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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle never extinguish

Just imagine we had such struggles all over the developed world where few scores of anarchist activists in a region keep our agenda in the focus of the public discourse. It is not only the joint struggle against the separation fence or the occupation. Previous Friday part of us been the redNblack Block at human rights day parade in Tel Aviv This weekend we participated in the persistent weekly joint actions in Bil'in, Naby Saleh, Ni'ilin, Maasarah, Shekh Jarrah, and Beit Ummar. Just few hundreds of people of the Israeli radical left who insist not to let "things as usual" cover the on going atrocities.

Beit Ummar

Army Takes Over Civilian House and Attacks Non-Violent Beit Ummar Demonstration
Roughly forty five protesters, including many Israeli and international supporters marched to the agricultural lands of Beit Ummar, demanding access to their land which has been slowly confiscated by the nearby settlement of Karmei Tzur.

Small victory gained as the soldiers retreated after their repeated assaults with tear gas grenade - some in direct fire, failed to disperse the demonstration.

Two Israelis of the AAtW and one international activist were arrested while the rest of the demonstration was attacked with tear gas and sound bombs. All released within hours.
Israel Puterman video at: http://www.youtu


This Friday in Bil'in the wind kept blowing in all directions, blending exceptional quantities of gas into the demonstrators who were still on their way to the wall's gate, spreading the gas throughout the village's olive groves, spreading it as far as the village's western homes, spreading the demonstrators everywhere - all 20 Israelis, 10 or so internationals, dozens of Palestinians and the host of journalists. A few peaceful demonstrators managed to hold on to their stance at the wall's gate even after the shabab who respond to state violence with stones had been gassed away. Maybe they were held together by the pep rally around the recently released Adeeb Abu Rahmah at the mosque where the demonstrators first gathered.

Haitham khatib video at:
Israel Puterman video at:


Dozens of Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators gathered in the village of Al-Ma'asara in the West Bank for the weekly Friday demonstration against the separation wall and land confiscations due to nearby settlements. The demonstration was completely nonviolent, but nevertheless the Israeli army dispersed it with force, shooting tear gas and sound grenades. One Israeli demonstrator was arrested in an attempt by the army to quell the protest, despite it being a peaceful demonstration.

Nabi Salih

Nabi Saleh resident sustained head injury by unlawful direct tear gas canister; Israeli army delayed ambulance both on the way in and out

December 17, 2010

This Friday Nabi Saleh marked one year anniversary of weekly protests against the creeping annexation of land by the Halamish settlement. As been the case in recent weeks, all entrances to the village were closed by Israeli forces, attempting to prevent Palestinian, Israeli and international participants from attending. This time these army posts were also used to prevent an ambulance evacuate a badly injured resident who suffered an head injury by a tear gas canister direct hit.

The demonstration began with a group of about 40 people marching between the army posts inside the village, towards the village's lands and spring, while Halamish settlers were attending it without army interference. Once the march reached the main road inside the village, Israeli forces attacked it by stun grenades, ordering and pushing back everyone, including journalists. After standing for a while in front of the soldiers the protesters marched back to the village, where the army has already deepened its incursion and clashes erupted. Until the evening, the Israeli army kept shooting tear gas canisters and rubber-coated steal bullets, inside the village's populated area, forming an unlawful collective punishment repressive measure.

Tear gas canisters were shot directly at the protesters, a dangerous conduct which violates even the army's own regulations. One such canister hit a Nabi Saleh resident in the back of the head. The ambulance which was sent was delayed for 10 minutes on the way into the village, and another 5 minutes on the way to the hospital, by the Israeli army. Luckily enough, the injured remained conscience and hospital tests suggested he may be released within 48 hours.

Demonstrator suffers head injury from tear gas projectile in Nabi Saleh


Ni'lin's weekly protest brought together around fifty of the village's residents, with around 15 internationals and Israelis. The protest march reached the wall built on the village's land. protesters chanted slogans, drew graffiti, banged on the closed metal gate demanding to be allowed to get to their land. a few youth threw stones over the wall, and the soldiers fired tear gas canisters. a number of soldiers then crossed the barrier, leading to a swift retreat by protesters. no injuries were recorded.

David Reeb video: Ni'ilin against the separation barrier, and Nabi Salih against the threat to their land and against the occupation

Sheikh Jarrah

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