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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the delusional naZionists*

In spite of increasing world wide political and economic (B.D.S) pressure, the Israeli state increase its efforts to transfer Palestinians - both within the 1948 borders and the 1967 ones. The efforts to transfer Palestinians from area C of the west bank is done with the help of the colonialist settlers terror to which and to the state efforts Israeli activists join the Palestinians to resist or even sabotage. The Israeli media report again and again on the third Intifada that gradually intensify, the warning of generals that the present refusal of state to yield is dangerous. The social ferment and buds of struggle do not give in to the drums of war. In the popular weekend struggles in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, and Qaddum the state forces repression is not consistent. Some time the repression is milder and some times it is harsher and we still could not decipher the pattern.

Weekly Non-Violent Protests in #Palestine, June 21, 2013
NABI SALEH, KUFR QADDOUM, BIL'IN... Weekly Non-Violent Protests against Israel's APARTHEID wall and ILLEGAL settlements, in solidarity with the the Hunger Striking Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails.
Israel Apartheid forces attacked the crew of Palestine TV and arrested photographer 'Bashar Nazzal' and reporter 'Ahmad Shawar' during their coverage of the KUFR QADDOUM Weekly protest:



Wednesday, 53d demolition of the Bedouin village and vigil
protesting today's demolition near route 40


This week the state forces were not so belligerent as the week before. They "allowed" to come near the wall. They even let us march along the wall in the forbidden path between the barbered wire fences... Only when we reached the main gate in the wall and tried to take a gate of the barbed fence they started to shoot tear gas. When it became too much most of us returned to the village.

Link below to a picture: It was not painted in oil colors or even painted by an artist accustomed to drawing. It's a realistic picture of the weekly demonstration in Bil'in which continues to confirm the existence of the Palestinian steadfast fighting for home and refusing all kinds of injustice.



Nabi Saleh

israel putermam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_gyODG-zFw
David Reeb http://youtu.be/ZehZ-zVJ8n4


"Hello everyone,

Friday confrontations in Qaddom is escalating in recent weeks in a way that is beyond any previous "norm". Rampant military invasion of the village before the demonstration and during it as if possessed. It is the second week of army thugs occupation the village early morning entering long before the demonstration starts and makes havocs. Shoots in all directions into the houses, the mosque and the village center. Then returns to its camps or like today just lurk near by waiting to the demonstration to start just after the service.
In today demo marched more than two hundred fifty Palestinians, five Israelis and a similar number of international supporters. Even before we reached it the entrance from Khaja was already blocked with barricades set by the Shabab as precaution from of attack by the army from this direction as it did a few weeks ago (after its morning "visit" in the village.
The army entered the village and fired from two centers in the front of the village but much deeper than the position of the blocked road and the left side of the hill. They shot a plenty of a strengthed quantity gas - so terrible that a few people suffocated from gas inhalation.
During the demonstration, they arrested two Palestinian television media man. Suddenly, in the middle of the demonstration they began shooting a massive barrage of "rubber bullets" (do not forget these are really steel bullets coated with rubber).
From this "toy" of theirs four Palestinians were wounded: one injured in his finger nearly completely severed it - he was rushed to the hospital to save the finger; another was injured in his arm and stomach; another was wounded in the chest; and another "only" in the leg.
Then the army entered again the center of the village and covered it with a cloud of gas - literally nowhere to escape. It was so intense and without any restraint.
So much so that even though I'm a Jewish female they invited me to find refuge in the mosque..."

Odai Qaddomi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVNgDU72RN8

Sheikh Jarah



Hi all, there will be a demo in this Saturday. if you can make it please let me know.

Challenging the Checkpoints Regime

Palestinians, accompanied by Israeli and international solidarity activists, marched to the Tunnels checkpoint near Beit Jala and demanded to be let through in order to go to Jerusalem and pray at al-Aqsa. A large reenforcement of soldiers quickly arrived at the scene and blocked marchers, hurling abuse at them and shoving the Palestinians, claiming they cannot be allowed through on foot and without the appropriate permits. The Palestinians staged a prayer near the checkpoint, eventually peacefully leaving the scene, vowing to make further attempts until they achieve their goal, get to Jerusalem and eventually do away with the occupation. A few military jeeps followed the activists as they moved away, but no arrests were made. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.384119631707737.1073741876.202358256550543
After taking part in a protest action challenging the checkpoint and permit regime in Bethlehem, one activist finds herself in a home where the reality of the occupation comes to life in a way that ‘breaks your heart while punching you in the stomach as you stare at it.’

Tel Aviv

Wednesday night June 19, 2013: Protesters block roads during a demonstration against privatization and exportation of natural gas, .
(Keren Manor/ Activestills.org) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151472521757073
More photos on http://bit.ly/5xDJ9n

Thursday, few dozen activists, mainly of the "Not Nice" initiative converged in the center of the affluent neighborhood of the treasury minister. After a while we started to march in the street towards his home holding placards, banners, and torches - stopping for a while in each intersection. (All the way the police was busy in stopping the traffic that might collide with the demo. When we reached his home we converged there on the blocked street for a long while. After a long while the activists marched back to the center where they met the nearly bank-rot tycoon Ben-Dov and "communicated" with him in the shop he visited and later accompanied him for a while.


Saturday, the "girls of Yafa shababia" leading the protest against the Israeli Land Administration and Amidar who sells the lands of Yafa to the highest bidder for Jewish gentrification, instead of building public housing on them for the Palestinian inhabitant. And even though, it's as social protest as it gets, none of the so called J14, common social activists is here.



Social struggle activists converged from other cities too for a march from center city to Prime minister house in protest of the sell-out of the gas found in the sea. After wards activists returned for the night tent camp in center of city. Ready to march in the morning to state buildings were a final governmental decision will be taken.


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