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Palestine-Israel, The struggle escalate with focus on the hunger strike of administrative prisoners*

Akraba, Bil'in, East Jerusalem (Beit Safafa, Isawiah, Sheikh Jarah), Jayyus, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Quadoom, South of Hebron Hills, South West (Beit Ummar)

The Israeli settler colonialist efforts to transfer Palestinians - both within the older 1948 borders and in the new 1967 ones intensify. The Bedouins who remained with only 5% of their pre 1948 lands suffer from the state efforts to take the remaining lands and transfer them to few locations. The (joint) struggle is focused on Arakib village who was demolished nearly 50 times the last two years. In the 1967 occupied regions the transfer efforts are in area "C" - mainly near colonialist settlements in the south and in the Jordan valley, Areas Israel is planning to annex even when it will be forced to retreat from most of the 1967 occupation. However, the energies of the popular struggle are around the issue of partial hunger strike of administrative detainees rearrested after they were released in accordance of the agreement to release Gilad Shalit.

Ofer concentration camp

Over 1000 Palestinians heeded the call by the popular committees and gathered in protest in front of Ofer prison near the town of Betunia in support of hunger striking prisoners.
The Friday prayer protest which was organized by the Popular Committees, was titled “Friday of breaking the silence” in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, Samer Isawi, Ayman Sharawneh, Tareq Qa’adan and Jafar Iz Eldin (who have been on a partial hunger strike over 200 days). Protesters called for their release and the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.
Upon the end of the Friday prayer, protesters marched towards the fences of the military prison and in response the Israeli army started immediately firing barrages of sound grenades and tear gas canisters at protesters which lead to clashes with the protesters. The army fired live ammunition; rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas canisters. As a result, over hundred protesters received medical treatment for injuries from rubber coated steel bullets or tear-gas grenades and asphyxiation. Thirteen protesters were transferred to hospital, two injured from live ammunition in their shoulders and the rest from rubber coated bullets. They are all in stable condition.
Haim Schwarczenberg
israel putermam


This Friday most Bil'in activists went to demonstrate in Ofer to demand freedom to hunger striking prisoner Issawi and other prisoners, so the local demonstration was smaller than usual. The army reminded us that it would skunk and gas us even if no stones are thrown, but after a few rounds of unprovoked army violence, a few shabab started returning gas canisters to the soldiers and tried to get them to retreat with stones. A strong wind allowed the demonstration to continue for quite a while, until the demonstrators decided to call it a day


Dear friend,
The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) and the Bil´in Popular Committee
are glad to invite you to the 8th Anniversary of the Popular Struggle in Bil´in.
The action will take place on the 1st of March in Bil´in at 12´00.
The meeting point will be the mosque of the village and from there we will walk towards the Wall.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

In solidarity,
The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.
And the Bil´in Popular Committee


"The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) is glad to invite you to the
8th Bil´in International Conference for Popular Struggle.
The event will be held on April the 24th, 25th and 26th in Bil'in, Palestine.
More information about contents and program will be sent in the coming weeks.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

In solidarity,
The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee."

For further information please contact:

Hebron - Al Khalil

4TH Annual Global Day of Action to Open Shuhada (Apartheid) Street!
"Youth Against Settlements" (WWW.HYAS.PS) invites you to participate in the 4TH annual Global Day of Action to Open Shuhada (Apartheid) Street!
MEETING TIME/PLACE: Call numbers below for meeting time and place in your city

For live updates from demonstration on Friday follow @ShuhadaStreet on Twitter (hashtag #shuhadaST)

This event will be part of week-long activities, please join us for as many as you can:
Friday:22/02/2013 protest toward Shuhada st
Saturday : 23/02/2013 : press conference in TelRumeida
Sunday : 24/02/2013 Presentation about Apartheid System in Hebron
and film screening in somood center
Monday : 25/02/2012 Solidarity visit to families and protest in Shuhada st
Protest against closure of Hebron entrance, Feb. 15, 2013:
Hebron, Feb. 14, 2013:
Hebron, Feb. 15, 2013:

Jerusalem - Al Kuds

Jerusalem, Feb. 14, 2013:
Issawiyeh, east Jerusalem, Feb. 15, 2013:
Sheikh Jarrah, Feb. 15, 2013:
Beit Safafa, Feb. 14, 2013:
Demonstration in Jayyous, Feb. 15, 2013:


