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Palestine-Israel, The military and para-military transfer terror increase and so does the popular struggle*

The transfer pressure in area C and the 1948 borders Negev intensify. The colonialist settlers increase their terror backed by the Israeli state forces. The increased popular struggle intensify too and the rightists call for harsher repression are lauder. Not all involved with the grass root popular struggles are happy with the joint struggle with Israelis, preferring to do without the relative immunity from harsher repression we provide, and without our contribution for world public opinion. The ferment in the region already decided that thing will not be the same but only popular struggle and international pressure will channel the changes to the better.


Friday 428th demo (3/5/2013) a wall's gate was torn down today at Bil'in - a repetition of similar act of few years ago when the gate of the previous route of the separation fence was torn down:
At that time, the gate was taken as a trophy and put in the center of the village.

"Last night (Saturday) settlers blocked the entrance to Ras Karkar village near Bil'in and attacked one house.
The Bil'in committee and others are asking for people to join them this evening if you can". Few activists of the anarchists against the wall participated in the support meeting of the people of the region with the victims, and ready to repel the settlers if they try to repeat the assault.


Friday afternoon the demonstration start in Al-Ma'asara village to support the prisoners in Israeli jails. The Israeli occupation forces blocked the entrance of village to prevent the demonstrators from passing to their lands. Then clashes started between the Palestinian people and the Israeli occupation forces and some of the people were injured. Mahmoud al'aa elddin coordinator of the popular resistance committee said: "our demonstration will continue and we will continue resist until we have our freedom and peace in Palestine." When Mahmoud al'aa elddin start to talk the Israeli army started to use violence against the people and tried to pushed them back to the village but the demonstrators refused to go back and the army tried to arrest Mohammad brijia the spokesperson of the popular committee in Bethlehem.

Nabi Saleh

Friday 3.5.2013 David Reeb, video at


Kufr Qaddum

Today's weekly demonstration against the occupation and settlements, :


Happy to report Silwad, after a period of relative calm, is now awake and fiercely resisting the occupation and the theft of its lands by "settlers" from the nearby colony of Ofra. The resistance was sparked by the savage beating of a 60-year-old Silwad resident, Ahmad al-Zir, as he tended his land by Ofra colonists who fractured his skull with and iron bar leaving him unconscious and necessitating emergency surgery.
Israeli settlers and Palestinian demonstrators throw stones at each other, after settlers marched into the lands of the West Bank villages of Deir Jarir and Silwad during a protest against construction on their land by members of the nearby Jewish settlement of Ofra on May 3, 2013.
(Oren Ziv/
For more photos of today from Silwad, Quddum and Tel Aviv go @


Anarchist few dozens block at Tel-Aviv May 1st evening demonstration


As every Thursday, local Jaffa activists, Palestinian and Jewish alike, held a vigil at clock tower square in support of Palestinian political refugees and protest extra-legal measures such as administrative detention.
"Intersections of Freedom" - demonstrations of solidarity

Planned by a dedicated of Jaffa-based activists, a bus full of Palestinians and Jews left clock tower square in Jaffa, heading to multiple main intersections adjacent to main roads and Palestinian towns within Israel in order to mobilize and show solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners and their plight. The activists traveled to Taybeh, Qalanswa junction, Baqa' al-Gharbiyeh, Kufr Qara', 'Ara, and 'Ara'ara, where they visited the mother of the prisoner Karim Younis. They continued to the al-Lajun intersection in front of Meggido prison, ending their journey in Umm al-Fahm.


The joint popular committee of the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Issawiya and At-Tur invite you to join in a protest against home demolitions and land confiscation in East Jerusalem. This past week, Israel demolished five Palestinian-owned homes in At-Tur.

When: Friday 3 May 2013, 12-2pm

Where: Meeting point at Augusta Victoria Hospital (Mount of Olives)

What: Following the Friday prayer, we will march together from Augusta Victoria Hospital to the area of this week's home demolitions in At-Tur, where we will put up a protest tent.

Who: Israeli and international activists are warmly invited.

More information: Mohammad Abu Humus: (Arabic, Hebrew); Connie
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