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Palestine-Israel, At the time of mass uprisings in the Arab countries the joint struggle is part of.

We cannot predict which community will be among the first to be in the front of the struggle - and it was not Bil'in. We cannot predict which one will persists in the struggle week after week, year after year... like Bil'in. When it happen, we can often understand, like why the small village of Nabi Saleh - which even was not victim of the separation fence, joined the persistent struggle. The participant of each of the on going struggles like El Araqib, Beit Ommar, Bil'in, Dahamash, Jaffa, Lod, Ma'asara, Nabi-Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, Tel Aviv expresses solidarity with the uprising of the masses in Tunisia and Egypt.

El Araqib

"Jan 31 2011 08:15 AM The Israeli police and bulldozers are on their way right now to once more erase the village of El-Araqib".

"Will the brutality of the Israeli government, or justice prevail? Please do all you can to help the people of El Araqib stand in this important struggle. come stand with them, contact Israeli officials, embassies, your ambassadors in Israel, your representatives in your countries..."

Beit Ommar
"Urgent -Settlers invaded to Saffa Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011
One boy, Youssef Ikhlayl, a common fixture at Beit Ommar demonstrations
and our programs at PSP, is brain-dead, at the Hebron hospital, shot by
settlers who were allowed to rampage for over 2 hours before soldiers
intervened, after Palestinians gathered from Sourif and Beit Ommar. A
picture of Youssef will be distributed shortly"

"Settlers apparently invaded Saffa this morning.
a situation that might be dangerous.
If you want to go meet K. at 10 at
Levontin 14, TA"

Saturday January 29
Reminder: Register for Transportation to Saturday January 29 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements
Beit Ommar Saturday January 29 the on going joint struggle continued.


Friday demo was again a small one. Two dozen Israelis of the AAtW initiative, similar number of internationals, and Palestinians of the region joined the people of Bil'in in about 100 strong demo - the last month of the sixth year of Friday demos in Bil'in.

Delegation of MPs of Chile contributed to the restrain of Israeli state forces who used mainly the stinking water to make people retreat from the separation fence.

At the end, the shower of tear gas was shot on us and the demo was gradually dispersed.

"A resident of Bil'in was wounded and dozens of residents, peace activists, and individuals wishing to show solidarity suffered severe teargas inhalation today."

Haitham Khatib
Israel Putermam video at:


A small Palestinian village within the 1948 borders of Israel, now suburb of Ramla and in process of late transfer efforts of the Israeli state.

"Violent clashes and arrests in Dahamash. 6 members of the sha'aban family, including one minor, were violently arrested 25th Jan in their house yesterday.
They will remain in custody until tomorrow noon.

the sha'aban family has been leading the struggle against the demolitions in Dahamash, and has received much
harassment from the Lod police because of that. the violent incident from yesterday is definitely an extreme escalation by the police,
who used much force and tear gas in the family's house."

"me and some people are going there now with a car, and there might be a vigil in-front of the police station later tonight.
please stay updated for that.
call me for details or if you want to join."


The joint struggle continue


Friday demonstration against the separation fence and occupation. About 50 activists: 20 Israelis, 20 Palestinians and 10 internationals marched on the the way to the lands threatened by the separation fence. The Israeli state force was ready to disperse the demo... but a road accident happened at the usual location of confrontation.

Two cars clashed - one with Palestinian who got out without injury and one with settler women and child who were trapped

All rushed to the cars, but soldiers did nothing - only a Palestinian youngster and Israeli demonstrator helped the injured settler and child out of the wreckage. .

One of the village comity declared the dispersing of the demo but the Israeli state forces pushed violently the retreating demonstrators and added shock grenades.


Large military forces, including bulldozer and a truck, are surrounding Nabi-Saleh.
Several houses were threatened with destruction during the last year in an attempt to stop the popular struggle.

This joins a recent concentrated effort of the military to break the spirit of the village people with frequent night raids, and including the arrest of a 14 years old kid and the arrest of his 11 years old brother for several hours today.

The people of the village ask for our immediate presence there.

Please contact

To restraint a bit Israeli state forces harassments night presence of activist of the anarchists against the wall was asked for.

"For tonight and tomorrow's night (Tuesday 25th -to- Wednesday 26th and Wednesday-to-Thursday) please contact S."

"Thursday night presence at Nabi Saleh
This up coming Thursday i will be driving to Nebi Saleh in the evening to
support our friends after a hard week of violent night raids. For now i have 4
seats available. If you care to join give me a call"

Following the passing away of one of Nabi-Saleh elders, the demonstration tomorrow (Friday, January 28) is canceled.

Our friends still ask for presence of activists during nights, please contact to coordinate Friday and Saturday night shifts.

Prison solidarity

Last Sunday, January 23rd, at 2AM, military forces violently arrested a 14 years old at his house in Nabi-Saleh. The boy was held handcuffed and blindfolded in the cold till morning, and was then taken to an 8 hours police interrogation. His lawyer, waiting outside the police station, was not allowed to meet the minor till only after 4 hours of the interrogation, and his parents were not informed (as a minor, his right, even according to the military law, is to be interrogated in the presence of his parents).

The military court (after outrageous failures of its own) might release him tomorrow, February 1st, to house arrest. One of the conditions for the release is to find two Israeli citizens to sign a bail for him.

Please contact ASAP if you can come tomorrow to the military court.


Another Friday joint demo

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Solidarity with Cairo in Tel Aviv
About 30 demonstrators in a vigil in Tel Aviv in front of Egypt embassy (most of them Palestinians).

Jaffa, Saturday 29th

"With coordination and cooperation of the Palestinian Jafa organizers, the anarchists will mark the murder of Yusef Fakri Al-Halil from Beit Ommar murdered by settlers in the mass demonstration of Saturday night against the settler colonialist intruders (and in solidarity with the uprising in the region).

We are preparing plasters and will be gratefully for your cooperation".

A demonstration protest of Jaffa's inhabitants against the phenomenon of the settlement and provocations of settlers in the city was organized. In response to the recent weeks happenings in Jaffa. The picks were number of provocations events in them participated hundred of settlers. Top of the events was a march that exist in Saturday 15.1.11. Ge56GE

Sheikh Jarrah

Friday emonstration 28/1/2011
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