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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on the background of the mounting tension*

Less than three weeks to the Israeli election the settler colonialists rise the level of belligerence with state forces restraining... the Palestinians and increasing harassments. The international imperial power refrain from restraining Israel waiting for the after election era. The Palestinian elite "holding its breath" and restraining the unarmed third Intifada it criticize in the open. The approaching international pressure - both formal and non formal make the Israeli elite very uneasy like a person who ride a tiger and fear for his life thinking what will happen when he will be down. The popular struggles and the confrontation with the occupation forces is expanding gradually to more locations than the long term joint struggles.


On the back ground of the continuous struggle of the Israeli Bedouins against the final confiscation of their open lands focused in the Al-Arkib village, the Israeli supreme court verdict was that the Bedouin can contest in court the formal confiscation of their lands by Israeli tailored laws and regulations.
The weekly demo:


Friday, the 410~th demo - 28/12/2012 nearing the anniversary of eight years of struggle.
About 20 Israelis, 10 Internationals and dozens of Palestinians defied tear gas, spray of stinking water and some volleys of metal bullets covered with rubber. Part of the time people approached the forbidden wall.

Nabi Salih - 28/12/2012

Even the Israeli media could not ignore the brave people and children of Nabi Saleh in their joint struggle with internationals and the Israeli anarchists against the wall in the persistent struggle against the encroachment of the colonialist settlers of the rear by Halamish and occupation forces. On the occasion of the honor bestowed on a young teen age girl of the village, videos of the ceremony and her confrontations with Israeli soldiers were screened time and again in the Israeli TV channels.

During the weekly Friday demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh, protesters carried a Christmas tree decorated with tear gas canisters and sang occupation-themed carols. Palestinian, international and Israeli activists then proceeded to march on the road towards the village's main entrance when the Israeli army attacked demonstrators with barrages of tear gas, rubber bullets and skunk water. The onslaught carried on for several hours, during which a few protesters were injured by rubber bullets and were treated by medics at the scene. Several others suffocated from tear gas.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Noa Shaindlinger


Weekly demonstration, Dec. 28, 2012


Dear friends
We have finished our demonstration this Friday.
Despite of the tenths of tear gas bombs which was shot by the army but no injured people or arrests. Nearly 600 share this demonstration under the slogan of refusing the siege imposed on the Palestinian people by the Israeli government.

Ayman Nuban

South of Hebron Hills

Activity 29.12.2012


Wednesday, December 26th 2012, occupation forces blocked one of the main roads leading to Yatta and Samo’a - the one connecting them to the area of Susya.
The road was blocked next to a military base located in Susya, by a “betonada” concrete barrier. This is a key route used by many local residents and the shortest, fastest way to get to the Yatta hospital. It's also used children and teachers to get to the schools.
Protest against road blockade by IOF.

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