Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Palestine-Israel, Just another week of joint struggle in an unpredictable times*

The frantic efforts of the Israeli authorities to advance the transfer of Palestinians both within the 1948 borders and the 1967 ones is interwoven withe realization that the tide is changing. The rhetorics of the rightists and their harsh activities seems to be a kind of religious ritual intending to counter the contradicting reality. The joint struggle continue both with farmers of the south of the west bank to resist the settler colonialists harassments and the popular comities contesting the separation fence and occupation. Bedouins in Israel south, farmers in the west bank, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarah. Another activist with the anarchists against the wall had a metal bullet coated with rubber extracted from her foot after shot from illegally short range while video documenting. The social struggle within Israel continued in a decrease intensity

Weekly Non-Violent Protests in #Palestine, July 19, 2013
Rami Zan https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564992206880935.1073741864.251098394936986


This Friday, About dozen Israelis and few international activists joined Ramadan's Bil'iners in the never ending struggle against the separation fence and occupation. This week the heroic state forces threw some tear grenade while we walked against the wall to test a new brand of tear gas that mainly bother the eyes and not breathing.
We completed the march and defied for a while the barrage of tear gas grenades till we decided to return to the village.

Nabi Saleh

Activists are reporting that today's demonstration is coming to an end. During the demonstration village children confronted the IOF and sang freedom songs. The IOF invade the village at least twice and were firing directly and randomly at protestors. At least three injuries, including one woman shot in leg and evacuated to Tel Aviv and a Palestinian child was hit in his back by teargas canister fired directly at him by the IOF.
An Israeli activist was shot with a rubber coated steel bullet at close range and was transferred to a hospital while a Palestinian child was injured from a tear gas canister hitting his back. The IOF invasion and suppression of the Friday demonstration is still ongoing.




Friday demo of Qaddum in solidarity with the Bedouin in the Negev against deportation and Praver plan.
As soon as we got to the village (earlier than usual as the last few weeks) we were informed that the army thugs were already in the center of the village and scattered clouds of gas clouds like a dog marking territory. Burning eyes and a heavy smell of gas immediately welcomed us when we got out of the cars and also the occupation thugs.
This has been an old tradition and tradition as is known in these parts is jealously guarded. After demonstrating Who's the bully in the neighborhood, the thugs hid and ambushed waiting for the demonstration to begin.
The not new strategy is to confuse the enemy - the Shabab, so they would not know where they will crop up this time. Strategy that refines itself. Indeed it was hard to guess where they will emerge.
A few meters from the grocery the shabab installed a barricade of tires and big stones were scattered in the roads to the village center...
Two hundred fifty Palestinians, seven Israelis and fifteen international activists began the procession. What has happened next, can not be described but as a battle! The armed forces franticly like in amok rushed into the village from every direction and began shooting wildly without restraint. Tear gas and shock grenades and rubber coated steel bullets shooting everywhere, indiscriminately, as if their lives or at least their prestige hung on it. The shabab fought Beck with salvos of stones. After a retreat and respite of a few minutes the state forces came back and went wild again more forcefully.
The Qaddum women do not come to the front of the demonstration, but when the thugs arrive at their doorstep they shed the troopers screams and curses - their properly dew and so well done. (You can see in the video) ... Please, watch the video as Udi's eye is worth more than a thousand words of mine and properly illustrate the Battle of Qaddum."

Odao Qaddomi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-0YA5sPneg
Soldiers hitting journalists in the Friday demo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151759253670586

Sheikh Jarrah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes,
the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem.
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.
* From my blog at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
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