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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle bring substantial gains and more than that a moral bust

This week, we have experienced the strange effect of a dream come true. A struggle of six years and 4 months forced the Israeli state to give back nearly half of the land robbed from the village Bil'in for the building of the settler town Modi'in Ilit. The removal of the old separation fence during the week draw lot of international and Israeli media. It stressed the contribution of the joint struggle of Palestinians and Israelis in Bil'in to this victory, to the promotion of similar struggles in the occupied west bank and to turning Bil'in into a world wide symbol. The celebrations, the dancing and the cheers could not mask the memory of the two comrades murdered in the Friday demonstrations, the hundreds injured (both Bil'inners, internationals and Israelis of the anarchists against the wall initiative) including few barely saved, the many who lost their freedom (up to a year and a half in concentration camp for Palestinians).

Beit Ummar

July 2, 2011, Saturday

Ben Gurion air port 8.7.11

Marhaba to Palestine campaign is aimed at protesting the ongoing travel restrictions imposed by Israel on those entering end exiting the Palestinian Authority areas, and the ongoing denial of Palestinian human rights. Usually, an international activist who wishes to visit Palestine has to conceal her/his political intentions when landing at Ben Gurion Airport, and disguise herself/himself as a tourist with a detailed tour plan. On July 8th plane loads of international activists, 550 men and women, will land at Ben Gurion and declare openly "we are here to visit Palestine". We will wait for them at the airport starting at 13:00, until the arrival of all activists, with "welcome" signs, supporting them and expressing our solidarity. A bus to the airport will depart from the El-Al terminal, Arlozorov station (Tel Aviv) at 13:00. You are encouraged to arrive with your own car, all through the afternoon. To coordinate your arrival by car, call Re,: 054-xxxxxxxx. You will also be able to join the reception/demo after participating the Friday's demos. Please coordinate this in advance when you register for these demos. For farther details - Ro. - 052-xxxxxxxxx Le. - 050-xxxxxxxxx


The joy of the demolition of the wall in Bil'in,29.06.2011 By Haitham Al Khatib

Friday 1.7.11

"For the first time in over six years, this Friday, the people of Bil'in did not protest against the Apartheid Wall and the illegal settlements. For the first time, we did not got shot at, tear-gassed, injured, arrested, or killed as we marched towards the gate of Wall. Today, the people of Bil'in, the wives, the sisters, the mothers and the daughters of former or current prisoners, friends and family of our martyrs, our sons, fathers, brothers and those formerly imprisoned, all the villagers from Bil'in and the neighboring villages, international and Israeli activists, people from all over Palestine that have stood with us year after year walked past the place were Basem Abu Rahme was shot and murdered on 17.4.2009 and reclaimed parts of our olive groves that the Israeli occupation had tried to illegally annex.

Today, we prayed on the route of the Wall from which we have been shot at at least one day each week. We sat in the shades of those trees of ours that the Zionists had not cut or burned down. Today, we constructed the first building on these lands of ours. Today, we danced, we sang, we stomped on the remainders of the Apartheid Wall, we hugged, we spoke, we cried.

Today, as we celebrated, the presence of so many of us who could not be here was with us. Abdallah Abu Rahme, who only recently got out of jail after 16 months [and now in an educational tour abroad] was not here to dance with Adeeb and the rest of us, Hamde Abu Rahme, who is currently in Germany, the sons of our village that are still in prison and all those activists who fight with us and those who were denied entry because of their solidarity – you were all with us. Above all, the presence we felt strongest was the one of Bassem and Jawaher Abu Rahme. Today, our sister, our brother, your mother cried and we cried with her, we know what our struggle costs. Your strength is with us, Bassem and Jawaher, you guide us, as your brother Ahmad said: YOU ARE HERE! With you we continue.
Today, as we accessed the first part our lands that were seized, the absurdity of the Zionist occupation which they enforce with so many weapons, with so much money, with so much violence, became all the more apparent.

Today we only began to regain access to the lands of Palestine, today, we know for sure, we are liberating the rest, too. Our struggle continues, our victory continues, today, we feel with certainty: PALESTINE WILL BE FREE!"

