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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle sabotage the Israeli efforts of crawling transfer*.

The transfer of the Palestinians from the 1948 borders never completed. So, it continued on a milder crawling mode up to the present. One aspect was general oppression and harassment that resulted in the emigration of many of the Christian Palestinians of the north of the country. Another was the gradual transfer of the Bedouins of the south with joint struggle around the Arakib village and the Farber decree. Within the 1967 borders the transfer efforts are in the Jordan valley and the shepherd communities in the south with Susia as focus. More on the news were joint struggles along the separation fence - Bil'in, Ni'ilin, etc., and other places settler outposts and neighboring encroached on villages land like Beit Ommar, Nabi Saleh and Qaddum. Lately in the news: "In one tape, Mubarak is heard claiming that some six months before his ouster, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with him about a plan he was considering, to displace the Gaza Strip's population into the Sinai Peninsula."

"Popular Struggle Coordination comity Weekly Protests, Friday 20th September organized weekly nonviolent demonstrations in several Palestinian villages to protest against the Israeli occupation to revive Sabarah & Shatila 31st anniversary in Lebanon,to condemn the frequent settler raids at Al-Aqsa Mosque and in support of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails."
20-9-2013 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.700824916613272.1073741834.218774474818321


Villagers, international solidarity, and Israelis activist with the anarchist against the wall participated in the Weekly non-armed demonstration. During the weekly demonstration today the Israeli army used an excessive use of teargas and rubber bullets on the protestors. Palestinian, international and Israeli activists, gathered in front of the gate. One international got injured on the foot by a teargas cannister when teargas was fired directly at them. While she was being treated they also shot teargas at it. While doing their work, two journalists were injured, one of them sitting in his wheelchair not able to move when the teargas was aimed in his direction. The soldiers entered the field and continued firing teargas and rubber bullets. Three kids got injured from the cannisters and rubber bullets.

Rani Abdel Fatah https://www.facebook.com/rani.fatah/media_set?set=a.10202127002599707.1073741828.1327358013
https://www.facebook.com/Bilin.village / https://www.facebook.com/Bilin2013
Video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151889705479400


M, a resident of the village Ma'sara, found himself under attack by the Border Police, only because he is a resident of a village that opposes the occupation with weekly Fridays joint demonstrations.
One morning in early August, M returned from a medical treatment in Ramallah to his village on a Palestinian taxi. When the taxi travelers were checked at the Container checkpoint by a border police officer.
The officer demanded to be given the identity cards of the travelers. He paused on the identity card of M, and then ordered him to get out of the car. Immediately after M. got out, the officer slapped him without provocation. He tried to hit him again, and M. blocked the blow. Then another policeman came and both dragged M. According to his testimony, they beat him again and again. While the taxi driver tried to intervene they made it clear to him that he should return to the vehicle, or that he'll get it too.
The reason? No one told M. anything, but the thugs who attacked him used several times the word "Ma'sara." Ma'sara is one of the villages participating in the Popular Resistance and preparing the weekly peaceful demonstration that the border police officers are "forced" to disperse. This bothers them and prevent them from going home for the weekend. M. said he is sure this is the only reason they picked him for the biting.

"Friday, the Israeli occupation forces suppressing Al-Ma’srah weekly protest organized by the popular resistance against the wall and the apartheid wall.
Today’s march was condemning first the killing of Islam Toubassi by the Israeli special forces in Jinin, secondly, in solidarity with Al-Aqsa mosque, and reviving the 31st anniversary of Sabra and Shatila massacre.
Before the march has reached the entrance of the village the Israeli occupation forces entered deeply to the village with their vehicles - declaring it as military closed zone. Then they attacked the protesters with the plastic shields while they tried to access their lands.
The popular resistance coordinator against the wall and settlement Mahmoud Zawahreh stated in English and and Arabic that the popular resistance will go on and condemned the raid of a dozens of settlers at Solomon’s Pools to the south of Bethlehem. He talked also about the suffering of the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation, the apartheid wall and the settlement policies. He criticized specially the non respectful treatment of the holy places.

