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Palestine-Israel, Joint struggles of the Anarchists Against The Wall at Beit Umar, Nil'in, Nabi Saleh, Qaryout, Bil'in, Maasara, Kufer al-Dik,

Qaddum, Al Walaje

The last three days saw 9 demonstrations supported by AATW. Beit Ommar marked the Anniversary of Yousef Ikhlayl’s Murder 31 JANUARY 2011. In Bil'in the organizers are preparing for the 7th anniversary of their continuous struggle. In Maasara the demonstrations continues into their 5th year. Nabi Saleh was invaded by large numbers of army and border police. They shot tear gas and rubber bullets for hours. Ni'lin held a large and spirited demonstration, forced open the large meta gate in the wall and got past the tall concrete wall. Kufer al-Dik and Kufer Qaddum in the Salfit and Nablus area continue to have very large numbers of people from the villages. The army has been arresting many young men and youths during the last months but the demonstrations continue. In Qaryout, a village of 3800 people, about 400 men marched out to the roadblock which prevents their access to the main road. In al Walaje the demonstrators marched down to the site of construction of the wall that will surround their village.
Beit Ommar
Tuesday demonstration, Jan. 31, 2012Four Injured as Beit Ommar Marks Anniversary of Yousef Ikhlayl’s Murder 31 JANUARY 2012 On Tuesday, January 31st, 2012, Beit Ommar villagers demonstrated near Route 60 at the entrance of the village to commemorate the one year anniversary of the murder of Yousef Ikhlayl, a 17-year-old Beit Ommar youth who was murdered by Israeli settlers on January 28th, 2011. The demonstration was organized by the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar and was supported by the Palestine Solidarity Project, the Popular Committee in Yatta, and several other Palestinian organizations. As the demonstrators approached Route 60 at the entrance of the village, dozens of Israeli soldiers blocked their path and attacked the gathering with tear gas, sound bombs, and beatings. Israeli Forces used wooden clubs to strike at activists, and four demonstrators were injured. Yousef Abu Maria had his nose broken, Emad Abu Hashem was hit in the forehead with a club, Ahmad Abu Hashem was hit in the head with a soldier’s rifle butt, and Jamil Shuhada, an Executive Committee member for the PLO, was beaten with clubs and rifle butts. The demonstrators remembered Yousef’s murder with the following demands: 1. Try the murderers of Yousef Ikhlayl (the settlers came from Bat Ayn, one of five Israeli settlements built on land stolen from Beit Ommar villagers. To date, no settler has been arrested, let alone investigated, for Yousef’s murder.) 2. Dismantle the Bay Ayn settlement 3. Open the closed military roads around Beit Ommar which prevent farmers from reaching and cultivating their lands. 4. Free all Palestinian political prisoners. 5. Remove the Israeli military watchtower and checkpoint at the entrance of Beit Ommar and allow area residents freedom of movement.

Friday of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners Dozens were tear gassed in weekly demonstration in village of Bil'in, west of Ramallah. Dozens of demonstrators were Wounded cases of suffocation by poison gas in the weekly march which organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and settlements in Bil'in, which comes on the occasion of the hunger strike of the prisoner, Al Sheikh Khader Adnan for 49 days, until now, and supporting for all Palestinian prisoners, The march was attended by dozens of Palestinians , international and Israeli peace activists. The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village, and headed to the land that was liberated recently, Participants raised Palestinian flags and banners with images of Palestinian prisoners. They chanted patriotic slogans calling for the departure of the occupation, destruction of the Apartheid wall, freedom and rights for Palestinian prisoners. Upon the arrival to Abu Lemon protected area, which adjacent to the wall, some of the participants were able to cut and remove some of the barbed wire , burned tires beside the apartheid wall, one of them climbed the wall and raised Palestinian flag on the concrete wall, while dozens of settlers and Israeli soldiers we watching , then the soldiers Who were behind the concrete wall shot rubber bullets , stun grenades, dense tear gas and skunk water towards the participants, which led to the injury of dozens of cases of suffocation, all of them were treated in the field by ambulance crews. During that the young people threw stones at the soldiers.By Rani Abdel Fatah

