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Palestine-Israel The joint struggle expand while the political scene is very tense

The joint struggle continue this week with wounds of Anata pogrom by of duty settler colonialists of the state forces living in Anatot still hurting. The state force officers on duty but did nothing to prevent it...banned the Friday demonstration at the site. The tension around the return of the war prisoner Gilad Shavit and release of 1000 Palestinians in return were subject most talked. In regular Friday demos and in special ones near Ofer concentration camp solidarity with prisoners was prominent. The season of olive picking started few days ago increased involvement of Israeli activists in the protection farmers from harassment by settler colonialists. The usual locations of Arakib Beit Umar, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, were joined by Jayus. The activity of the High Follow up Committee of the popular grass root comities collect momentum and involve coordinating of multi location demonstrations.


This Friday, October 14th, 2:00 PM – We will demonstrate again in the entrance of Anatot.

Anatot’s settlers trying now to portray themselves as a peaceful community, a ‘quality of life’ settlement. Only that their settlement and the lands they expropriated are surrounded by a fence which its route was illegally obtained . Real estate interests are mixed with the aspiration to execute a peaceful transfer to the local inhabitants. Trying to create a new reality from which there will be no option to turn back.
Over the years Anatot became a fortress terrorizing its surrounding. The people of Anatot fear nothing more then the story of how they plunder the lands, upon which they built their ‘quality of life’ settlement, will come to light. This is the reason why the mere act of a Palestinian farmer trying to work his land, alongside a group of activists who documented the event, were perceived by the settlers as a real threat, that might put the reality they were trying to built under danger of collapsing.
However, it is not only the case of Anatot. The story of Anatot is to a great extent the story of the State of Israel. The demo was banned using closed military zone trick.

Beit Ummar

Palestinian protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on October 14, 2011 in the West Bank village of Beit Omar. Photos by Hazem Bader & Nasser Shiyoukhi


At noon, about 30 Internationals and 20 Israelis Joined by dozens of Bil'iners in the Friday demo against the separation fence. (I participated in nearly all the 350 demos in the village during the las 7 years.) As the distance to the separation wall was doubled lately following the victory of moving it half the way to the west, organizers decided that we travel half the way there...

Rani Abdel Fatah

Kafr Kadum

The Israeli military attacked participants at the weekly Kafr Kadum march, a village near the West Bank town of Qalqilya. The march was organized by Fatah against the Israeli authorities who have closed the main street of the village . The IMEMC is a media collective. We are independent journalist...

Nabi Saleh

Friday demo
International communities



Olive picking

Tuesday, accompanying olive picking farmers. Along the week along the separation fence villages, and Awarta, Kafer Qaddum & Burin (Nablus region), Qufr Qalil, Qusra, Qaryut, Beit Foreek, Iraq Burin, Huwarra, Urif, Sawiya & Yetma....


popular struggle coordination committee

The inspection of settler-violence project continue with involvement of activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative.

Hi all. As you know, Palestinian prisoners associated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) began a hunger strike on September 27 against the worsening of conditions imposed on prisoners by the Israeli government. Since then, prisoners from Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) have also joined the strike.

The popular struggle coordination committee and others are organizing a vigil in solidarity with the hunger strikers tomorrow (11-10) at 12:00 P.M in front of Ofer military prison (the Palestinian side). Along the week protests were also at Beit Ola, Sosya in Yatta.

On 11 October there was a solidarity demo at Ofer concentration camp (Bitunia side) and in Haifa too..

Bituniya 14.10.2011

Israel Puterman video of Bitunia side demo

Palestinian Hunger Strike Continues Despite Israeli Prisoner Swap:

Sheikh Jarrah

As usual, the joint Friday demo.

Social Struggles

The social center established during the tent camping in Rot shield Boulevard expanded it contents to include the subject of the Palestinian struggle.

Saturday was a central 15-OCT happening in Tel Aviv. Long afternoon people converged at the museon square, and late evening and middle of night they partied at the Rot shield Boulevard (blocking the road too) for 4 hours.


Friday demo

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