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Palestine-Israel, In spite of late winter storms and raining showers the joint struggle continues

The common theme of the week end demonstration was the anniversary 18 of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre by the colonialist settler Dr. Goldstein and the intense harassment that followed it.... as if the punishment of the Palestinian victims is the logical conclusion. The demonstration in Hebron drew hundreds of Palestinians, substantial part of the Israeli anarchists against the wall, and other Israeli activists - more than 100, similar to the numbers a week before in the 7th year anniversary demo in Bil'in. Both the struggle in the occupied west bank against occupation, and the social justice struggle within Israel are on the verge of the Spring uprising.

Beit Ummar

Reminder: Register for Transportation to Saturday February 25 Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements.
Saturday February 25 (40 people of the town Beit Ummar arrested last two months (there are about 300 people of the town in Ofer Military Jail).
On Saturday, dozens of protestors marched from the village of Beit-Umar towards the nearby settlements, and were dispersed by the army.

Today Beit Ommar Weekly Protest- 25/2/2012, organized by the popular committee Today Palestinian people together with international and Israeli solidarity activists joined together in Beit Ommar to protest against the Israeli apartheid occupation prosecutions and in solidarity with Tal'at Rameih who was killed (martyred) yesterday in cold blood by the Israeli occupation army during a peaceful protest in Qualandia, and in solidarity with Hana Shalabi who is on hunger strike for 8 days protesting against Israeli detention. When we reached to the area adjacent to the Illegal Carmi Tsur settlement, 10s of heavily armed soldiers stopped us and declared the area a closed military zone and asked us to leave the area, of course we refused to leave and then they started to push us and threatened to arrest us, but we kept on moving towards the settlement, then the soldiers divided them selves into two groups, one was blocking our way and the other was shooting a huge number of tear gas grenades, but luckily, the weather was windy and no one of the protesters was hurt or inhaled gas. The protest lasted for about one hour, and no one of us was arrested. Our last protest, four were arrested including two Israeli activists but were released later the same day, and the other two (members of Beit Ommar popular committee) stayed in detention for three days and then released after paying fines, 1500 shekels each.
Lior Ben Eliahu


Less than 10 Israelis and over 20 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demo against the Occupation in Bil'in. Protesters marched from the village center to the wall, where the army was already shooting gas at the shabab along the southern stretch of the wall. But in the area of the main procession the local army chief continued his policy from the last few weeks of relatively moderate (key word being "relatively") use of gas and rubber bullets against protesters. This allowed the local shabab to practice their stone throwing technique while posing for the army's intelligence cameras, cut substantial stretches of barbed wire and confiscate scrap metal from the fence. After a while a few soldiers were sent across the gate, so protesters retreated, and since the soldiers did not pursue, the demo soon dispersed.

Dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation in the village of Bil'in west of Ramallah in the weekly march which was organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil'in, this march came a revival of the resistance week of the Israeli apartheid against the Palestinian people, as well as supporting the Palestinian prisoners, and the anniversary 18 of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, the march including participation of a delegation from the Arab Palestinian Liberation Front from Ramallah represented by Salim Hamdan and Khalid Sakr, a French delegation, a Belgian delegation, people of Bil'in , Israeli and international peace activists.

The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village heading to the land which was liberated last June, participants raised Palestinian flags and banners of the Palestinian movements, some of participants wore masks on their heads colored with Palestinian flag, they chanted slogans calling for national unity, slogans calling to the departure of the occupation, destruction of the apartheid wall, calling for freedom of Palestinian prisoners and they called the Muslims, Arabs as well as Palestinians to support Jerusalem and al aqsa mosque.
Upon the arrival to the area of Abu Lemon nature reservation, the participants were able to cut the barbed wire and to break through it, then the soldiers Who were situated behind the concrete wall shot rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas density toward the participants, television crews (specially Palestine TV crew) and ambulance, which resulted the injury of dozens of protesters cases of suffocation, then some of the youth threw stones to the soldiers.
Rani Abdel Fatah



3rd Annual Global Day of Action to Open Shuhada (Apartheid) Street! "Youth Against Settlements" ( invited us to participate.
Demonstrators march during a protest against the closure of Shuhada street to Palestinians, in the West Bank city of Hebron February 24, 2012. Some 500 protesters, including foreign and Israeli activists, gathered on Friday marking the 18th anniversary of the closure of the street, which was closed by the Israeli army in 1994 following the Hebron mosque massacre by Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli settler, who went on a rampage inside Al Ibrahimi Mosque, killing 29 Palestinian worshipers.

