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Palestine-Israel, The uprising of the masses in the whole Arab region vibrate also in Israel and the 1967 occupied areas.

The connection between the upraising of the masses of the Arab countries is expressed by the uprising masses and the political arena in both Israel and the occupied territories. The continued joint struggles the anarchists against the wall are involved with include these vibrations and eruption is expected. The Israeli state force worry about the expanding of the joint struggle beyond the fight against the separation fence and are targeting for this the struggles of Hebron, Beit Ommar, and Nabi Saleh.

Al Arakib

State-forces continue demolition and harassment of the Bedouins and the activists who join them.

Beit Ommar


This week we had again a medium size demonstration in Bil'in against the separation fence and occupation. Two dozen Israelis mobilized by the anarchists against the wall joined dozens of international activists and more than hundred Palestinians. A contingent of the Palestinian Popular Democratic Front (with Naif Hawatma pictures) joined with their sound system, flags, and speeches, the Bil'iners. The first demonstrators reached the near by north section of the fence and confronted verbally the Israeli soldiers. The core of the demo arrived at the west section of the fence at the gate to the route of the electronic fence (now, after long delay in the process of being replaced by one - more to the west following the verdict of the higher court of Israeli "justice".) After few minutes there, daring protesters opened the gate and few entered the route the state forces started to spray us with the stinking water forced us to distance a bit.

As the wind was with us - north eastern most of the time, the state force could not disperse us as they wish even with the added tear gas. A prolonged confrontation with the youth of the village who responded to the stinking water and gas with stones and half used tear gas canister near the gate and the other demonstrators a bit further, continued for more than an hour.
Boy injured in addition to dozens of people who suffered from tear gas inhalation in the revival of
David Reeb video at

Lod Ramle and Dahamash

The already 3 month struggle in Lod collect momentum with every Tuesday action and additional struggles during the week.


About ten internationals and four Israelis joined a similar number of
Palestinians for the weekly demonstration at the village of Ma’asara,
protesting the stealing of Palestinian land for the separation wall, and
other crimes of the Israeli occupation. The demonstrators marched along
the road in an attempt to reach the villagers’ land, their chanting
accompanied by a solitary yet determined drum. Soon, the soldiers stopped
the march and tried to prevent the demonstrators from walking along the
road, “for their own safety”. When the demonstrators explained why they
are there and reminded the soldiers that they come in peace, the officer
pointed at the fields, saying: “Peace is this way”. Weary of Israeli
road-maps to peace, the demonstrators insisted on continuing along the
road. Finally they were allowed to go on, and after reaching a hill
overlooking the nearby settlement, they announced the end of the
demonstration and returned to the village, leaving three Palestinian flags
behind to continue the protest.

Ni'lin 4.3.2011

The weekly protest against the wall in Ni'lin was smaller than usual, and involved around 20 Palestinians and 6 Israelis. The march to the wall ended at the closed gate, where villagers demanded that the soldiers allow them to access their land. soldiers answered that it was a closed military zone, and responded to the handful of stones thrown over the wall with teargas. shortly after that soldiers crossed the wall and chased protesters, firing teargas canisters. No injuries were recorded.

Nabi Salah

The demonstration began after midday prayers. It was immediately put down, the demonstrators dispersed with rubber coated steel bullets, sound grenades and US-made tear gas, similar to those used against Egyptians in Tahrir Square. Israeli soldiers took over the main square for the afternoon as Palestinian youth clashed with the army on the outskirts of the village. The occupation forces intensify the harassment of the village people in a desperate effort to put end to the "bad example" of the Nabi Salah struggle which is beyond the struggles against the separation fence.


Around 200 Palestinian women gathered near the entrance to Qalandiya refugee camp on Saturday to protest the occupation on the occasion of international Woman's day. Arriving from as far afield as Tulkarm, and East Jerusalem, the women, joined by international and Israeli activists, marched along the main road leading to the Qalandiya checkpoint chanting "the people want an end to the occupation". when the march reached the locked gate leading to the checkpoint, protesters pushed forward the gate, and hung Palestinian and DFLP flags on the gate, while chanting "Jerusalem is an Arab city". A few minutes after reaching the gate, border police officers who were in the checkpoint compound approached the protest announcing that it is illegal, and threw a stun grenade into the crowd of protesters, and fired tear gas and a bouncing stun grenade which exploded near the head of an international protester and scorched her hair and arm. a few stones were thrown back at the police officers. Following that, border police officers, together with soldiers and two armed, private security guards crossed the fence and approached Qalandiya camp, preparing to make arrests. The incursion failed to provoke any of the refugee camp's youth, and as the protesters dispersed by then, the soldiers proceeded no further. One woman fainted after inhaling teargas.

