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Palestine-Israel, The world in turmoil and will never be the same again*

The root of the joint action the Israeli anarchist against the Wall are involved in is in the same process that started in the first post Marxist anti neoliberalist globalization upraising in Chiapas 1-1-94. The People Global Action and the confrontations with the WTO and later also with the G8 originated in the 1997 Second pro Zapatist encounter in Spain (workshop I participated in). In the European People Global Action 2002 at Leiden we have a workshop on the struggle in Palestine (with significant Israeli presence) which raised the idea of a joint camp (materialized in Mas'ha camp 2003) which initiated the joint struggle against the separation fence and the anarchists against the wall part of it. We do not know for sure which confrontational struggle contribute to any other struggle, and to the world struggle, but we are all connected, inspiring and inspired by each other.


Only 3 Israelis - the smallest in the chain of more than 8 years of Friday demonstrations, joined about 10 internationals and few dozen Bil'iners in a relatively calm demo. Many of us marched along the wall in the "forbidden" dirt road between the double barbed wire fence "protecting" the wall... When we reached the gate in the wall and some manipulated the gate of the barbed wire fence the state forces started to shower us with tear gas which gradually forced us back to the village.
Friday, 28.06.2013 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=578789148832451


"...we invite you to participate with the people of south Bethlehem in the demo of Friday against controlling of our water by the colonialist settlers, on Friday at 5:00PM at the village center towards the main water well.
we have the right to have our water!!!
participate!!! no more silence!!!
participate and don't allow occupation to control you !!!
we will not be thirsty while settlers drinking our water!!!
we will not let our children thirsty while the water is ours!!!"

Nabi Saleh

Residents of the Ramallah district village of Nabi Saleh, accompanied by Israeli and international solidarity activists, marched this Friday in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jail and in support of the ailing Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and anti-apartheid leader. Protesters marched with banners, each naming a Palestinian political prisoner. Large forces of Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and began firing barrage of tear gas canisters at protesters, even though the march was peaceful and not one stone was hurled at the soldiers. They also brought a skunk truck which unloaded its putrid water all over private residential homes. As protesters climbed down a hill overlooking the expropriated spring, soldiers apprehended two Palestinian women and an international solidarity activist. While the latter was later released, the two women were taken to military prison and were awaiting a hearing.

Activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh are reporting that 300+ teargas canisters were fired by the Israeli Occupation Forces within the first 5 minutes of its attack on today's regular Friday demonstration by the village against Israel's military occupation.
Nariman Tamimi and Rana Nazzal H were arrested today in #NabiSaleh

UPDATE ON ARRESTS IN NABI SALEH: The international activist has been released but banned from entering Nabi Saleh for 15 days. According to the Spanish international activist, when he was arrested the IOF put Spanish songs on and ordered him to dance. Nariman and Rania have not been released. They were held overnight in Halamish. They will be forced to appear before the military occupation courts tomorrow, but it is not clear what Nariman and Rania are being accused off or charged with.

Sunday, Military court at Ofer concentration camp ruled the two Palestinian women arrested on Friday at Nabi Saleh be released, but the police appealed this ruling. As a result, both women remain in jail till further hearing. Next day evening they were finally freed.
Haim Schwarczenberg https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.386789744774059.1073741877.202358256550543
Bilal Tamimi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyXci6PgMwQ
David Reeb http://youtu.be/Br5pTVzOHtQ




On the occasion of the second anniversary of Kufr Qaddoum demonstration they decided to come out in another demo.
This demonstration also in solidarity with the hunger strikers in the Israel prison .
The prisoner Mousa Alqadoumi
The prisoner Abdallah Alqadoumi
They are in hunger strike in Israel prison and we are supporting them and proud of them
Long live Palestine , Freedom for our prisoners

IOF invading the village of Qadum today, to repress a demonstration against the occupation and the blocking of the road to Nablus, an act caused by the illegal settlement of the Palestinian land near the village and which terribly disrupts the people of Qaddum's lives.
Oday Qaddomi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj1Upr6zWqk
Khaled Ali https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=331652856965388

Sheikh Jarah


Wadi Arah

(The Israeli pressures to promote "willful transfer" of Palestinians citizens who live within the 1948 borders is not restricted to the Bedouins of the South.) In the entrance to Barta'a village, 1500 demonstrated against house demolition:


Few days ago, Israel's public security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovic, ordered the temporary closure of Al Hakawati, an occupied East Jerusalem theater.
By that he banned the 19th edition of the children's puppet festival.
We came to protest !
Protest against the closure of Al Hakawati Theater by an order 27.6.2013

Tel Aviv

In "Shuster every week" demo in the affluent neighborhood Spring Heights, we marched Saturday night to the treasury minister house. The first time in months of demos there, state force personal harassed two female activists with sexual component. The struggle initiative of the "Not Nice" activists used the media and leaflets for shaming the main culprit. The Israeli media reported a lot of it.



Don’t say we did not know #367

On the edge of the Palestinian village ’Asira el-Qibliyya, south of Nablus, flows a spring that supplies water to the village, as well as to the neighboring ones: Madama and Burin. In the early 1990s, Israel took control of the spring and started to use its water.

On Sunday, 16th June, 2013, Palestinians from ’Asira were working putting in water pipes from their well, near the village, in the direction of the village. Settlers from Yitzhar arrived, accompanied by soldiers, and started throwing stones at the Palestinians. The soldiers threw stun grenades and teargas grenades at the Palestinians and demolished the pipes.

Two days later, settlers burned down the equipment providing electricity to the project.


On Wednesday, 19th June, 2013, government representatives escorted by police arrived and demolished the Bedouin village El’Araqib again. They went on to demolish a home in Umm Batin, near Shoket junction, and a home near the township Lakkiya.

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