 40 Israelis and similar number of internationals converged in Bil'in. After the Friday prayers, the people began the weekly demonstration, which commemorated the martyr Bassem Abu Rahma. Many put on the mask of Bassem on their faces. Some carrying metal shields, with his pictures, in order to protect themselves and others from Israeli fire.

Just when we came near the gate of the separation fence the state force started as usual to shower us with tear gas. As response, few of the youngsters threw back tear gas grenades that failed to explode when first thrown on us. This and the fact that the wind was mostly from the North-East, the state force got lot of tear gas and failed in their efforts to make us stop the demonstration before the village comity anounced the end of it.

Bil'in 29-5-09 link to video



In the village of Nilin around 150 demonstrators gathered after the Friday praying and start marching toward the fence, when the demonstrators arrived at the fence they were attacked by the army with tear gas and rubber coated bullets. As a result of the army violence clashes between the army and stone throwers started. After couple of hours of clashes from both sides of the fence the demonstration ended.

UM SALMUNA (Ma’asara)

Today, once again, the peaceful protest in this village near Bethlehem was met by Israeli soldiers with guns and a razor wire blocking the road. The razor wire at the exit road of Al Ma'sara set up by the Israeli army denies the people their right to access their land.
This week around 80 people marched to show their support for Al Ma'sara and to defend basic human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Locals were joined by Israelis and internationals as well as two members of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) and a French group of elected members of town councils in Normandy.
The organizers of the protest, the Al-Ma'sara Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, held speeches calling for the urgent need for Israel to oblige to international law and decisions on the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Other speeches were held in Arabic, Hebrew and English, in addition to a powerful speech held in French by a member of a mission from Normandy visiting Palestine. The mission aims to promote cooperation between local town councils in France and their Palestinian counterparts.
Men and women, young and old, both villagers and people coming from different parts of the world joined the cheering and chanting for a free Palestine. During the protest, two Palestinian women managed to cross the razor wire military obstacle while others were holding it down. Waving the Palestinian flag they walked down the road that for which they should have the inevitable right to do so. Others were prevented by the Israeli soldiers to cross the razor wire.


2 Palestinians, 5 Israelis Arrested During Farmer Action in Saffa

Saturday, May 30, Palestinian farmers from the Soleiby family were joined by activists from Palestine Solidarity Project, Anarchists Against the Wall, and Ta’ayush to work land near the Bat ‘Ain settlement, in Gush Etzion. Activists have been accompanying farmers in the area recently since an attack on the settlement on April 2 led to settler riots and attacks on farmers. The settlers attacked the Palestinians and the Israelis and the state forces arrested 5 Palestinians and two Israeli activists:
3 Israelis who agree to conditions of two weeks restriction from the demos were released in the police station. The Palestinian teenagers were released too at Saturday night.

"Two of the Israeli activists Amiel V. and Shai G. who refused to accept the restriction conditions remain in jail. They will be taken to the Jerusalem court tomorrow morning. If you can come to the court and show your support it would be very appreciated".

here some link of what happened in saffa today

Sunday: After refusing twice to accept the police conditions, the two Israelis Amiel and Shai were released this morning without any conditions.

Israeli soldiers attack activists and Palestinians in Safa, West Bank-three parts. + weekly demonstration against the wall

weekly demonstration against the wall, Friday May 29, Bil­­­­­'in

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