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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue while Spring change to Summer

In addition to the regular locations of joint struggles anarchists against the wall initiative were involved with the struggle against the racist attacks on the African refugees. Within Israel were actions in solidarity with the Bedouins who are subject to creeping transfer lately accelerated. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem it was mainly with the refugees and social justice. In the occupied west bank of Palestine it was the fifth year of Al-Ma'asara, Beit Ummar for the sixth year, in Bilin now already in the eighth year of continued struggle, in Nabi Saleh already the third year, in Ni'ilin that is just completing the fourth year, in Quaddum that started this year, and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied east Jerusalem-Al-Quds already in the third year.


Solidarity visit in the village on Sunday (May 27th) after the 38th demolition of it.

Beit Ummar

Saturday May 26


Weekly demonstration, May, 25, 2012.


Friday weekly protest, May, 22, 2012


The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes

Nabi Saleh

Activists are reporting that on average 1500 teargas cannisters are fired by the Israeli Occupation Forces in Nabi Saleh every Friday. To day is very hot and the IOF teargas has set the mountain and other grass areas on fire. Unarmed protestors are currently under fire, with IOF firing teargas, rubber bullets and spraying skunk. Lots of teargas and smoke from fires. At least one person has been report as being unconscious as a result of being overwhelmed by teargas and taken to an ambulance.
"We are gradually making our way closer to the spring with intervals of sitting and singing."
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reeb
Palestinian, Israeli and international women enjoy a picnic near a water spring in Nabi Saleh, May 27, 2012.
Since more than two years, the spring has been confiscated by the settlers of the nearby illegal settlement of Halamish.
"With all that has passed over the last week, in a place were hatred and anger reign, the holiday spirit was all but lost. I have found it again, today, though, by the spring, in Nabi Saleh, sitting with my feet playing in the water, and all around me women drumming and chanting, "Return".

Over the weekend, joined by international and Israeli activists, Palestinians went on three direct actions to establish and maintain their hold on West Bank lands. Farmers in Tuqu’ returned to lands they have been banned from farming, residents of Mufagarah built a new home after a series of demolitions, and the women of Nabi Saleh marched to the village spring for the second time in a month.


Friday weekly demonstration, May, 22, 2012

TODAY (28-5-12) IS THE 4th anniversary of the start of the popular struggle in Ni'lin village, today we enter the 5th year of struggle against the segregation wall.

The struggle will continue. Join the Friday 01.06.2012 march of loyalty to Ni'lin martyrs who were brutally murdered during a Peaceful protests against the apartheid Israeli wall in Ni'lin:
Ahmad Mousa, 10 years old,killed on 29.07.2008
Yousef Amireh, 17 years old, killed on 30.07.2008
Arafat kawaja, 22 years old, killed on 27.12.2008
Muhammed Kawaja, 18 years old, killed on 27.12.2008
Aqil Srour, 36 years old, killed on 05.06.2009

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"Friday the -25/5 about 200 Palestinians, 4 Israelis and five international marched in the weekly demonstration against blocking the main access road to Nablus - the county city.
Following the road blocking and expansion of Kdumim colonial settlement, excess to 11,000 dunnam (2750 acres) of farmland the village was blocked. Thus, the villagers appealed to the Israeli High Court and subsequently won their case. The court held that the road should be opened, but the army did not comply with it and declared the road closed for safety of travelers... (Strangely, the health and safety of the Palestinians became very important to the army...) Just after that step, the villagers began to protest against the illegal closure of the road. Like every week the army placed a barrier at the entrance to the village to block Israeli and other participants from out of the village to come to the demo, but we passed around it easily through the agricultural area. The demonstration began ceremoniously as usual, walked toward the soldiers who were waiting in invaded homes in the village near the road. It continued with shouting at the soldiers with megaphone, with music, and dancing. soon after that began an exchange of tear gas shooting and thrown stones in response. Canisters of tear gas were fired directly into the crowd and five protesters was directly hit by these and two of them were evacuated to hospital in Qalqilya. The skunk spraying car stayed by and made sorties from time to time to the improvised road block prepared by the demonstrators. When it could not hit the demonstrators, it sprayed in stead the houses and the fruit trees around it "generosity". At the same time, two teams of troops began moving from the hills surrounding the village into the olive groves and there too developed exchange of stones and tear gas. Some two hours later, the soldiers began to retreat pursued by the youth of the village with their shouts of victory and stone throwing.
After the soldiers exited from the area of ​​the village back to the settlement of Kedumim, the protesters advanced up the road, burned tires as a sign of victory blackened the air of the settlement of Kedumim (the wind was friendly to us and took the black smoke directly to the settlement. On the road one can clearly see burn marks from previous demos one further than the other... it seems that every demonstration advance more and more forward and liberate another part of the road and also challenging the occupation soldiers. This time the youngsters reached a point very close to the expansion of the Qdumim colonial settlement and set there fire to the last tire."

Tel Aviv

It will not be called "The Crystal Night" - It will be called "The Silicon Night".
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Demonstrations against the hate mongering of parliament members and the pogrom in the poor southern neighborhood.

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