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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle confront the desperate escalation of the settler colonialist naZionism

The more the shrinking of support and international objection for Israeli settler colonialism the more reckless is the Israeli rilling right. It is expressed in new laws, and onslaught against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The harassment of the Bedouins with focus on Al Arakib. The onslaught on Palestinians in Jaffa (annexed to Tel Aviv). Climbing attacks on Palestinian citizens of the East of the country. And of course the attacks on the joint activities against transfer and separation fence as a tool on the occupied west bank. The Anarchists Against the Wall intensify too our participation in the struggles - both within Israel and the occupied west bank.

Beit Omar

Today during the demonstration in Beit Omar, we walked towards the gate separating the village and the lands remaining, from the land stolen for the settlement Carmei Zur built on the stolen lands. Army forces waited on the path and blocked the way to the land and the gate. A few of the residents spoke about the stolen lands, explained to the soldiers that it is a peaceful demonstration and that they where sent to defend the settlers stealing the land, and showed the settlement to the many new demonstrators who came today. One of the Palestinian activists declared the scattering of the demonstration. 10-15 Palestinians, 3 Israelis, and tens of internationals took part in the demonstration

Bilin weekly demonstration 25.02.2011 by Haitham Khatib

Hebron/Al Haleel

We have been invited to join the demonstration in Hebron/el Haleel this Friday.
This demo is a part of the international "Open Shuhada street" campaign and will take place in other places around the globe.


Only part of the activists of the AAtW who traveled from Tel Aviv succeeded to pass the road blokes.

Thousands of Palestinian demonstrators, together with dozens of Israelis and international activists marched in Hebron commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, perpetrated in 1994 by an Israeli settler backed by the Israeli regime and army, leading to the murder of 29 Palestinians.

The demonstrators demanded the opening of Shuhada street, which used to be the main street in Hebron and is closed to Palestinians since the massacre.

The demonstrators reached the army barriers on the street, but the army, who took control of the roofs of houses and shops in the streets, attacked them with grenades and heavy amounts of tear gas, which also spread inside the city, affecting many of the town's residents and bystanders.

Some Israeli and Palestinian activists were detained, and released some hours later. Issa from Hebron is at the hospital, not detained.


Morad's Photos of Hebron February 25, 2011 Protest
Nissim Mossek video Open Shuhada demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG-tIKVD8Qs


This week the Tuesday vigil was held as usual.
For the coming Tuesday 1 March, 6PM: protest vigils in Lod (and Jaffa)
Solidarity Together against discrimination
and for civil equality


Non-violent protesters shot on sight; House attacked with tear gas; Israeli cameraman arrested in Nabi Saleh

This Friday in Nabi Saleh, as been the case almost every time in recent months, the army has shot tear gas projectiles immediately on the non-violent protesters' march against the occupation and settlements in Nabi Saleh. The attack was followed by an incursion of army soldiers throughout the village, declaring the village a “closed military zone”. Some protesters went outside the village and tried to ward off the army incursion from there by stone throwing. Many others went to their homes, but that still put them at risk as the army filled the village with tear gas and went inside houses to arrest people who are not residents of the village and threaten the residents. In such event one Israeli cameraman was arrested, and after he was taken, soldiers threw a tear gas hand grenade at the house where he was taken from. The grenade filled the populated roof with gas, and residents fled into the house's first floor. Clashes continued into the evening as the army repeatedly entered it and retreated, shot tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets inside populated areas, harassing the entire population of the village. Some protesters were injured and required on-spot medical attention from the attacks.

Israel Puterman video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18EZ8fogBe8
David Reeb video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eACylSrrTRg


Israel Puterman video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ty_MhBhr6w

Sheikh Jarrah

Demo Today (21.2.11) at 20:00 in front of Russian Compound in West Jerusalem in Solidarity with Palestinian activist of the joint struggle from Silwan - Jawad Siam, that got arrested earlier today. For Info, D

In spite of reports that the Knesset's decision to investigate funding-sources of human rights NGOs, in Jerusalem the political persecution is still carried out. Just a few days ago the police arrested Jawad Siam of Silwan, a close partner of Solidarity, on a false accusation of breaking his house-arrest limitations. Notwithstanding this, Jawad's house-arrest was prolonged in another month. Solidarity activists protested in front of the police station where Jawad is kept at the night of his arrest.