Kufr Al Deek
Reports on about 300 people in Kafr Al-deek. The demonstration there is about to start. Be careful everyone!Kufr A-Dik residents protest against a new settlement constructed on their lands. Two young men from the village were arrested and remain in custody. Some hundred protesters joined the weekly protest against the occupation and settlement expansion in Kufr A-Dik this week. Protesters marched from the center of the village towards the lands confiscated to build a new settlement. When the march was blocked by a line of soldiers on the main road, the demonstrators opted to sit peacefully on the road, and chanted slogans. After about an hour, the march headed back towards the village, and at this point some clashed erupted between the army and the local youth. Soldiers who were hiding in the olive groves nearby then invaded the crowed and arrested two young residents. The two remain in custody.
The village Kufr A-Dik is situated in Salfit area, nearby Bruqin, between the settlements Bruchin, Alay Zahav and Pedu'el. A new settlement is now being planned to take its place on the village's remaining agricultural lands: Leshem, which is supposed to inhibit 400 Jewish families. Burqin and Kufr A-Dik are situated in Areas B and C as stipulated by the Oslo Agreement. In recent months, the two villages have been suffering from ongoing assaults by settlers who destroy crops and burn olive trees as part of the “Price Tag Campaign.” Villagers also report that settlers destroyed a newly bought piece of farm machinery about two weeks ago. During this attack they also burned a car and unsuccessfully firebombed the local mosque, leaving threatening graffiti that they will be back. In addition, the army has been demolishing water wells and houses in the two villages, and issuing land confiscation orders – the last of them issued last week.
Weekly demonstrations in the village began at the end of 2011.The Israeli army's extreme reaction to these unarmed protests includes incursions into the village, and the excessive use of tear-gas projectiles, rubber coated bullets and in several cases also live ammunition. Abir Kopty Abuzaid

Activists were arrested in the Palestinian Issawiya when Israeli forces, accompanied by bulldozers, arrived in the East Jerusalem village early this morning to continue to build the park on the land confiscated from the Issawiya neighborhood and arrested six Jewish Israeli activists.
Sheikh Jarah
Friday joint demonstration

weekly demonstration, Feb. 3, 2012.In Maasara the demonstrations continues into their 5th year. Every single week for over 4 years the army has tried to intimidate the demonstrators. The dedicated group of organizers have all been imprisoned at least once and tens of thousands of shekls bail were extracted by the army. The efforts does not seem to be working, army officers come and go, soldiers leave the army but the Maasara demonstrations continue.
Nebi Saleh
Activists are reporting a number of possibly serious injuries in Nabi Saleh. A French activist has been shot in the neck with a rubber bullet. Also reports of another protester being shot in the stomach with a teargas canister. Will update as soon as more information comes to hand. Israeli occupation forces Friday attacked protesters in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and injured at least 13 people, one French girl was shot in the neck by an Israeli occupation soldier. Abuzaid
MEDIAA French citizen was seriously wounded on Friday after being hit by a gas grenade in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Palestinian sources reported. According to the reports, the grenade was fired at a demonstration by IDF forces. The French woman was taken to the hospital.Last December, a Palestinian protester sustained head injuries after being hit by a tear gas grenade that was fired at close range by an Israeli soldier from inside a patrol jeep. The protester, Mustafa Tamimi, 28, died from his wounds the next day.
After midnight the settlers of the near by colonial settlement Halamish, try to attacked Nabi Saleh and burn the mosque but the shabab were waiting for them and force them to go back from where they come. The settler where running away very afraid specially when the shabab began to sing for the runaway settlers.
Monday night/early morning: Israel state forces are raiding Nabi Saleh They have arrested Loay Tamimi Mustafa Tamimi's brother and attacked his father, the whole village went to support the family and forced the army to run out of the village.