Two protests were held in al Maasara in solidarity with Samer Issawi and all Palestinian prisoners and hunger strikers.
The first one, a direct action, took place at around 11am, before the midday prayer. Thirty activists reached the entrance of the nearby Efrat illegal settlement - the second biggest settlement in the West Bank, in the Etzion area. At the beginning, faced by just two security guards, the demonstrators managed to enter through the main gate, raising a Palestinian flag and sticking posters of Samer Issawi. A few minutes later, dozens of Israeli policemen and border police agents arrived at the scene, joined, according to a demonstrator, by members of the Israeli army special forces. As the army and border police were blocking the road, they started throwing sound bombs and tear gas canisters at demonstrators. Only when the Israeli army and border police were there, settlers, who had been staring at the scene, began to act violently against protesters.
Five demonstrators were injured, including one Palestinian, one international activist and three journalists.
The action lasted for twenty minutes till the demonstrators headed back towards al Ma’sara and Jorat Al Shama, followed by almost 200 soldiers and policemen.

The second action started around 12.30am. Demonstrators held the usual Friday's protest at the junction of the main road. When they arrived, Israeli soldiers had already blocked the road and were ready to shoot tear gas. Then, the number of marchers was reduced to 15 people, who made a sit-in lasting around one hour.

Nabi Saleh

Today's unarmed demonstration in Nabi Saleh marched in support of Palestinian hunger strikers, including Samer Issawi, Jafar Ezzedine, Tareq Qa’adan and Yousef Shaaban Yassi. As usual, the demonstration was violently attacked by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). During today's demonstration, the IOF opened fire with rubber bullets, tear gas, sound grenades ans skunk An 18 year old women, Rawan Tamimi, was injured when an IOF sound grenade hit her in the head and exploded. She was evacuated to hospital in Ramallah and remains in hospital over night. IOF also injured at least 3 others with rubber bullets and many others suffered from tear gas inhalation. IOF once again sprayed skunk inside the village and at houses - in once instance the IOF used a stun grenade to break the windows of the house of belonging to Bassem and Nariman Tamimi and skunk was sprayed inside the house.
Fadi Arouri
David Reeb

Kufr Qaddum

Several protesters were injured from tear gas canisters and gas inhalation in today's (Friday) demonstration in Kufr Qaddum. Approximately 150 Palestinian, joined by a handful of Israeli and international activists, participated in today’s weekly demonstration in Kufr Qaddum.
At around 12 am, after midday prayers, protesters marched from the center of the village up the main road leading to Qedumim settlement. Clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers had already erupted when the Israeli military began bulldozing pre-made barricades. The clashes continued as Palestinian resisted by throwing stones and the Israeli army shot tear gas canisters directly at people. The demonstration lasted for over two hours during which protesters went back and forward along the main road.

One journalist was hit with a tear gas canister on his foot and collapsed; he was carried away and treated by the ambulance crew. An elderly woman from the village had to be stretchered away from her house as a result of overexposure to tear gas. At least three protesters, Odeh Abd Alfattah (20), Rani Ali (30) and Mohammad Salih (25) were also reported to be hit by tear gas canisters, without any of them resulting in serious injury.

Yesterday we covered nine events at the West Bank, East Jerusalem and South Tel Aviv. To see our selection from this Friday, visit our flicker @

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Demonstration in support of Samer Al-'Issawi.
Samer al-Issawi is a Palestinian political prisoner from 'Issawiyeh (1967 occupied east Jerusalem), who has been on a partial hunger strike in Israel's prison for more then 200 days. Although released in a prisoner-swap deal in October 2011, Israel re-arrested Samer claiming he violated the terms of his release by leaving Jerusalem even though the place of his arrest was Hizmeh, which is within the Jerusalem municipal boundaries. Samer has been hunger striking since July 29, 2012, and according to recent reports his health has been fast deteriorating, putting his life in danger. Joining solidarity demonstrations in Palestine and all over the world, a group of Jaffa-based activists began a daily vigil in solidarity with Samer 'Issawi and all political prisoners at clock tower square, a famed local landmark. Protesters, both Palestinian and Jews, attended the second vigil, calling for the release of 'Issawi and all political prisoners, as well as putting an end to administrative detention as an illegal punitive measure by the state.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Jaffa, Feb. 11, 2013:
Jaffa, Feb. 12, 2013:
Jaffa, Feb. 13, 2013:
Jaffa, Feb. 14, 2013:


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