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Palestine-Israel, Another look at the joint struggle against the occupying force and settlers*

The clash that was lately in Ramalla between the Palestinian authority police and strikers demonstration of employees of the United Nation agency stress it again: The activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative and many of the international and even many Palestinians join the struggle against occupation and settler project period. The expectation from a Palestinian state are low and marginal, and very few have any illusions about the expected freedom in the "free Palestine" they chant. The intensifying international pressure on Israel bring an hesitant hopes about the nearing changes in the region. And the joint struggle continue in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, Qadumm, Ma'asara, Sheikh Jarah, and South Hebron Hills, with hesitant contemplations to join from other villages.

Beit Ommar

South West Bank Committee organized today a protest in front of El Azar Illegal colony, South Bethlehem, the activists blocked the main entrance of the illegal colony and were then attacked by the colony's security together with Israeli occupation soldiers and police. The Activists later after the protest planted 100 olive trees in the endangered land adjacent to the illegal colony of El Azar, the activists were attacked again by the Israeli occupation soldiers and police who tried to prevent the planting activity, 13 January, 2014.


Friday weekly demonstration 10.01.2014.
17 Israelis, a dozen internationals, and about 30 Bil'iners participated. We marched chanting to the gate in the wall.
Surprisingly state forces refraining from harassing us till activists tried to close the outer gate of the fence "protecting the wall. Even then they just threw some sound grenades. Only when the demo there was declared closed the tear gas shooting on the shabab youth started and the confrontation with them intensified.
After a long while the adults returned to the village while the shabab continued the confrontation with the Israeli force.


Today we were half a dozen Israelis, two dozen internationals and two dozen Biliners. The fucked state force were exceptionaly passive and started to shower us with tear gas only after the demo end was declared. Among the flags were two redNblack ones.
Miko Peled taken to the Ambulance after he can't breathe from the Israeli tear gas , and the coordinator of the Po...


Weekly protest 10.01.2014 The Israeli forces suppressed the weekly protest in Al M’asara today and detained few solidarity activists for a while. This protest came in solidarity with the Palestinians in Yarmouk Refugee camp in Syria and against the normalization projects taking place with Israelis.

Nebi Salah

Just another Friday joint demonstration the anarchists against the wall participated in... 10.01.2014
Bilal Tamimi
David Reeb

Nabi Saleh - 17/01/2014

"We are all with Yarmouk," chanted participants in the weekly Friday demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh. Palestinians accompanied by Israeli and international solidarity activists marched today from Martyrs Square at the center of the village towards Nabi Saleh's expropriated lands, as the IOF attempted to dispersed them using tear gas canisters, rubber coated steel bullets and stun grenades. A few protesters were lightly injured and required medical assistance at the scene.
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reeb


Israelpn - 17.1.2014


The weekly (10-1-14) demo for opening Kufr Qaddum's road, and the weekly violent military repression
Israeli forces chase down the youth inside the village of Kufr Qaddoum today. At the end of the video a protester sends out a message in support of what happened in Qusra and demands the opening of the main road to Kufr Qaddoum blocked by the Israeli occupation.
Odai Qaddomi


Negev Bedouins and their supporters from all over the country will demonstrate tomorrow, Thur. Jan. 9 2014, outside premises of the "Bedouin Resettlement Authority" in Beer Sheva (Reger Blvd. corner of Messada St.) at 10:00am. Demonstrators will express outright opposition to the government's ongoing promotion of the "Prawer Plan" which implies destruction of dozens of villages and expulsion of tens of thousands of Bedouins from their homes and land. Implementation of the plan is now entrusted to the hard-liner Yair Shamir, Minister of Agriculture.

Refugees Strike For Freedom, Forth day, Jerusalem, 08.01.2014

Thursday 16/1/14 in Tel Aviv

Hundreds marching now (22:00) in central Tel Aviv against transphobic violence with dozens of anarchists among them..

Don’t say we didn’t know #395

On Tuesday, 24th December, 2013 (Christmas Eve), IDF forces accompanied by three bulldozers came to demolish a Jahalin tribe neighbourhood, near the Palestinian village ’Ein Ayyoub (northwest of Ramallah). The soldiers demolished 21 buildings, 14 of which had been used for residential purposes. Sixty one people were made homeless.

On Thursday, 2nd January, 2014, government representatives accompanied by police came to the Bedouin village Wadi El-Na’am in the Negev and demolished two homes, making 11 people homeless.

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Tel Aviv, 18/1/14

On the "Social Justice" assembly in Rabin (city) Square activists of "not-nice" initiative and members of the anarcho-communist "unity" tryed to take over the stage and prevent MK Ilan Gilon from speaking, following the refusal of the organizers to allow common people, and social organizations - the "not-nice" "unity", and Representatives of the autistic community, to speak.The."left authoritarians" showed their real face and screamed for the police help to calm the angry activists.

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