Our only reaction to these attempts of intimidation
is to increase our civil activity and
carry the voice of protest ever louder .

Come, then, this Friday, February 25th, to Sheikh Jarrah :

1:00 PM A puppetry workshop for children will be held in the yard of the Alkurd family inside the neighborhood. All are invited to come with children of any age.

3:00 PM The weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah garden
next to Nablus Road

Tel Aviv

Activists change street names in Tel Aviv to those in Hebron

Last Thursday evening, Israeli activists with the Anarchists Against the Wall changed the wording of a number of street signs in the heart of Tel Aviv to mark the closing of Hebron’s Shuhada Street. The action was done in connection with the international day of action to Open Shuhada Street in occupied Hebron/Al Halil. At 03h30 in the morning, activists changed street names on Tel Aviv’s popular Sheinken Street to read, “Shuhaha Street: Closed to Palestinians since 1994.” The activists were immediately arrested by police, who the activists believe, had been following them throughout the night. After one night in jail, the state asked that the activists be “barred from the Tel Aviv area for 90 days” as a punishment. Instead, the judge ordered the activists released with the condition that they do not engage in any illegal activity for 30 days. Both options seem strange on second reading considering that graffiti is an illegal act according to Israeli law. A judge ordering someone to refrain an illegal act for only period of 90 days is odd.

Sheinken Street in Tel Aviv briefly read "Shuhada Street" in Hebron on Thursday night. Photo: Karen Zack/activestills.org

This is not the first time that activists have carried a political message to the public by changing street signs in Israel. Supporters of the immediate release of captured solider Gilad Shalit changed a number of street signs in West Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to read, “Gilad Shalit, Gaza.” No criminal changers or arrests have taken place in connection to these similar acts of political vandalism.

Original image of the street sign to be used in the action in Tel Aviv. Photo: awalls.org

Pictures at http://josephdana.com/2011/02/activists-change-street-names-in-tel-aviv-to-those-in-hebron/

a hearing in the case of last night's arrestees: N., El. and Seb. will take place in about an hour at the Tel-Aviv magistrate court. it is likely they'll be released under conditions, whoever can come and sign bail.
Last night's arrestees have been released from court with minimal
conditions and without trial.


2 Israeli, 6 Palestinians, 3 Palestinian Flags, 0 Internationals. The demo started by walking from the village in the direction of the road. Around 5 army and civil administrative Jeeps waited for the demo. The demo got to the main road with out any problems and started walking on the side. After marching around 100 meters in silent the soldiers woke up and came and asked the demonstrators in a colonial and stupid manner to move to the other side of the iron balustrade (yaani maake) or that they will not be allowed to continue the demo. The demonstrators argued with the soldiers for another few minutes and refused to move. After a while the demonstrators went back to the village and where accompanied by the army for a short while. The two Israelis said goodbye and went to look at archaeological sites in the near area.
Jaffa's popular comity and Kfar Shalem comity - the struggle in defense of home
Urgent demo in Yafa on Tuesday, 1-3-11 at 18:00, against Halamish, T"A Municipality and Ministry of Construction & Housing.
Joseph Dana of the Israeli AAtW was added to the occupied West Bank Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

Demonstration against US support of Israeli settlements this Tuesday (22.2.11)

The General Union of Palestinian Youth in Palestine and the Diaspora are honored to invite you to join a demonstration against Israeli expansionism in Jerusalem and unconditional US support for the Israeli state. This support is clearly illustrated by the US administration's repeated use of its veto power on the United Nations Security Council, such as the resolution to consider Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem illegal.
The demonstration will be held on Tuesday 22 February at 1:30pm, commencing at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. A message to the US Consulate in Jerusalem will be delivered prior to the demonstration to condemn the state's support of the Israeli occupation.
Simultaneous demonstrations will take place throughout different capital cities in the diaspora on the same day. Your presence will strengthen our numbers in support of this vital issue.

See Previous reports at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com

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