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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of 63 - 43 - 7 years continue in spite burnout

The joint struggle against naZionist settler colonialism, occupation, and transfer continue in waves. The last year included a new wave as significant part of Israeli radical joint the struggle and direct actions both within 1948 Israel and 1967 occupied lands. The struggle against the separation fence lost its uniqueness... but it is still in the front, with Bil'in the symbolic flag holding.

Al Arakiv

This village is lately the focus of the on going struggle and resistance of the Bedouins of the south of Israel against the on going efforts since 1948 to transfer them from Israel at first and since the 1950s from their lands within it.

Beit Omar

Reminder: Register for Transportation to Saturday December 4 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements Beit Ommar Saturday December 4

Hi all,

the committee in Beit Umar is organizing for a larger demonstration this Saturday. This is in spite of and in response to the increased repression by the army. Most especially the remand without bail of a 13 year old Muhamad khalayil arrested at a demonstration over two weeks ago. Khalayil was arrested with Israelis and internationals who were next to him the whole time and can testify that he did not throw stone and have video of the demonstration. Still, the military appeal court decided to reverse a lower court order to release him and ordered him remanded without bail.
Please make an effort to come to the demonstration. If you can make it please call D.


Friday 26.11.2019 Bil'in video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0R4xXDqjBQ

This Friday's demonstration took place as a protest against the Wall, the settlements, and the Israeli practices of occupation, deportation and exclusion. A large group marched after Friday prayers from the center of the village toward the target areas of the Wall and settlements. The group consisted of about two dozen Israelis with the AAtW, international activists and Bil'iners.

Al Katib Haitham video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxvfasl6Sxk

The coming Monday, December 6, a session in Abdullah Abu-Rahme's trial will be
held in the Military Court of Appeals in Ofer.

If you wish to join, please send your full name + ID number (or passport number
+ nationality)

Hi all,

Friday Dec 10 is both the international human rights day and the first
anniversary of Abdallah Abu Rahma's arrest. The committee in Bilin is
planning a large demonstration for that day and has asked us to organize the
Israeli part of it. Is there anyone who can commit to making sure
everything gets done: sending a proper announcements, organizing
transportation for large numbers of people, contacting other groups etc.


The First Israeli-Palestinian Anti-Fascist March in Issawiyah

A few hundreds Israelis and Palestinians participated in this event for the first time in this occupied east Jerusalem - Al Kuds neighborhood. The chief slogan was: lift the siege from Issawiyah (a Palestinian neighborhood in the Occupied East Jerusalem, adjacent to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). For almost a month the village is under the siege; this week two housing structures there were demolished; and most of the drivers were robbed by the Israeli police, when their cars were searched for alleged defects, then almost all the car owners of Issawiyah were fined. My friend received a fine of $333, as one of the mirrors was not firmly fixed. This is a policy of collective punishment of the residents for nonacceptance of the Israeli domination. Apparently, the numbers of cooperating Israelis and Palestinians that we witnessed today could make a decisive breach in the Apartheid policy of the Israeli regime. Yet, as soon as the Jewish demonstrators left the area, the Israeli Occupation Forces vilely entered the neighborhood and began shooting tear gas into the Palestinian youth. See the clouds of white smoke on the last pictures.



Nabi Salih - 26-11-10 - link to video


Wednesday 7-12-10

This morning, a letter signed by tens of Rabies, was published forbidding people to rent or sell apartments to non-Jews.
We will not stand silent in the face of such racism!!!

Tomorrow, 8.12, we will protest in front of the big synagogue in Jerusalem (King George St.) at 17:00.

Transportation from Tel Aviv will leave Arlozerov station at 15:30. For information call


From: S. A. 2010/12/3 Subject: My Father Will Be Free

Dear friends,

I want to send you a big thank you from the depth of my heart. Your
contributions that are meant to free my father Ibrahim, as well as
Hassan Mousa and Zaydoon Srour have reached me in Ni'lin. With your
generous help I was able to pay the fines necessary to liberate the
leaders of our Committee Against The Wall.

My father, as well as the other two brave men will be free this

Sunday. All of this was only possible because you helped me to free
them. There are many things I want to tell you, so many things that
happened in the past weeks. Please forgive me that I didn't update you
regularly in the past month, but I had reason to believe that it would
risk my father's freedom if I talk about it before he is free or even
before I could pay the fines. I promise to tell you the details once
they come out of the jail and are safe, re-united with us.

In the past days I was a lot in the mountains with time to think. Many
things that were going around in my head. I want to share them with


From the education and fund rising tour of AAtW delegate to US

Gal Lugassi of Anarchists Against the Wall - at WSU - 04 Nov 2010 - Part 1/5
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See Previous reports at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com

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