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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle during Jewish new year etc. holly-days expanded

AAtW activists participated with others of the emerging Sheikh Jarah coalition and ripples... The demo of Human Rights groups in Thursday of Jerusalem was part of it. The vigils and other forms of presence with the Silwan Sheikh Jarah harassed Palestinians was another. The confrontation with the Jerusalem mayor festivities was another form of intervention. Comrades participated in activities around The Jewish boat to Gaza which was stopped on it's way to brake the siege Thursday morning, and the activists on it were arrested. Long Live Palestine - LowKey

Beit Ommar Saturday October 2

Beit Sha'an,

Tuesday, the Sheikh Jarrah coalition the anarchists against the wall are part of, initiated a demonstration against eviction of residents of the town by the national housing concern Amidar. That day, the Israeli president and the Chinese What program you use? celebrated there 18 years of friendly relation with Chine initiated by the ex-foreign minister who is a resident of that town.

Beit Surik

"There's going to be a demo in Beit Surik tomorrow (Friday 1.10.10) at 10:00 AM and the local committee and council specifically invited us and others... The demo will be held in front of the gate within the wall beyond which the land seized by the wall and Har Adar settlement."

Beit Surik residents are deprived of accessing their land, grabbed by the separation wall and settlement of Har Adar. From time to time we are invited to a demonstration of this village and the neighboring Bidu who suffer the same restriction.

Those lands as well as the lands of the settlement belong to people from Biddu, Beit Surik and Qatanna. Access has become a particularly important issue now that olive harvest begins. Before the war on Gaza farmers were placed on a list prepared by the Palestinian Authority and were all let in. At the beginning of the war the permit system which was in effect in the north was extended to the Jerusalem area. From then on farmers needed to apply for a permit in order to get to their lands. Those permits are much harder to get and are only given to the person listed as the owner of the land regardless if he is actually the one working it or if he is even able to. The people of the two villages refused to ask for permits on the grounds that if they asked for a permit to work their lands the next thing would be that they need to ask for a permit to live in their own house.
The demonstration included a prayer on the road leading up to the lands. About 150 people from Beit Surik and Biddu came. A group of women from the women's club also came. Large numbers of army and border police were waiting even before the prayer started. At the end of the prayer people marched to the gate in the fence and demanded to enter. The army officers who were at the other side of the gate were not interested in the least in these demands. After about 30 minutes the officers lost their patience and about 20 soldiers crossed the gate and attacked the demonstrators. They seemed to want the demonstrators to give them a pretext to arrest and shoot them but the demonstrators were too disciplined and did not give such an excuse in any way. After another stand off of about an hour the soldiers declared that starting Sunday, land owners who show up will receive a permit and could work their lands. It is not clear if by that they mean a return to the old system and it is even less clear that the army will actually keep its word.


About 20 internationals and 20 Israelis joined the local Palestinian demo in Bil'in against the wall and occupation. The demonstration started off non violently, with demonstrators chanting, opening the gate to the route of the electronic fence, placing a banner and flags on the fence, and spending time in the area between the fences. But after a while and repeated demands by the army commander to move away from the fence which were not obeyed, the soldiers started throwing and shooting tear gas grenades. For a while the gas dosage was relatively low, and the shabab threw few stones in return. But after the shabab had managed to return two unexploded gas canisters to their rightful owners and cover the soldiers in a cloud of gas, the soldiers barged in, with the usual accompanying flood of gas driving the demonstrators away. The Irish delegation kept things lively with their singing and their long, round voweled 'shout and roar', until after some more exchanges of gas and stones (with one demonstrator getting hit in the head by a stone) the demonstration was declared over and dispersed.

Israel Putermam Bil'in 1-10-2010 video

Gaza Boat

"Dozens of activists gathered on the beach near the Ashdod port, to which the Jewish Peace Ship is being towed by the Israeli Navy, to protest the capture of the ship and the continued blockade of Gaza , which has turned it into a huge prison with no entry or exit. The activists held signs with the captions: "Medicines – A Security Risk?", "Let Gaza Live," The blockade and the construction on settlements destroy us all," "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies." Later the demonstrators moved to the gates of Ashdod Port where they currently remain."

There was significant cover to the boat and the demo in the TV and other Israeli media.

Hebron (Al Khalil) Saturday October 2


Sheikh Jarah

On Tuesday, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a ruling which authorizes the expulsion of 20 additional families of Palestinian refugees from their homes in Sheikh Jarah. The ruling is based, as is already well known, on a discriminatory law which allows Jews to reclaim property that belonged to the them until 1948, but does not allow Palestinian refugees, even if they are citizens of Israel, to do the same regarding their property.

"From the vigil, we will leave for a short tour of the Um-Harun area, whose inhabitants now face eviction.""

To the Friday demo converged the usual few hundreds local and western Jerusalem participants, people who participated in noon demos against the separation fence/walls, other locations and a Tel Aviv nearly full bus contingent.

As planed we marched around the threatened neighborhood and up to the highway where we demonstrated for nearly an hour.


Various activities during the week.

Al Ma'asara

Israeli Army attack the circus: clowns and kids Sprinkle with gas by soldiers
Shai Pollak video at:

The weekly Friday demonstration marked the International Day of non-violence. It ended with a two-clown show to the children of the village. That did not prevent the soldiers to do their usual job and attack the circus with stun grenades and tear gas.

The video clearly shows how the protesters marching on the village's main road, hoping to reach their farmland - the route of the fence transfer it to the settlement of Efrat. The soldiers blocked the non-violent demonstration and showered it with stun and tear gas grenades.
Soon after, the soldiers distanced, and the protesters stop their advance. In fact, the demonstrators declared the end of the demonstration (which did not look the video). At this point two clowns from abroad came to the fore, and raise a short performance for the children of the village, and about 15 of them gathered around them. While the show went on, the clowns fall again and again to the laughter of children, but the army charged back at the demonstration, and starts to throw the children and clowns stun and tear gas grenades. The soldiers chasing after the crowd who scattered into the village, and continue shooting even after the protesters went away.

Ma'asara 1.10.10

An Nabi Saleh


The Friday weekly demo in Ni'lin occurred in the end of a week which saw the acquittal of a protester who has been under a arrest for the past seven months for made up charges. Around thirty protesters braved the heavy heat to march to the wall, and show their opposition to the theft of their land for the benefit of Israel's settlement. In the village's olive groves, several families were seen harvesting their olives. It is still not known who of the villagers who own land and olive trees over the wall will be allowed by the occupation authorities to access their land. After the demonstrators voiced their protest to the soldiers guarding the fence, and a small number of the village youth threw stones over the fence and at the metal gate, a group of soldiers crossed the fence and the protesters retreated back to the village. No arrests or injuries were recorded.

David Reeb video of Ni'ilin 1.10.2010 video at

Wad Rahhal

Works on Thursday on lands near the neighboring colonial settlement.

Al Walaje
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