Friday, December 26, 2003

Israel-Palestine, Anoncement by ANARCHISTS AGAINST THE WALL 26/12/03

[The following message was distributed before details of Gill injuries were known: He lost consciousness after being shot with a live bullets in his legs which one of them was brocken. - and was taken by an ambulance. Everything was photographed by both still - and video camera - see addresses in the end.]

No to the ghetto that's being built by Jews!

No to walls between people!

Stop the occupation!

Israeli, Palestinians and international activists Bringing down the apartheid wall in mash'a In this moment, friday afternoon {seventh candle of hanuka} dozens of activists are tearing apart and breaking down the gate of the apartheid wall which is also known as the "separation fence", to enable a free passage for the people of mas'ha to their lands. The activists, equiped with tools, are breaking the gate that has remained closed since the wall was built two monthes ago.

The farmers, whose land is on the other side of the fence were told that they would be able to cross through the gate to work their lands. That promise turned out to be a methodical, crude and cruel lie. All throughout the suffocating wall the gates are remaining blocked and the Palestinian residents remain with no access to their only source of income.

The army is present - at the Mas'ha village gates which are located next to Elkana settlement - and yet, its not clear how will the confrontation between the army and the activists will end. The activists are calling for a joined active resistance of Israelis and Palestinians toward the ghettoizing policy that the Israeli government is issuing.

The action is being held as a part of The Alternative Protest Camp Against The Apartheid Wall that started a week ago in Deir Balut. The camp is hosting Israelis and Palestinians, and located on the path of the Apartheid Wall, on the land of the village's elementary school. (The building of the school was stopped due to the land being confiscated for the building of the wall.)

We invite the media that follows Ariel Sharon's promises, for the so called evacuation of he settlements, to come and see for them selfs the land confiscating and settlement expansion operation that is operating this days. Deir Balut protest camp and other protest actions that take place and that will take place in the future will set a live and kicking alternative to the occupying, stealing and confiscating actions that the Sharon government and the Israeli army are responsible for.

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