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Palestine-Israel, 65 years since the Nacba - Israelis still hold fast to the loot and grab for more.

Already 65 years since the Nacbe and I still remember Dir Yasin and other bits of memories since 9 years before it. It took me too many years to put all of them together and overcome the Zionist and its national socialist (Marxist) brain washing. Last 47 years I enjoy the freedom from Erch From's "Escape From Freedom" and try to have the path open for others. The participation in the joint struggle with the popular comities is the best road to freedom for Israelis. Thanks to the Palestinian activists of Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Ma'asara, Beit Ummar, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum and other villages who participate from time to time with a special thanks to Mas'ha where was the joint camp that started the joint popular non armed struggle. The resetraining orders regulating the suppression of the nonarmed struggles resulted from the involvement of Israelis are chalenged again.

Weekly Non-Violent Protests in #Palestine, May 17, 2013

KUFR QADDOUM, NABI SALEH, DEIR JREIR, BIL'IN, ALMASARA, NI'LIN, JERUSALEM...... Weekly Non-Violent Protests against Israel's APARTHEID wall and ILLEGAL settlements, in solidarity with the the Hunger Striking Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails and commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba "Catastrophe" | VIDEO | KUFR QADDOUM Weekly protest against Israel's APARTHEID wall and ILLEGAL settlements and in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, West Bank, May 17, 2013


430th Friday demo (The first I missed in five years) (17/5/2013)

Nabi Saleh

The protest in Nabi Saleh took to the fields, where soldiers attacked it with tear gas canisters, setting the field ablaze. As people tried to put off the fire, the soldiers, of the most moral army in the world stood there chanting: "May your village burn, may your village burn."
The weekly Friday demonstration commemorated the Palestinian Nakba (lit. 'catastrophe') which is the forced removal of some 800,000 Palestinians from hundreds of villages and towns in Palestine. Villages with international and Israeli activists marched demanding the return of all Palestinian refugees. As the marchers reached the hill at the edge of the village, soldiers appeared and fired tear gas canisters which caused a fire in the adjacent field. While villagers attempted to put the fire out, the soldiers chanted 'may your village burn.' Other demonstrators climbed down the hills and confronted the soldiers near the road. Eight Israeli and international activists were detained but released after a short while. In the meantime, the IOF invaded the village, spraying skunk water on residential homes. Youth attempted to repel the invading army were fired at with tear gas canisters.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Meanwhile, the skunk truck came into the village and sprayed the empty houses.


Friday 17-5-13; 9 Israelis; few internationals; and about 200 Palestinians participated in the demo. The main targets are still the blocked road to the regional capital Nablus, the robbery by the Zionist colonialist settler project, and occupation atrocities.
David Reeb


Nakba Day demonstration, East Jerusalem

15 May marked the 65th anniversary to the creation of the Zionist state, which was founded through the etnhic cleansing of Palestine and the expulsion of about 750,000 of its inhabitants, known in Arabic as al-Nakba (the catastrophe). Commemorated each year by Palestinian communities around the world, as well as IDPs in side Palestie, refugees and their descendants call for the return of all Palestinians to their places of origin, in accordance with the UN resolution and declaration of human rights. On 15 May, 2013, hundrerds gathered around Damascus Gate and adjoining streets in Eastern Jerusalem to commemorate the Nakba - both the 1948 expulsion and ongoing house demolitions and expulsions all over the city. Israeli riot police responded violently with tear gas, use of tasers and water cannons, spraying water at protesters, passers-by, shops and even other policemen. Several activists were arrested and taken to the nearby police station, others were lightly injured and treated at the scene.
Haim Schwarczenberg


Democracy Or Rebellion initiative call for a vigil adjusent to the orthodox Haredi community demo, in support of their refusal to enlist into the army.
The solidarity is with the orthodox section that never supported the Zionist settler collonialist project and never asked for its money.
As top rabbis declare that attempts to draft ultra-Orthodox men into the army constitute a ‘religious war,’ masses turned out for an anti-draft rally in Jerusalem. Violent confrontations broke out between a few demonstrators and police. Thirteen were injured and 10 arrested.
Parallel to the central demonstration, a small group of thirty post-J14 activists affiliated with the more radical and anti-militarist faction of the social justice movement calling themselves ”Democracy or Rebellion” (including some anarchist activists), demonstrated in support of the ultra-Orthodox

Sheikh Jarrah

Big demo today (17.5.13) at sheikh jarrah - around 250, calling for the prevention of the Shamasneh eviction and end of the settlers intruders in sheikh jarrah and east Jerusalem.
Activists from the Jaffa youth movement - which has been leading the public campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners - joined the march against eviction in Sheikh Jarrah. Evictions and home demolitions have been ongoing problems in Jaffa as well.

Tal King
Haim Schwarczenberg

Tel-Aviv- Jaffa

Nakba day Protest At Jaffa - 15/5/13

Over 60 Palestinians and Israelis converged to commemorate the Nakba at Jaffa. Chanting slogans as "Free palestain" Free Political prisoners" "Let the Refugees of the Nakba return" and more...


Tonight during a 300 strong demonstration against privatization of natural gas found in the Mediterranean sea, in the city of Natania, May 18, 2013. Protesters marched to the house of energy company owner Yitzhak Tshuva, and blocked the main Haifa-Tel Aviv highway.
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