East Jerusalem (Al Kuds)


Violence and trauma grips Silwan once again

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) -- Violent confrontations erupted in Silwan yesterday [Friday] , with clashes sparked in Samer Sarhan Street and spreading throughout various districts of the village. Witnesses state that in addition to firing heavy amounts of rubber bullets at protesters, Israeli forces have begun using a new type of tear gas. 17 Palestinians were reported injured, with many more suffering the asphyxiating effects of gas inhalation.

A Palestinian house was set alight and partially burnt in Baten al-Hawa after tear gas cannisters were fired inside. Confrontations then spread to Ras al-Amoud district, which saw some of the worst violence of the day, with Israeli forces firing gratuitous amounts of rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas grenades.

Medical sources state that a total of 17 were injured due to the clashes, including 10 from Ras al-Amoud alone. Amongst the injured were several children below 16 years of age. Dozens more inhaled heavy quantities of tear gas, with one medic stating that they handled 34 such cases on the ground alone. Many residents were forced to medically assist others during the clashes. One woman, Suad al-Mimi, was transferred to hospital after experiencing difficulty in breathing due to gas inhalation.

Sheikh Jarrah

Police used masked police of special forces to brutalize the Friday demo. Judge criticized the police for falsely arresting three activists.
Nissim Mossek video at

Tel Aviv

Wednesday, activists and local inhabitants of the Palestinian neighborhood of Jaffa confronted the rightist settler colonialist provocation march and the police that protected them.

Invitation: We Won’t Be “The US Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East” ---- We invite all the organizations taking part in the struggle to join us this coming Thursday, March 3rd 2011, at 19:00, for a second vociferous and edgy protest in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. We will draw the world’s attention to the USA’s collaboration with the occupation

Thursday, anarchists against the wall activist and others - about 30 participants, we had a second vigil in front of the US embassy. The theme, placards, banners, and chants were against the support of US and EU to the Israeli occupation, and call for B.S.S.

March 3rd , 2011 --- Press Release

Israeli activists launch a campaign against EU-US aiding and abetting the occupation and apartheid.
Israeli activists held a vigil on Thursday, March 3rd, at 19:00 in front of the US Embassy, 71 Hayarkon St. in Tel-Aviv.
The aim is to draw the world’s attention to the EU-US complicity in the occupation and apartheid.
Among the slogans and posters:
• Veto settlements, Vote Justice
• Israeli Apartheid – Made in the USA
• Dr Democracy and Mr Apartheid
• We Need Hope, Not Military Support
• Obama Has Vetoed Peace
• Return to Sender (see image below)

The campaign follows last week's United States veto at the UN Security Council, against a draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements. The US veto is in opposition to the other 14 member states (including Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, India and South-Africa). It disregards the request of the Palestinians – the direct victims of the settlement project.

The activists state that “The US presents itself as an “honest broker” in the Middle-East, a mediator and a conciliator between Israel and the Palestinians. In practice, however, it maintains “special security relations” with Israel and sees it as “The US aircraft carrier in the Middle East” . In addition to the US massive economic and
military support, it is its active support of Israeli crimes which maintains the prolonged occupation and apartheid.

Therefore, it is inevitable to regard the US as an accomplice to Israeli crimes and grave violations of International Law.”

Launching this new campaign, the activists hope to draw attention to the ongoing US and EU support of the Israeli occupation. Along with the raising of awareness, they call upon the US and EU member states to “join the international community in deed rather than words, and act towards the fulfillment of the Palestinian people's legitimate rights.”

Pointing the finger at the criminal policies of the US and the EU, they say: “Without their military, economic and diplomatic support, Israel could not possibly carry on its blatant disregard of International Law, ignore the world consensus and maintain the settlements project and its ethnic discriminatory regime. Even so, the direct responsibility still lies with the State of Israel.”

For further inquiry contact:
T. S., +972-52-xxxxxxx
“The US aircraft carrier in the Middle East”,7340,L-4030523,00.html
List of US vetoes of UN resolutions which are critical of Israel:

Friday demonstration against deportation of guest workers families with young children
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