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Palestine-Israel, Some activities the anarchists against the wall AAtW initiative involved with last week

There are four main areas of struggles the AAtW activists are involved with: Joint struggle with communities that invite us to join like Bil'in and other struggles against the separation fence. Other joint struggles against occupation and settler colonialists like Nabi Saleh. Joint struggles with wider coalitions like Shekh Jarah coalition and South Hebron. The fourth is within Israel like prison and jail solidarity, Al Arakib and Lod. It seems that our confrontational and direct action mode of struggle is adopted by more and more Israeli radicals.

Al Arakib

More and more frequent the state forces come early in the morning to destroy the village and harass the Bedouins and Israeli activists who join them. After the state force leave - temporary dwellings are built.
Often, like this week Wednesday activists are arrested and prison solidarity activity is done the next day in Beer Sheva court house.

Updates from El Arakiv

The village of El Arakiv was destroyed on Feb. 7 2011 for the 13th time, and again on Feb.8
Yesterday and today bulldozers arrived from the Israeli Lands Administration and a large number of vans. They destroyed the village and took everything with them that could remind of the village. JNF workers continued to work on the site of the former houses to prepare planting a forest.
At the site of the village there are now dams and terraces. Most of the inhabitants of the village are now at the ancient graveyard, which is not destroyed, and run there their daily life.

Protest watches
Every Sunday the inhabitants protest against the destruction of their village at Lehavim Junction oat 15.30 Everyone is invited to participate and show solidarity.

Beit Ummar

Sat. 5-2-11 - Israel Puterman video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXMiNOKRI2Y
Reminder: Register for Transportation to Saturday February 12 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements


29 Israelis and a bunch of internationals joined the Palestinian men and women of Bil'in for the weekly demo for peace and independence. This time the soldiers waited behind the fence. The shabab confronted them on the northern stretch, while the processions carried on westward. The soldiers retreated from the shabab on the north, but waited only a couple of minutes before they gassed the demonstrators on the west and charged across the fence. Most demonstrators retreated, but some remained amidst the soldiers, effectively serving as human shields for the soldiers facing the shabab. The soldiers continued to shoot gas at demonstrators who tried to advance, including, as usual, some potentially lethal shots aimed directly at demonstrators. Then the demo was declared over, and the shabab remained to try and disperse the army with stones and be shot at with live bullets.

On Saturday night Israel’s most-watched news program on Channel 2, aired a 10-minute “Special Report” on the weekly demonstrations in the Palestinian village of Bil’in. Every Friday, Palestinians of the village demonstrate against the separation fence which was built on their lands, and are joined by Israeli and international activists. Haggai Matar, of Anarchists Against the Wall, was a key figure in the news piece. His reaction can be read at: http://972mag.com/israels-channel-2-covers-bilin-palestinians-are-nowhere-to-be-seen/


Larrisa Riahi photos from Lod protest against house demolitions.
Protest against House demolishing in Lod 08.02.11
Lod is a city located on the Sharon Plain 15 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv in the Center District of Israel. Protest against demolishing of houses in Lod, to stop the displacement of Arabs from Lod and to prevent future demolishing crimes.

Joint demos every Tuesday evening. This Tuesday at the municipality square.

Beit Umar


It seems settlers will have a sporting event in the closed shuhada tomorrow street and the police have canceled the breaking the silence tour planned for tomorrow. A last minute demo has been called for tomorrow morning. If you can come please let me know.

Open Shuhada Street Demonstration Against "Settler Marathon"


Nabi Saleh

This Friday in Nabi Saleh protesters couldn't believe their eyes as they were able to march through the village without been shot at, something they weren't able to do for months now, due to the Israeli border police and army harsh repression of the village protest. However, that was just a brief pause before the usual repressive measures were launched against the entire village population. The protest began with the burning of tires on the main road, aimed at blocking the Israeli forces from invading the village by vehicles. Once Israeli soldiers invaded the village by foot, some protesters attempted to ward them off by throwing stones and soon enough every living civilian in the village became an army target, either by live ammunition, rubber coated still bullets, tear gas canisters or arrests. Some of the protesters went outside the village and clashed with the army in the surrounding hills. When they returned to the village, the army retreated to its built post next to the village entry and clashes continued there until sundown. At the end of the day, six people were detained for hours and then released, all of them arrested for simply remaining in the village after the army incursion. Among the arrestees were three Palestinians who are residents of the village, two internationals and one Israeli. The internationals and Israeli first had their ID card and passports taken from them during the demo, and when they came to retrieve them after the clashes had ended (as did three other Israeli protesters who had their IDs taken) – they were arrested.

David Reeb video of Friday 11.2.2011 Ni'ilin and Nabi Saleh at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ8zWiRb-ZM


Sheik Jarrah

The local committee for building and planning in Jerusalem approved today to building plans for 13 housing units for settlers in Sheikh Jarrah (in the area of Um Haroun).
The plans were brought in front of the committee approximately 2 hours before they were scheduled, and so even the residents of Um Haroun could not be present for the discussion.

Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement/coalition organized a demonstration in front of the Jerusalem Municipality protesting their past in the settler take over of Sheikh Jarrah. In this demonstration four activists were arrested and at least one of them will have a court hearing today.

Demonstration Friday 11/2/2011
Notice at 2:47 - cop beating protester with pole Hundreds of Israel and Palestinians demonstrators gathered in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem for the weekly demonstration against house evictions and political repression by the Israeli authorities. The demonstrators erected a sukkah (temporary hut)
Pictures at demo 11.02.11

Israel Puterman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emh_jvVs8nU
Another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P38dZSGrz7E

Tel Aviv

Operaic Flash mob is in organization to appear in fron Missy Grey shou that defy our call for B.D.S.

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