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Palestine-Israel, The drums of war on Syria give Israel a bit longer lease to harass the Palestinians*

The transfer efforts continue in the Jordan valley, in 918 "fire zone", in locations less prominent on the news, and in the Bedouin region within 1948 borders. When the noise of the war drums is high, the increasing level of oppression in the 1967 occupation seems less prominent. Less and less people pay attention to or have hopes of the "peace talks" forced on Israel and the Palestinians by the imperial masters. The joint struggle continue in spite of the hot weather and the mounting Israeli terror. The picks of the joint struggle were in Bil'in where delegations from the other struggles converged to this week demo. The other pick was a big demo in Tel Aviv Saturday late evening where Bedouins from the south joined the more than 1000 participants from the main region of Israel.


Friday 445th demo (30/8/2013) More than 200 people joined the weekly popular demonstration in Bil’in against the wall and settlements, which was dedicated to resisting army oppression towards political activists. In the past few weeks soldiers have been crossing over the wall and chasing Bil’in demonstrators with more violence than has been witnessed there in the last couple of years. In addition, two residents have been arrested in relation to the protests and earlier this week three youths in Qalandia were shot dead by a border police raiding party.

Villagers of Bil’in were joined by 30 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall, similar numbers of international activists, representatives of the Ni’ilin and Ma’asara popular committees, and a boy scouts’ marching band. Demonstrators reached the gate in the wall and were met by soldiers who instantly started firing tear gas canisters at the march. Local youth responded by throwing some canisters back at the soldiers, adding stones as well and were answered in turn by rubber coated bullets.
After about 15 minutes the gate in the wall opened and soldiers started passing through. At first the “skunk” water canon came into use and then the “venom” tear gas canon. Soldiers started chasing demonstrators back towards the village while continuing the exchange of tear gas and stones as retreating activists piled rocks into small barricades to slow the soldiers’ progress down. Soldiers also forced photographers to retreat, arresting one Israeli activist on the way.

The march from the village goes over the old route of the wall and other pictures by Oren Ziv / Activestills

After about two and a half hours of protest and confrontations, after the soldiers progressed all the way to the old route of where the separation fence once went through and after two small fires were set ablaze from tear gas canisters and put out by villagers the demonstration ended. The Israeli activist was taken to a nearby police station and was represented by Adv. Gaby Lasky, a fundraising art sale for covering her efforts was simultaneously taking place in Tel Aviv this weekend.
The Israeli activist seen arested in the video was released about 2 hours later.
Haitham Khatib


Wednesday 28-8-13, Right now in Yafa Clock Tower protesting the killing of the 3 Palestinian youth in Qalandia on Monday.


Since 9:00 AM the Israeli occupation forces blocked the entrance of AL Ma'sara village and search in every car pass, and look for ID cards to catch the member of popular resistance committee to prevent the organizing of the demonstration today.


Daboos Hassan


Today Friday 30-9-2013 about 500 hundred people share K Q march which is faced by hundreds of tear gas bombs shoot from guns and from the jeeps causing many suffocated cases.
At 10 am many youth set fired tiers waiting for the army to come. Finally five soldiers came and shoot nearly 5 bombs before they began to shoot rubber bullets. All this happened without clashes but with the most dangerous thing that the same soldiers shoot 2 live ammunition bullets.
Any way the army didn't’ attack the village this time as before so we manage to gather ourselves again and go for the march nearly 200 hundred meters there police border were waiting and began to shoot tear gas bombs strong clashes between youth and the police happened and many suffocated cases.
One of the soldiers snipers hiding under an olive tree shoot one live bullet. It hit the ground so it failed to hurt anyone.

Sheikh Jarakh

The creeping transfer in occupied east Jerusalem (Al Kuds) continue. Israeli supreme court rejects the appeal of Shamasna family from Sheika Jarrah, and orders their eviction from their home in 18 months, another step in the ethnic One cleansing of Jerusalem. of the deciding judges is a settler. There's no justice undet apartheid.

Friday demo:

Tel Aviv

More than 1000 demonstrated against the Praver transfer plan of the Bedouins.


Don’t say we didn’t know #376

On Monday, 19th August, 2013, the IDF demolished all the homes of a Bedouin community, the Ka’abneh tribe, living near Bir Nabala, in the occupied Jerusalem area. Thirty nine people were left without a roof over their heads.

On Wednesday, 21st August, 2013, government representatives, escorted by police, arrived in Bedouin areas in the Negev and demolished homes. A home in Sawawin, south-west of Segev Shalom, a home in the township ‘Ar’ara, as well as at El’Araqib, yet again.

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