An Israeli participant wrote:
"There is not one heart which remains apathetic to the victory celebrations at Bil'in on Friday. For the past several years I have been going to Bilin to protest and support the courageous residents of the village that day in and day out contend with the confiscation of lands, military violence, arrest of children and persecution and political oppression and victims whose loss is unbearable. In all those years I was certain that the fence would fall and the village will be victorious in this struggle, I arrive each time with a big sack of optimism on my back. But yesterday when I stood stunned and excited to tears in front of the great and beautiful nothing where the cursed fence and its cruel guards used to stand I suddenly felt that perhaps I never truly believed.
Bilin is the great symbol of the struggle against the fence. A symbol of determination, of commitment to popular struggle, just and nonviolent, of an unwillingness to give in to the occupation and accept its judgment. A symbol of cooperation with internationals and Israelis committed to the struggle. A struggle that many others villages take part in every week.
The struggle is not over, it is at its peak, beyond the fence that was and is no longer there stands a intimidating wall and behind it the settlers of Modi'in-Ilit who suspiciously eye the celebrating neighbors. Large tracts of lands have yet to be return as is the case with many other villages' and the oppressive Israeli system has yet to remove its hoof from the throats of the Palestinian people and from our throats. We should not forget it for a moment nor should we rest on our laurels.
Hours after we'll leave the village the Greek government will stop with military force the ships of the flotilla upon which determined activists who have arrived to break the blockade on Gaza and protest the criminal imprisonment of 1.5 million residents. This day in Bilin I will remember for a long time, the youth sang, danced and hugged, while the older folks looked much younger than their age, the children played with hula hoops and other circus items and smiled as they frolicked amongst the trees. Triumph, a moment so long waited for and a price so dearly paid for.
I look at the picture of Abdallah Abu Rahma who was imprisoned and expelled from his family for a long time and remember Basam & G'wahar Abu Rahma whose graves we passed in the beginning of the procession, and anger and frustration sneak into the celebration. I think of the approaching month of September and the potential for uprising and revolution latent within it, and set sail on the waves of the old dream of a multinational living space, egalitarian for everyone, I look upon the faces of the celebrating Palestinians and upon the radiant faces of my beloved friends, anarchists who see way beyond the fences and know that it will be worth the price."

The new outpost

The first building on the freed land near the new separation wall - rumors say there will be built the young couples neighborhood of Bilin named after me [I.S.]

1.7.11:Bil'in celebrates beginning of physical liberation of Palestine.




Haithm Katib http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFoQ3TJR-EU

The Palestinians brought construction materials to the land west of the dismantled fence and embarked on symbolic construction at the site. They said they plan to build several buildings in the area, in the framework of efforts to expand their village.
"We know we have no construction permits, but this is our land and any demolition will have to face a legal battle," Khatib said.
'We're not seeking violence'
Passersby who took part in the construction said that while soldiers were standing nearby, this was the first time in a while where no clashes were reported between Palestinians and IDF troops.
"People were overjoyed and dancing. Some of them attempted to move towards the soldiers, but we prevented them from doing so because we didn't want a clash," Khatib said. "We're not seeking violence; we merely wish to reach our land."
Despite the optimism, members of the Bilin Popular Committee insist that future protests at the site are possible.
"We're not seeking a clash, yet if the army arrives and tries to raze our buildings, the situation may revert to what it was before and the clashes and protests will resume," Khatib said.
In the framework of the celebrations, village residents are planning to hold the wedding celebration of a local couple next Friday on land that up until recently was beyond the security fence.


Sheik Jarrah, Silwan, Ras Al-Amud

The joint struggle against gradual transfer of Palestinians from occupied east of Jerusalem-Al-Kuds

By: Amir Bitan http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.246785275336495.80417.100000150737581

Jordan Valley

Tree planting action last Saturday in Fasayel, destroyed Bedouin community in the: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RL3gED9UGQ


Kufur Qaddom Village 1-7-2011 by Ahmad Al-Bazz Richard http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.159824567421328.36375.139967212740397

Dir Quadis

Struggle against the works for the expansion of the near by colonial settlement Ni'il on the lands of the village.
Wednesday Soldiers invaded Deir Qaddis following demo. Now shooting tear-gas at people. One protester hit directly in his back


Struggle against evictions and demolition of Palestinian citizens.


1-7-2011 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.159833170753801.36376.139967212740397

An Nabi Salih 1/7/11

The joint struggle against the robbery of the village spring by the near by colonialist settlement helped by the Israeli state forces.

Look what is this kid's toys...used Tear gas canisters... Chen Misgav pictures:
David Reeb Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RArmI6mYvq8
tamimi1966 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKFnWEKUUxY


Friday 1-7-11 Demonstrates in solidarity with The Freedom Flotilla II

Nablus area.

1. At 13:00 there will be a demo in Shuqba.

2. There’s a new peaceful demonstration in the village of Kufor Qaddoum (30min northeast of Nablus). Since the last demonstration was 6 years ago, it is important to have our presence there!

3. After that at about 16:00, the village of Burin is hosting a kite festival for children. The villagers invited ISMers to watch and participate!

The struggle against settler colonialist Doitch vineyard planted on the land of Sushia family

South of Hebron mountains

Tel Aviv

Anarchists Against the Wall initiative invited people to attend a demo in front of the Greece embassy in protest of their joining hand with Israel to prevent the sailing of the flotilla to Gaza.

Solidarity with the flotilla, Greece embassy, Tel aviv, 2/7/2011.

Israeli left wing activists argued with policemen and right wing counter protest during a demonstrate in Tel Aviv in front of the Greek embassy, July 2nd, 2011, protesting the Greek authorities seizure of the American boat to Gaza.

Item in Hebrew + video clip:
Social TV http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2152326896965
Krasnoetv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGTB367UmPM 6:40 Me at 0:44 to 0:50 and 1:32


See http://awalls.org
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