Another take from the website of the Anarchists Against The Wall
"Open Shuhada Day was commemorated in demonstrations throughout the West Bank this Friday. In the heart of Hebron itself two protest marches took place: one organized by "Youth Against Settlements" and the other by the three leftist Palestinian parties – the PFLP, the DFLP and the communist People's Party. Together, both demonstrations were attended by about one thousand people, including some 100 Israelis and international activists. Both demonstrations were met with army forces, which tried to disperse the non-violent processions with tear gas, "skunk" water cannons and arrests.
While the first demonstration developed into heavy clashes, including stone throwing and Molotov cocktails, the second remained non-violent, and ended when a funeral procession needed to pass through the same street as the demonstration. However, the funeral too was attacked with water canons. A video from this demonstration shows the army's use of an American made non-lethal weapon. One can hear a recording saying "This is a test of the Long Range Acoustic Device – LRAD – from American Technology Corporation".
Meanwhile, weekly demonstrations in several villages joined in on the demand to open Shuhada St.

In Ma'asara several dozen demonstrators marched towards lands appropriated by the construction of the "separation fence" – which has recently been restarted after a halt which lasted about three years. They were stopped at the entrance to the village by soldiers, and eventually returned into the village.
Amir Bitan
Activists in Hebron are reporting that Hebron medics are saying there are more than 30 injured included 5 medics after Israeli Occupation Forces attacked unarmed demonstration - firing teargas, sound grenades, skunk and also using the scream.

About 60 were injured or intensely suffocated from tear gas. Part of them spent hours in hospital treatments. More than 10 were detained.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Israel Puterman
tmsphere Tel Rumeida


Call for the demo in Al-Ma'sara village
join us tomorrow at noon in the weekly demo, in order to fight together against the wall and the settlements ,
Israeli occupation forces will start building the 2nd phase of the wall in the south area of Bethlehem ---- Mahmoud Zwahra

Nabi Saleh

In Nabi Saleh too the demonstration focused on the Hebron struggle. According to the Popular Committees' website: "protesters were shortly met by a volley of tear-gas canisters and rubber coated bullets. Some clashes erupted near the entrance to the village and persisted for a while. At a certain point, an army brigade invaded the village, for the first time in months, to chase and arrest local youth. While not succeeding in making any arrests, the army remained in the village for over an hour, shooting massive amounts of tear-gas and rubber coated bullets inside a populated area".
David Reeb



Li: please share the message that there are Israelis supporting your town's struggle. it was my first time there, and for sure i will be back. :)
Addoosh Qaddomi: You are welcome in our village Kufr Qaddum We welcome you always .. And waiting for you and your friends to support our steadfastness in supporting demonstration against the occupation of the popular demands for freedom and independence, and open the wayŚ„. ‎200 hundreds of palestinians, internationals and Israelis, protested against the occupation, the dispossession and the settlements. We marched towards the stolen lands, where is the settlement Kedumim at.
Lior Ben Eliahu


Don't say we did not know #300

Before day break, on 8^th February, 2012, border police units and Golani Brigade soldiers
broke into 44 apartments in the Old City of Hebron, and searched them. During the
incursion, they smashed the entrance doors. In some homes they broke inner doors and
caused further damage. In at least one apartment, it was claimed that they stole money and a boy's watch. In some of the homes the entire families were put in one room during the search. In other cases, families were taken out to the street for some hours.

The whole action took place from 00:30 a.m. and finished at 07:30 a.m.


On Monday, 13th February, 2012, government representatives accompanied by police came to
the Bedouin village El'Araqib and demolished it.

On Wednesday, 15th February, 2012, government representatives accompanied by police went
to a home east of the Bedouin township of Hura and demolished it and then another home, in
Hashem Zane (near Nevatim).

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Anarchists in the demonstration against expulsion of refugees and guest workers families with children:
Israel putermam


Boycott! update no. 71 link:


Excerpts of Press Release

...."The High Follow-up Popular Resistance Commission calls for the provision of necessary support for peaceful resistance."

"The Commission emphasized that it represents the reference for the Popular Resistance
Committees in respect of field work at the sites while maintaining a degree of privacy for each site"

"The Commission noted that it will hold a series of intensive meetings on March to organize and prepare for a mass rally to mark the Land Day, which coincides on the thirtieth of it."

"Commission members (popular committees):
Hebron South Hills (Yatta) committees, Hebron city, Beit Ommar, Alm’sara, northwest
Jerusalem committees, Jericho, Budrus, Ni’lin, Bil’in, Nabi Saleh, Nablus, Iraq Burin, Burin, Kofr Kaddoom, Salfit, Kofr E-ddik."

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