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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle compete in the news media with the intensifying of repression and transfer*

Though the imperial powers tolerance for the Israeli repression and transfer diminish, Israel mainly respond with uneasy disregard. The world as large and even us within are waiting to see if there really was a shift in the blanc of power within the Israeli ruling elite and if the political turbulence in the region will contribute to any improvement in the Palestine-Israeli struggle. It is not clear if the intensification of Israeli transfer and repression efforts are just the last spasm of a dead end or a more desperate line of disregard of reality. In a month or two the picture may clear and till then, the old Tsumud (persistence) will continue. The intensification of the activities of the higher comity of grass root popular comities - mainly in the weekly "tent villages projects" started in Bab Al-Shams may be more than just an expression of optimism.


Activists build a new village #Almanatir near Burin, Feb. 2, 2013
PRESS RELEASE: Hundreds of Palestinians build huts on lands of Burin village (Nablus District): http://on.fb.me/UcOxOe
In January, Palestinian activists started a new wave of tented protest camps in the West Bank. The first, the Bab al-Shams village was set up in an area where Israel plans to build the "E1" settlement, severing the West Bank from Jerusalem.
Then, locals established the al-Karamah (Dignity) village in Beit Iksa, northwest of Jerusalem, which is set to be tightly encircled by Israel's separation wall.
Last week, activists set up the Al-Asra, or prisoners, protest village in the village of Anin, northwest of Jenin.
On Saturday, they erected a new tented protest village south of Nablus, the fourth such initiative in recent weeks.
Around 200 supporters from across the West Bank set up tents on an area of Burin village land on land slated for confiscation by a neighboring settlement.
Residents said the new village was established to protest Israeli land confiscation for settlement building. Burin is squeezed between the Bracha and Yitzhar settlements, and the target of regular settler violence.
They are calling the new encampment the "Al-Manatir neighborhood" after the traditional stone huts built for watchmen in Palestinian agricultural land.
Israeli forces immediately moved to shut down the area, and blocked traffic at the nearby Zaatara checkpoint, stopping several buses of activists destined for the village, witnesses told Ma'an.

Soldiers fired tear gas and sound grenades to disperse the activists.
Israeli forces have moved to evacuate the camps and dismantle their structures.
They evacuated the protest tent set up earlier on Saturday by Palestinian activists in Nablus, leading to clashes which injured at least 20 people and 3 get arrested one of them Ashraf abu rahma from bil'in.

Saturday: Al-Manatir near Burin, Feb. 2, 2013: http://on.fb.me/XezJsU



Jerusalem-Al Kuds

Sheikh Jarrakh

"We have had a meeting in Sheikh Jarrakh today to discuss the imminent threat of eviction hovering upon the Shamane family. We are looking forward for increased participation this week on the weekly protest vigil at 15:00, Friday and in the following weeks. Your presence is a significant sign of support."
Dear all, for all who has been looking up updates about the situation in Jerusalem , here is a short briefing from Salah, Sheih Jarrahh activist. I took liberty to add English subtitles.8.2 next week activists plan to erect a protest tent near Shamasne''s house, all those who support Shamasne family amid the threat of eviction welcomed.
E. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIAxYDYqAyg


Protest against Israeli demolitions, Silwan, Feb. 1, 2013: http://on.fb.me/WKE1vN
SHUAAFAT protest tent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgGU4IviPU4



Nabi Saleh

"Activists report that the weekly demonstration has started approximately 30 minutes ago and IOF immediately invaded village and have fired lots of teargas. A number of people have collapsed because of tear gas inhalation.
Manal reports: Think they are shooting gas includes nerve gas, 2 of the youth couldn't move after they smell some of it and we had to evacuate them. The same new breathing gas was tested two weeks ago instead of the usual tear gas.
The demonstration was quite short today, due to the pouring rain, which the soldiers tried to match with a rain of tear gas canisters. Several activists fainted from the gas, and one was hit by a canister in his waist. All are well now, though. We dried with tea and some fantastic Hubiza dish by the fireplace, enjoying the smell of wood, and the crackling fire, and wished for the days in which we could simply come and enjoy warmth, and food and the company of friends, and naught more. I guess that this, amongst other things, is what we are fighting for."
Haim Schwarczenberg http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.319402178179483.72327.202358256550543
David Reeb http://youtu.be/096_hsg9gf8


"Just 2 Weeks Ago , Israel Army Released Feras Alqadoumi 20 Years Old , And Today During The Weekly Demonstration In Kufr Qaddoum Village Near Nablus, They Wounded Him with Tear Gas And Then Arrested Him. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=460186864035623
fascist Israeli occupation forces arrested Firas Nidal Juma "25"-year-old and wounded dozens of suffocation with tear gas, on Friday 01/02/2013, after the occupation forces suppressed Kufr Kaddom weekly peaceful protest which prompt for the opening of the eastern entrance of the town, which was blocked 10 years ago."

South of Hebron Hills

This week we will accompany Palestinians farmers and shepherds to their lands in several locations in South Hebron hills. Harassment of Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the area by both settlers and the army continues.

This coming Saturday, February 2, we need as many activists as possible to accompany them and stand up for their rights. There is a direct link between the number of activists who come to accompany the farmers and their ability to harvest and work their lands.

* From my blog at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
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