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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle is still on after a year of big hopes and bigger disappointment

There were high hopes at the beginning of the year both about the joint struggle against the occupation, about the social struggle, and about the treatment of guest workers families and the refugees. In all three of them there is a clear setback. Only one village (Qadumm) was added to the persistent weekly demonstrations, and settler colonialists harassments intensify the efforts to transfer villagers fro area C. Most of the activists of last year social struggle were lured to the parliamentary quagmire. Many of the guest worker families with children an lot of refugees were deported. More and more refugees are arrested and taken to the huge concentration camp most of the refugees are supposed to be incarcerated in... In spite of disappointment and the Autumn blues the struggle continue.

Beit Ommar

‎A weekly demonstration took place on Saturday 15th September at the entrance to the Gush Ezion compound, north of Beit Ommar. Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, joined by a large media contingent, assembled on the roundabout on the Hebron-Jerusalem road which marks the turning to the bloc of nine Israeli settlements. A number of occupation soldiers and police were present at the demonstration, which was the first Organized by Beit Ommar Popular Committee in this location. The demonstrators carried banners addressing three main grievances. Firstly, a message was directed at the anti-Islamic film which has sparked protests across the Arab world, refusing to resort to extremism, in spite of the deliberately provocative nature of the film. They added that the film reflects only on the ignorance and prejudice of its makers, not on Muslims. The second message was one of remembrance of the victims of the massacres at Shatila and Sabra, the thirtieth anniversary of which is 16-18th September. The massacre resulted in the deaths of many hundreds of Palestinian refugees at the hands of a Lebanese militia, with both the independent MacBride commission and the Israeli Kahan commission reporting that the Israelis, who controlled the camps, bore responsibility for the atrocities. The protesters also denounced the continued violence and intimidation which Israeli colonists inflict upon Palestinians, such as the Molotov cocktail attack on a Palestinian family which took place last month, for which Gush Ezion settlers were responsible. The Palestinians reiterated that this kind of terrorism would not prevent them from accessing the land which is legally theirs.
A Palestinian child raising the flag on an Israeli military watch tower during the Beit Ommar Weekly protest at the entrance of Gush Ezion settlements compound, 15/9/2012 organized by Beit Ommar Popular Committee http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151408842640760


Dozen Israelis with the anarchists against the wall Joined about 10 internationals and two dozens of Bil'iners for the Friday weekly protest against the wall and occupation.
Four of us carried a coffin simbolizing the burial of the Oslo accord.
The state forces responded as usual with spray of the "odor of Israel" skunk water, and tear gas. Due to the strong northern wind and being too careful... I missed the weekly tear gas fix. An Israeli activist (mathematician) who mis calculated the trajectory of an approching tear gas canister was injured in addition to it few other comrades got too much of the weekly tear gas fix.

Al-Ma'sara weekly demonstration, Sep. 14, 2012

About 10 Internationals, 5 Israelis and about 30 Palestinians many of whom are children marched through the village to the main road. As we came closer to the main road members of al Ma'asara popular committee and others chained themselves with a long chain, held signs denouncing the Oslo Accords and called for the release of all political prisoners. The army were restrained as we walked to the olive and fruit tree grove. After a while two young children climbed on top of one of the army jeeps and the army decided to take one prominent member of the committee to be detained. A quick, quiet and calm de-arrest ensued by a few Israelis and an Italian activist. The Palestinian activist managed to escape.

At this point the army decided to enter the village on foot but then thought better of it as we started to form a line opposite them. We then sat on the road opposite the soldiers chanting and a few speeches were given. The organizers then called an end to the successful protest vowing to return next week like they have every week for over 5 years. As we walked back to the village some activists raised the bar and some stones were thrown in the direction of the army.

The restrain on behalf of the army comes after years of brutal and violent crackdowns on the protesters which nevertheless has never stopped them from asserting their rights to land, water, freedom and justice.
Photos via Activestills -

Palestinian activists wrapped in chains in solidarity with prisoners in Israeli jails confront heavily armed Israeli soldiers during a weekly nonviolent demonstration against the separation wall.
Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian activist during a weekly demonstration against the separation wall. The activist later escaped by running into the village and was not pursued by the military.
Photo by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org http://www.flickr.com/photos/activestills/7985522749

Nabi Saleh

Protesters are carrying a casket representing the death of the Oslo Accords, calling for its revocation & an end to Occupation
David Reeb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vVO6h9fKhk

Nilin weekly demonstration, Sep. 14, 2012


Kufr Qaddom

"Five of us traveled to the weekly demonstration in Qaddom. We stopped in the village Izbat Tabib for discussion the demolition / expropriation / expulsion that Israel intends to "reward" them to the 300 residents as homage for the new Jewish year (Rosh Hashana}. Following two hours of discussions we continued a bit late, to Qaddom.
From a distance we noticed that the main entrance is blocked by a cluster of armed forces, we did not understand why, but to be on the safe side we found an alternative route because we did not want to undermine the tranquility of the state forces. We climbed on foot up to village skipping the stones blocks spread generously along the alleys of the village.
On rooftops and high windows we identified intensive activity, we could only speculate that following a surprise visit by representatives of the state forces opening an hunting season in the alleys. We continued slowly and finally we arrived in a higher stretch of the village and later to the confrontation front. But there we had not identified strategic activities other than burning tires and standard local ineffective stones artillery. Up the hill north we observed very large amount of armed forces, sitting or standing comfortably.
Just as we began to feel bored - apparently following a cue from the Shabab to the troopers the quiet was suddenly broken with a heated race to the west, when the troopers follow us and on our sides. When the fight mist faded we discovered that two our own and three of the shabab are listed as missing. Later it turned out that our friends were kidnapped and were rushed to the police station at the illegal colonialist settlement of "Ariel". Accused of being in a closed area occupation, and finally transported overnight in Hadarim prison. Three Palestinians were arrested (by the way, were kidnapped right out of their home if not participated in the demonstration) released around 18:00.

Participants (estimated): 7 international, 150 Qaddumers, and five Israelis. Two Israeli activists who were arrested in kadum Friday. Were brought to court Saturday night and released on bail.
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