Friday demo against the apartheid wall 03.02.2012The weekly demonstration against the apartheid wall in the west bank village of Nilin. dozens of Palestinians and internationals as well as Israeli peace activists joint the demo.demonstrators managed to burn the cables of the electronic fence and other demonstrators managed to make a whole in the concrete wall and other demonstrators managed to write words of wisdom for Martin Luther kind.soldiers shot rubber coated steel bullets,sound grenades, tear gas and several live bullets toward the demonstrators. luckily no one has bees hit with live bullets but other 7 demonstrators where suffering from tear gas inhalation and one got shot with a rubber in the hand. More information will follow soon at: www.nilin-village.org
Kufr Qaddaum
Protest against the Jewish settlement of Qadomem, near the West Bank City of Nablus. Activists are reporting an Israeli photographer was hit in his wrist with a tear-gas projectile shot at demonstrators by Israeli military in Kufr Qaddaum. "The weekly protest in Kadum started with at least 100 participants, most of them were Palestinian males, few internationals and 5 Israelis. We walked on the road which leads up to the settlement "Kdumim" as part of a very organized march, On the road there was a wire fence so half on the protesters were standing there and sing and the other half, including many kids, stayed about 50 meters away on the road. After few minutes the IOF soldiers that were standing 25 meters down the road started to shoot Tremendous amount of Tear gas canisters directly to the crowd – I couldn't even count it but have never seen this amount of gas together. One of the Israelis were injured on his hand from a gas canister. The IOF also use sound bombs and started to come closer on the road. Meanwhile the army entered the village and covered the whole area with tear gas, the shabab started throwing stones and we could hear also live firing in the village. After an hour and a half the demo ended and the army put a temporary barrier outside the village in order to irritate the people who come to support and the locals." Schwarczenberg

More than five-hundred residents of the village of Qaryout joined a protest march against the occupation and managed to dismantle a roadblock that has been blocking their access to the main road leading to Nablus.The village of Qaryout is located in the Northern West Bank, near the city of Nablus. It is home for approximately 2500 residents whose lives have become unbearable due to continuous land confiscations, obstruction of movement and settler violence. This week, some five hundred residents joined a large protest against the occupation and settlements. They marched from the center of the village along the path leading to the military roadblock that has been blocking the path to the nearby city of Nablus (road number 60). Residents planted olive trees and, in collective force, worked to dismantle the roadblock. Despite the large military battalions based in the area, the action proceeded without any clashes and ended with considerable success, as the roadblock was finally removed. However, shortly after the protest ended, a military bulldozer was seen in site, supposedly restoring the checkpoint. The local popular committee is determent to maintain protests until the blocking is permanently removed. Popular Struggle Coordination CommitteeThe village of Qaryout south of Nablus will hold its first weekly demo today protesting planned settlement expansion on their land Some 300 people protesting at the sealed entrance to the village of Qaryut, south of Nablus. Protest was sparked by new land confiscations.2 protester have been detained. Protested in the village of Qaryout south of Nablus are dismantling the roadblocks sealing the entrance to the village.

Southern Hebron Hills
Activists join villagers in the fields work in the area the Israeli strategy is to harass the villagers till they "voluntarily" transfer from their land the settler colonialists covet.
On Sunday 5 Feb 2012, villagers from Al-Walaja and international supporters went to the area where the Israeli apartheid authorities were still destroying lands to build a wall that will isolate the villagers from their remaining lands and allow for further expansion of the illegal colonies of Gilo and Har Gilo. Already over 90% of the village lands were taken for colonial settler activities in the past 6 decades. The area this short video was taken is just around the oldest tree in Bethlehem district ((an olive tree perhaps 3-5,000 year old).Category:
Against the wall, Feb. 5, 2012. Four people arrested in al Walajeh today. Two Israelis, one German national and one Palestinian from the village. Expected to be released by tonight.
Tel Aviv
Social struggle, hundreds of African refugees and scores of Israeli radical activists converged in the garden adjacent to the central station in protest against the city mayor and social services following of freezing to death of an Ethiopian homeless immigrant near the site of the demolished tent camp he was one of its dwellers. http://awalls.orgSee Previous reports about the joint struggles of the Anarchists Against the Wall at: http://ilan

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