Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Palestine-Israel, The European B.D.S. on the settlement in the air, just the joint struggle continue as usual*

The Chinese curse "have an interesting days" materialize lately in our region. The surprising deescalation of the Syrian chemical weapons and the Iranian atomic program left Israel exposed to escalation pressures from Europe. In spite of the relative economic boom the Israeli people and more so the downgraded "middle class" victim of the intensive application of neo-liberalism start to express resentment. The media vibrate with subjects related to the emigration of the middle class people their nationalism is gradually eroded by both the neo-liberalism and the fear of the price of the continuous occupation. This is not just a background to the joint struggle but also responsible burn out of activists. Though not at their pick the weekly joint demonstrations and the involvement with Palestinian resistance to the crawling transfer continue.


Two young men and a photographer were injured in the weekly demonstration by metal bullets rubbed by rubber
Rani Abdel Fatah


Weekly demonstration, 27.9.2013 video

Sheik Jarakh

Kfar Qaddum:

Friday September 27, 2013
Dozens of citizens from suffocation and fires in olive groves during the Suppression of the occupation of kufor qaddoum caught fire the number of olive trees by tear gas fired by soldiers stationed on the mountain overlooking the street.
The occupying forces, and the so-called border guard reinforced by military bulldozers raided the village under the large cover of tear gas, sound bombs, injuring dozens of.
According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers deliberately tear gassed houses leading to damage tank water owned by Zahi Tahir Ali, witnesses reported that a bulldozer dumped Theater House of Adnan Abdul-Mahdi on the dirt and the remains of burning tires.
Yotam Ronen
Matan S. Cohen
A Palestinian journalist evacuated after being injured, during the weekly demonstration against the occupation,
Odai Qaddomi

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