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Palestine-Israel, After the September big noise the joint struggle continue

The pick of the struggle was the escalation in settler colonialists terror in Anata, where a mob of local settlers - including personal of state forces who live there, attacked Jewish radical activists who accompanied Palestinians who tried to access their land. The state forces - police and gendarmes present stayed presumably "neutral" but threatened the activists and even arrested three. As a measure against settlers escalating terror, the joint monitoring project of the popular grass root committees is collecting momentum. The "regular" locations of joint struggle - both within the 1948 borders, mainly the Bedouins of the south, and Jaffa; the weekly joint demonstrations the anarchists against the wall are involved: Beit Omar, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, and Ma'asarah; and Sheikh Jarrah too. Other sporadic locations like A-Tawna were active too.


Testimony 06/10/2011 of Stavit Sinai
How I was beaten up, stripped necked, tortured and threatened to be burned alive by the Anatot settlers.

Friday evening, 09.30.11, Anatot gate.

A balding stocky man with light-colored hair, wearing glasses, banging my head against a white transit van. One of the activists was next to me as we were surrounded by settler-police who’ve been shoving me back and forth in opposite directions. I fought back. I knocked off the glasses of the man who thrust my head and crushed them in my right hand. He bit my hand hard, trying to release the glasses from it.

At this time, a brown-skinned man on my left began to twist my left arm in ways I had seen Border Police do in previous protests I’d attended. He didn’t stop even when I screamed in pain. It was only a heavy blow – when my face was pushed down shattering one of his front teeth – that released my left hand from his painful grip.

Then I was knocked to the ground as a vehicle behind me moved, threatening to run me over. The activist tried to help by raising me up. The white van left and I got back on my feet and stood facing a tall brown-skinned man who never stopped yelling his insults at me. He told me: “Go fuck Arabs…”

At this point, the group of settlers began to shake and shove me in different directions as they tore the clothing from my upper body. They ripped off my bra, vest and shirt. The upper half of my body was stark naked. Other activists tried to cover and calm me. I remember especially that in all the efforts to get me out of there, the tall, balding brown-skinned man came close and said: “A Jewish prick isn’t good enough for you? You want an Arab prick, hah?”

I remember another man wearing a dark civilian shirt and a cap on which was the word “Police” tried to move me. I asked him for his police ID and instead he pushed me out of the way. Another activist brought me to her car and promised to drive me home when the protest was over. I got into the car and locked the doors. From that moment I tried to tweet everything that happened as long as my cell battery held out. I wrote what happened on the ground, the blows, the disrobing and the dire situation the protesters faced that night. I took a picture from the car and uploaded it to Twitter. I tried to hide, not to arouse interest. I saw how the protesters were driven backward by the settlers.

Only a few minutes passed from when I entered the vehicle when a settler noticed me. He drew the attention of his other settler friends and they began rocking the car. I tightened my seat belt and waited quietly for help. In my hand, I grasped a narrow synthetic strap from my purse. It was the only thing I could find nearby to use to defend myself and I was ready to use it to strangle the first person who approached me. Before that, I’d tweeted that I'm looking for means of protection in case they break in. I covered my breasts with the little fabric that remained from my torn clothes.

The crowd around me grew, but I tried to maintain my composure. At that moment, a soldier came by and I begged him to help me. He gave me a look of utter boredom. But after more begging he asked the group to move back a bit so I could leave the car. He suggested that I get into the army jeep, but I wouldn’t agree despite the pressure that the soldiers exerted on me. I was frightened that the settlers standing around me would resume their violence. Because no one offered protection I began to scream at the soldiers to block me [from the settlers]. They did this indifferently. They did check that I hadn’t left anything behind as I’d asked. Despite this, I lost my purse which contained all my IDs including the one categorizing me as “Jewish,” despite the fact that I am not.

The door of the military vehicle in which I was sitting was opened by an older soldier, clearly a member of some minority. He screamed at me and threatened to arrest me. Apparently because I gave the settlers the finger while sitting in his vehicle. I told him to arrest me already, because I was shamed by being in the midst of soldiers of apartheid. He turned away, slamming the door of the vehicle. Eventually, the soldiers returned me to my fellow activists.