Nabi Saleh

Today’s march was condemning and reviving violations.
Demonstrates have attempted to reach the spring today as part of the Friday demonstration. The children almost made it to the spring but were blocked by Israeli Occupation Forces. Activists report that the IOF have opened fire with teargas and the sparks/fire from the teargas canisters has set fire to sections of the Nabi Saleh valley.

As soon as the march reached to their confiscated lands then the Israeli occupation started to shoot rubber coated bullets and tear gas grenades (which caused many suffocation cases). Thus, The popular resistance movement has called for an Intifada refusing to abide the Israeli occupation brutal massacres and their daily violations until getting all legal rights and the freedom.
David Reeb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CGNrQQCSpE


Hundreds of villagers, internationals, and Israeli activists participated in the Friday march where they chanted national slogans calling for justice from the perpetrators of Sabra and Shatila massacre in 31st anniversary.
A popular committee’s media coordinator in Kafr Qaddum Murad Eshteiwi stated that the Israeli soldiers with borders police directly suppressed and targeted peace activists Zahi Ali and Abdul Razzaq Amer by firing them directly with tear gas grenades.
Among the injured ones known (Raed Nasser 15) years by a tear gas canister in the shoulder and (Mu’awiah Mahmoud Shtiwi 17 years) by a tear gas canister in his side and a one of the Israeli solidarity (Shaul 30 years) in the shoulder along with the Palestine TV crew. (The Israeli occupation forces have targeted journalist’s crews from various satellite T.V channels. As result, they wounded a Chinese news agency reporter (Sam) by a tear gas bombs in the knee, also a photo journalist (Ayman Idriss) by a tear gas canister in the chest. They also damaged the equipment of theirs as well as that of a B'Tselem Israeli volunteer.


Another take:
"About 300 Palestinians and four Israelis participated with a handful of internationals in this Friday protest.
Opposite us were posited the occupation army and its thugs. Jeeps and other heavy equipment and dozens of soldiers frantic and bloodthirsty. Even before the protest began they started shooting gas everywhere. They formed a front on the route of the road and on the hills on the left - hordes with olive color uniforms. When the demonstration began tractor entered into the village to remove the barricades set by the diligent shabab in advance. The tractor came accompanied by jeeps and belligerent soldiers. They shot continuously and indiscriminate plenty of tear gas. "Direct shooting" is understatement to what really happened there today. They shot in order to hit and hurt people like snipers. This resulted in many demonstrators slightly injured.
Six Palestinians injured in different parts of the body from tear gas grenades and canisters. Ankle, abdomen, back, hip and shoulder were hit. Also injured the knee of a Chinese journalist and Israeli journalist was wounded in the hand. All received treatment in the village.
All these atrocities could not even for a second harm the morale and the determination of Qaddum residents to FIGHT BACK.

The bastards also shot an Israeli activist with a tear gas grenade launcher, at a direct angle and close range! They were aiming straight at the ppl in the narrow street, as you can see in the video. This is akin to an attempted murder against ppl who pose no threat to the soldiers!"
Odai Qaddomi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRrYv0Jmkq4


The village is the target of intense transfer efforts for many years. Joint actions were there aplenty.

Lately a local left leaning Israeli singer was scheduled to give a saw in the rear by settlement and was target of pressures by the Israeli activists of the B.D.S... He vacillated and announced the canceling of the show but counter pressures caused him to renegate. A joint demo was done near the location of the show:
SocialTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IM4XQsGYsBs

Don't say we didn’t know #380

The Israeli government continues its campaign against its Bedouin citizen residents of the Negev.

On Tuesday, 17th September, 2013, government representatives accompanied by police arrived in Bedouin localities in the Negev and started to demolish homes; in Al-Fur'a, south of Arad, they demolished a home of a couple about to be married. In El-Za'arura, near Kseifeh, they also demolished a home of a couple about to be married. They again demolished the village of 'Atir, near Hura, and confiscated a tractor and a water tank there. Then they continued and demolished El'Araqib, yet again.

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