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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle on the back ground of hunger strike of Palestinian administrative prisoners

The usual week end struggle of the anarchists against the wall with the grass root popular comities was interwoven with the hunger strike of Palestinian administrative prisoners. After two strikers were released when their lives were in immanent danger, the hunger strike collected momentum. Both in prison where the few hundreds of administrative prisoners were joined by more than thousand of other Palestinian prisoners in Israeli concentration camps and prisons. Demonstrations occur daily and some of them within the 1948 borders of Israel. The Israeli state intensify the repression of both the prisoners, the demonstrations in support of them in the occupied territories, and even within Israel. The pick within Israel was the arrest and physical harassment of 17 of our comrades who protested in front of the prison hospital in Ramle where two striker are dieing.

"The High Court of Justice" of Israel rejected the petition filed by hunger striking administrative detainees Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla to release them immediately. The two have been refusing to eat for 70 days – and doctors fear for their lives."


This Thursday 3.5.12, we stand outside Ramle Prison Hospital at 17:30 with the Palestinian political prisoners on mass hunger strike outside Ramle Prison Hospital where some of the hunger strikers who are in difficult condition are chained to their beds. More than 2000 prisoners are on hunger strike for 12 days.
8 administrative detainee are on hunger strike for over a month, or two. Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh are near death, on their 65th day of hunger strike.
200 protesting outside Ramle prison #palhunger holding photos of relatives in jail | RT @activestills
Haim Schwarczenberg
17 were arrested a number of them injured and abused.
The police used force against those who were waiting for the arrestees outside of the police station. This included beatings and using of tazers (electrical shock). After a night in jail released on bail, for 3 days house arrest, and weeks of restraining.
Activists arrested during the previous day's demonstration at Ramle Prison seen inside Petach Tikva's court during bail hearings on May 4, 2012. Photo by: Oren Ziv/

Al-Akaba (Jordan Vally)

Like many villages in Area C, and especially in The Jordan Vally, the village of Al Aqaba is subjected to harassment, violence and demolition by the occupation forces. Demolition orders were given to more than half the building in the village, and two roads were already demolished, leaving a post-tornado looking landscape.
Unfortunately, the area of Al-Aqaba resembles that of south Lebanon, and the military regularly practices combat there. these drills claimed the lives of 8 residents of the village since the occupation, and wounded more than 50, among them the mayor, that since his injury has been confined to a wheelchair.
On Saturday, 5/5 there is going to be a symbolic re paving of the road, with the participation of activists from all over Palestine Israel and the world, while stressing out the Tsumud and resistance of this act. This is an act of non violent popular resistance, and around 100 children from the vicinity will take part in it.
Saturday, Circus Action in solidarity with the village after repeated hose demolition

The Wall, 10 years on / part 5: A new way of resistance

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Beit Ummar Saturday May 5


Weekly demonstration against the wall and in solidarity with Palestinian hunger striking prisoners on Friday
"15 Israelis and and a similar number of internationals joined the weekly Palestinian march to the lands of Bil'in that lie behind the land-grab wall. The organizers convinced the shabab to stay back while they marched peacefully, but as they reached the first line of barbed wire they were attacked with a heavy shower of gas canisters. The shabab came to the front, throwing stones to keep the soldiers from shooting bullets and crossing the fence, while other protesters were busy putting out fires caused by the gas canisters. One oak tree caught fire, but otherwise no serious damage was suffered.
Chen Misgav

"Seven years after the incident took place, an officer in the elite ‘Metzada’ unit of the Israel Prison Service admits that his subordinates threw stones at soldiers in Bil’in – as part of their mission."

Kufr A-Dik Friday May 4


Nabi Saleh

Israeli soldiers fired tear gas towards protesters on the hill near stolen water spring.
David Reeb

Ni'lin Friday May 4

Kufr Qaddum
Haim Schwarczenberg

Wadi Qana

Hi, some of us attended a meeting in Wadi Qana yesterday night. Among other things we learned that another military order was filed and the number of trees that are supposed to be uprooted rose to above 2000. The village and its supporters want to establish a continuous presence in the valley and asked us to join them.
Presence is especially important in the early morning hours because that is usually when the army strikes.
Today the farmers were "visited" by approximately 100 settlers, some of them armed. The settler invasion was obviously quickly followed by the army. As of now, the situation seems to be calm. In addition to that, the village will hold another Friday session, including prayers, information updates etc. to which we are also invited.
If you can make it to Wadi Qana at any time, please call M

Sheik Jarrah (occupied Al-Quds)

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of occupied East Jerusalem.
Rally in support of prisoners, Sheik Jarrah, May, 4, 2012
Damascus Gate to Sheikh Jarrah 4.5.2012
Guy Butavia
Elifelet Sara
Amir Bitan

Tel Aviv

May 1st action:
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