I still have the tattered remnants of my clothes from that night.

Beit Omar

Saturday 08-10-2011: Protest against the occupation and in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, near the settlement of Karmi Tsour near the Palestinian village of Beit Omar in the occupied West Bank.
International communities


Friday 7-10-11:
It was the smallest Friday demonstration ever in Bil'in. Only 9 came from Tel Aviv, and a bit more international activist came... mainly an hour too late. Bil'iners too were less even for the last demos as the olive picking started today. Most of us marched all along the double distance to the new location - the Abu-Lamun groove adjacent to the new separation wall. Few others came by cars - as it is more and more common lately, after the removal of the old separation fence doubled the distance of the march.
When we arrived there people approached the separation wall - a bit to the south of the park and checked the strength of the barbed wire structure located in front of the wall.
It took the soldier some time till they discovered it and started to shower us with tear gas. After consuming the proper weekly dose of it we returned to the village.

Rani Abdel Fatah -


8-10-11 - Joint demonstration against hate desecration of Christian and Muslim Palestinian graveyard

Nabi Saleh

Friday 7-10-2011: Besides protesting against the occupation, the theft of Nabi Saleh land for the construction of the illegal Israeli colony of Halamish, the struggle is against the occupation, and solidarity with others fronts.

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Video From Friday demo in Ni'lin
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There will be a demo in yatta (in the south) tomorrow (Friday 7-10-11). if you can come please let me know.

Report from the demo in a-Tswana: at Friday 7/10 around 30 people from southern mount hebron area, yatta and Tswana, people from beit ummar, and israeli activists (5), protested in response to the new grip settlement called Amnir on the lands of a-Tswana, and in response to new destruction of wells by the civil administration (Minhal).
We were able to march until the olive trees, as the Israeli army prevented the demo from getting to the main road near the settlements there. the protest ended without special cases.

The patrols are continuing,
If you can make it in the next days starting tomorrow please let me know.

Hi all. The popular committees have asked us to support this campaign (see below). We will try to cover shifts for the next period. if you can please let me know when you can come and I'll schedule people.

Popular Committees to Launch a Documenting and Intervention Campaign Against Settler Attacks

The popular committees will inaugurate the Eyes of Resistance project to allow for quick intervention in cases of settler attacks on Palestinians.

What: Launching of the Eyes of Resistance campaign
Where: Nabi Saleh, at the contested Ein al-Qaws spring
When: Monday, September 19th, at 11:00 AM
Media contact: Jonathan Pollak +972-54-632-7736

In light of the recent augmentation in settler attacks on Palestinian body and property, the popular committees will initiate a volunteer-based campaign, in which several cars will patrol the West Bank to quickly respond to cases of settler attacks.

On-the-ground teams, composed of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, will be directed from an operations-room in Ramallah, to which toll-free calls will be routed. The teams will document settler-attacks, but will also intervene to prevent and stop them when possible.

On Monday, four teams will set out on their first drive, from the contested Ein al-Qaws spring, near the village of Nabi Saleh. The location was chosen because of the continuous attempt by settlers from the adjacent settlement of Halamish to take over the spring and oust Nabi Saleh's residents from their lands.

Mohammed Khatib of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee said, "If anyone needed further proof that Palestinians cannot count on Israeli authorities to prevent settler violence, recent events show beyond doubt why we need to organize to defend ourselves. This is exactly what these volunteers will do in a civic and peaceful manner".


Don't say we did not know #282

On Thursday, 29th September, 2011, Palestinian farmers from the village Shweiki, in the South Hebron Hills, discovered that settlers had uprooted 50 of their olive trees on their land.

The farmers called the army and police. An army tracker traced the vandals' footprints, leading to an outpost called Mitzpe Eshtamoa. On a rock was written: "Halhul price tag."


On Friday, 30th September, 2011, in the afternoon, several settlers and a dog entered the Palestinian village Yasuf (near the settlement Tapuah). The dog tried to attack people in the village. Villagers threw stones at the dog and the invaders, and managed to get them out. IDF soldiers then arrived and threw teargas grenades in the village and fired volleys into the air.

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