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Palestine-Israel, The world economic and power struggle turbulence diverge the struggle*

It is a long way since the first struggle of the anarchists against the wall started in the Mas'ha camp nine years ago. The joint struggle against the separation fence persist and expand to other locations and to other aspects of the occupation. The struggle also expand in the old boundaries of Israel to the social struggle of dwelling problems and gentrification in both Jewish and Palestinian communities, and to the general social struggle against the piggish neo-liberalism. The focus of struggle regarding guest workers harassments shifted to the refugees struggle against persecution, mass arrests and deportation. The bogus preparations of the war mongers for bombing of Iran initiated lot of vigils.

Beit Ummar

A 12 year old Palestinian boy was Saturday kicked in the leg by an Israeli soldier, knocking him to the ground. Protesters gathered around him and he was carried away from the soldiers, where he recovered with no major physical damage. The Commander of the Israeli forces in the village refused to comment on the kicking of the boy when questioned.


Israeli activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative, a German and Spanish delegates participated in the Friday protest along with the local residents and other international activists.
"About 10 Israelis and over 20 internationals joined the weekly Palestinian demonstration against the wall and occupation in Bilin. We marched to the wall, crossed the barbed wire "protecting" it, and within less than a minute were bombarded with tear gas. The unfavorable wind forced us away, but some demonstrators regrouped a little further north and stood their guard despite the tear gas, sound bombs and skunk water. Then some kids braved the rubber bullets with their stones for a while, until the demonstration was declared over, and we went to greet Nizar (the older son of Abu Nizar - a member of the local popular comity against the separation fence) at his wedding."

Jerusalem-Al Quds


Protest against archaeological conference at the City of David settlement, Silwan, East Jerusalem, 6.9.2012 - Israeli activists hold a protest against the Judaization of East Jerusalem in front of the City of David settlement in Silwan, East Jerusalem, on September 6, 2012.
The protest took place as Elad, which is responsible for the settlement, held its 13th annual archaeological conference, showcasing its achievements in excavating Silwan and restoring the neighborhood's supposed Jewish heritage. Alongside its extensive archaeological and tourist activities, Elad also established several residential settlements in Silwan, establishing a Jewish presence at the hearth of a Palestinian neighborhood, and setting in motion a chain of events which last year resulted in a series of clashes with hundreds of arrests and at least two deaths.
Photo by: JC/

Sheikh Jarrah

Weekly Vigil at Friday 7/9 at 16:00


Palestinian, internationals and Israelis participated this week in the demonstration of Ma’sara to protest the occupation and the construction of the segregation wall on the land of the village. The protesters marched till the entrance of the village where the occupation forces were waiting for them. The soldiers prevented them to reach their land by creating a cordon. The protesters commemorated the 30th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila, which will take place on the 17th of September.

Nabi Saleh

Activists in Nabi Saleh are reporting that the village has been locked down since 8am by Israeli Occupation forces with all entrances to the village closed.
Protesters look at Israeli soldiers blocking the entrance of the village of Nabi Saleh during the weekly demonstration against the occupation and settlements
"A strange protest day at Nabi Saleh
All the way's to the village where blocked from 6 am, so we parked the car at a distance and walked and walked and walked, after anhour we walked a litle bit more and arrived just for the start of the weekly march, one of the cars where spoted trying to walk to the villedge and where all arrested (five activists) the protest was very small, we went down the hill at the bottom waited the soldiers that started runing at ones and shooting gas grandes towars the unarmed protesters, the shabab gave them back with stone throwing, two more israely activists where arrested tryin to document... then the iof suddenly stopped and from now on they hardly fired allthough the shabab continue the stone throwing , they mostly stood there and looked like they are planing something, it was strangly come when we expected the worse, when we thoght all was over the soldiers (young and un-expirienced) decided for no reason to climb to the village, suddenly we heard the soldiers are coming! they came to the edge of the village and started shooting, live ammunition towards the sky and tear grenades straight at houses and protesters, after awhile they left...
The Occupation arrests 11 International Activist including a Photojournalist in Nabi Saleh Protesting against Apartheid, Illegal Settlements and Occupation. (07.09.2012).
israel putermam
David Reeb


07 09 2012

Qaddum 7,9,2012

When we reached the road to the village journalist teams told us that the road is blocked, so we parked the car and walked on foot to the village through the olive orchards so we arrived a bit late. At the outskirts of the village we were greeted warmly by the Shabab with cold water. We were told also that the whole village is surrounded. They told us about the beginning of the demonstration we missed: 'the march began as usual and after burning tires and shabab protesters dispersed throughout the whole village. Rock barriers were built every where as night raids are common and the village activist were ready. On all the roofs of the village were boys and men informing the demonstrators about every movement of the army."
After we drank, we joined the Shabab and called the soldiers to lay down their arms and join the demonstration for a joint Jewish-Arab protest, for peace equality and social justice. We explained to the soldiers the Supreme Court verdict that the disputed road should be open and about the price paid by the villagers as it is being closed. The soldiers were also warned not to obey orders to avoid standing trial at the International Tribunal for war crimes in The Hague... Surprisingly none of the soldiers put his weapon down and none of them joined us.
After burning another round of tires we find out the army raided the village by a bulldozer, two jeeps and infantry. The jeeps movement was difficult due to the barriers and the roofs people constantly guided the protesters how to escape them. So thanks to the excellent organization of the demonstration non were injured, detained or arrested.
During the hustle and bustle we found ourselves at the back yard of a family who offered us cold water, tea and coffee. Antennas of jeeps appear occasionally as jeeps turned around in circles on the few roads that were not blocked.
After about 20 minutes the army left the village, we thanked our hosts and returned home from the demonstration.

South Hebron hills

This coming Saturday, September 8, too. we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.

Wednesday TV 1, 2, 10 evening news,

Activists of the anarchists against the wall and others try to help Eritrean refugees trapped already 6 days between the Egyptian border and the Israeli new border fence.
Vigil in Tel Aviv in front of the state offices:
Human rights activists tried to deliver food and water to refugees trapped in the fence 5.9.2012.mp4
israel putermam

Following the excellent demonstration we conducted in front of the government complex ( we are going to enter into the heart of public sphere. We will meet at the corner of Habima and march throughout the Rothschild Boulevard. We will stop and try to convince people to support us.

The soldiers provided Eritreans tarps to cover themselves from the burning sun. The soldiers received an order to give asylum seekers "as little water as possible."
Until yesterday (05/09/2012) The IDF prevented the transfer of food brought by social activists to the asylum seekers at least twice.

The order not to allow social activists to pass food to the asylum seekers is illegal, and unfortunately until they were told otherwise, the IDF soldiers at the scene complied. We call them to change their stance and refuse not to pass food asylum seekers. We call to punish and/or press charges to those who should have disobeyed this shameful order and the commander\s who ordered it.

Tel Aviv

Activists blocking a main street in Tel Aviv on September 8, 2012 during a protest calling for social justice. We were about 200 participants only, but the police got an order to tolerate us. For about two hoers we marched along the Iben Gvirol main street blocking the traffic to the north. from time to time we converged for a while on specific targets like the war minister home, and banks, and occupied for a while the main intersections along the route. Speeches and chants were produced by the participants and loud-speakers.

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