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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle intensify on the back ground of the intensifying of the harassments.

It was not just the coming Israeli elections that Israeli settler colonialism intensified. It is part of the trend of last years in which the efforts to expand the settler colonialist project increase - as if to exploit the last opportunity. It is done within the 1948 borders - mainly with transfer of the Bedouins of the south. It is done within the occupied east Jerusalem. It occur in the C areas mainly near colonialist settlements and more so in areas intended to be annexed to Israel. In response, the third Intifada collect momentum and the anarchists against the wall are invited more and more to locations of joint struggles. The general election revealed that a substantial section of the capitalist elite start to distance itself from the costly settler colonialist project... But, it seems more international pressure is needed for a significant change.

Bab Al-Karamah

Activists re-erect tents at Bab al-Karamah, Jan. 25, 2013.
Dozens of Palestinian activists entered a demolished protest village in northwest Jerusalem on Friday, starting to rebuild the al-Karamah (Dignity) encampment. The tent village was established last Friday to protest Israel's land confiscation and settlement building in the area of Beit Iksa. On Monday, Israeli troops demolished all the tents and evacuated all the activists in the camp. Activists entered the village on Friday and performed the weekly prayer, before re-erecting tents and planting olive trees, witnesses said. Beit Iksa, surrounded by Israeli settlements, is set to be entirely encircled by Israel's separation wall, cutting it off from Jerusalem. When completed, the wall will annex 96 percent of Beit Iksa's land, according to a study by the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem. The Al-Karamah village was the second protest village set up, and torn down, this month. Earlier, activists established the Bab al-Shams village near East Jerusalem, in a protest against Israel's plans to build the "E1" settlement on the land, severing the West Bank from Jerusalem.


16 Israelis, few internationals an dozens of Bil'iners participated the 414th Weekly Friday demonstration against the separation wall and occupation. This week the Israeli state forces used from the beginning lot of tear gas... but "only" the usual one - not the very strong experimental gas of the previous Friday.
avi shavit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E83FjZk2ZxA


Clashes with Israeli soldiers, Budrus, Jan. 23, 2013: http://on.fb.me/SCukiK
Friday Jan. 25, "....Later we went to support/protection of protest demo in Budrus in which the murder of 16 year old boy cure last week, and raids of the army of occupation into the village cure everyday. When our protest was in progress, the gate in the fence was open and the soldiers entered the village. Opposite them stood dozens of protesters, led by the brother of the murdered youth...."
Jan. 26,: http://on.fb.me/V9dDdu


IOF dismantles protest tent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgGU4IviPU4


"....First Ni'lin, just before the checkpoint we encountered a promissory obstacle of spikes on the road, something we never came across it even when it was closed to bar the entry of leftists before large demonstrations in Bil'in. For a moment I feared ... At the booth was an officer, I opened the window and I turned to him impatiently as the settlers did not understand why interfere with their lives and I were doing something wrong? Why barrier down? The officer said that they only looked at the gate and immediately picked it up, I exhaled.
After the noon prayer, approximately 60 Palestinian, Israeli and internationals walked to the separation wall. First we walked and called shouting in Arabic and Hebrew against the occupation and theft of land, until we reached the gate of the separation wall, there some of us knocked on the iron gate and demanded that the soldiers open the gate so that people of Ni'lin be able to access their land. We have not received any response from the soldiers on the other side of the gate. Then we brought tires, placed them on the wall and ignited them. To this the soldiers did respond... with big quantity of tear gas. Some protesters bravely climbed the wall and tried to speak to the hearts of the soldiers. Some protesters threw Frisbees with Letter to the soldiers glued to the bottom."

Nabi Saleh

Friday, 18/12013 The weekly Friday demonstration in Nabi Saleh was held in the aftermath of an attempt by Halamish to expand the settlements earlier this week. Demonstrators march in solidarity with hunger striking political prisoners Samer 'Issawi and Ayman Sharawneh and chanted against the occupation and land theft. The Israeli occupation army responded with barrages with tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and skunk water. Three protesters were injured, including a 16 year old boy who was hit with a canister to his head. They were all treated at the scene.

During the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh, the IOF attempted to suppress the protest using putrid skunk water and barrages of rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas. Seven international and Israeli solidarity activists were arrested in the pretext of entering a 'closed military zone.' A few protesters were injured by rubber bullets, one of whom sustained an injury to his face and was taken to hospital for medical treatment. Dozens suffocated from the tear gas.

"Activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh are reporting that Israeli Occupation Forces have invaded the village and are shooting plastic bullets and teargas randomly! Skunk is also being sprayed at houses. One 16/17 year old boy has been hit directly in the head with a teargas canister. no updates as yet on his condition.
Haim Schwarczenberg:
Bilal Tamimi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WopJfd3BPH4
David Reeb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1aOuZ5ilpA


Friday 25.1.13,

"Hope very nice time for u and your families.
Today we also very strong march but I can say that our march began at
11:30 from the last night when about 30 soldiers stormed many houses
in the village asking for id and taking photos to the families they
get out from the village at 2:00am.
In returning to the march as I said it was very strong hundreds of
people share it but before it began the soldiers arrested GHALIB
HILMI SHTAIWI 21 from his house then when we reached the point you
know many soldiers and 5 JEEP began to shot hundreds of tear gas bombs
many bombs shot direct towards the people.
Police borders hit ZAHI ALI 47 in his house ,ZAHI didn’t know why but
he told me that the soldiers asked him to show his hands only then
they began to hit him.
My friends I would like to tell u that its very important for us to
see you sharing our march.
Thank u very much
Best Wishes

The village kid who was detained released after a while. The Israelis who were stopped for a while at the check point on their travel home because of two international who joined them were released too.


South West Bank Committee Protests on Friday 25.1.2013

Palestinian Protesters in the Settlers' Backyard

Today, 25.1.2013, at 10:30 AM the South West Bank Committee with international and Israeli activists and under the coverage of a large number of journalists, marched up to the gates leading to Elazar colony. Palestinians are barred from entering the illegal colony which sits on private Palestinian land. The large number of protesters, waving Palestinian flags and holding signs, stayed in front of the closed gate for about an hour. A settlers' bus and cars which attempted to enter the colony were blocked from entering by the participants and settlers found it impossible to enter the colony without having to make their way through the protesters and hear their calls. One settler shoved a protester and others attacked them verbally.
The protesters then proceeded to march along the apartheid road 60 which is under the control of the Occupation Authorities. By this time, four jeeps of the occupation army arrived, and the protesters were followed closely by occupation soldiers along the road. At several points the occupation soldiers became violent while protesters insisted that this was a peaceful march. Despite attempts by the forces to stop the march, the participants were determined to continue and marched on. Several Palestinian cars which passed by honked their horns in support while settlers who drove by cursed and verbally abused the peaceful protesters. Indeed, this was a rare moment as various settlers who drove by with cars and buses saw for the first time a Palestinian protest taking place right below their eyes.
Protesters then proceeded to march to the illegal colony of Neve Daniel. At this point a settler from the the illegal colony came out of the gated colony, took pictures of the protesters and pushed them. Protesters were then entirely surrounded by occupation soldiers who prevented further movement towards the colony. The participants remained steadfast and a after about an hour the protest ended as activists continued on to the weekly protest in al Maasara and Al Fawar refugee camp.


In al Maasara, Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters were surrounded by occupation soldiers who prevented their exit from the town to the nearby agricultural lands. Despite the occasional violence imposed by the occupation soldiers on the children who participated, the protesters continued to attempt to make their way through the many heavily armed soldiers surrounding them.

Al Fawar

In Al Fawar, protesters marched towards the block established in 2001 by the Israeli Occupation Forces at the entrance to the refugee camp. A huge number of occupation soldiers attacked the protesters physically and fired tear gas canisters on them. Despite this, protesters were determined in their efforts to open the block which restricts their movement. The protesters finally succeeded to break the gate open, but were not able to move the huge concrete blocks. The road was partially opened and the protesters made it clear that this road will be open in spite of the terror inflicted by the Israeli state.

To view the protest photos, please follow the link below:

South West Bank Committee

South Hebron Hills

Awake 06:15, on a Saturday morning, in order to go with Taayush to escort farmers in South Hebron Hills.
A police car led the way for our van for ten minutes. Then they stopped us and demanded our IDs, even though they had no ground for that. The police officer that came on the van said "Hey, I already recognize some of you." Then another officer explained that we are leftist activists so our purpose is to cause clashes. After warning some of us privately and all together, we were allowed to continue driving.
Umm-al-Arayes South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 26.1.2013 israel putermam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REYYGIxUR1Q
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