Saturday, December 27, 2003

Israel-Palestine, Tel-Aviv, NO to the Getos! ... leaflet distributed by "Anarchists Against The Wall" in demonstration 28/12/03

NO to the Getos!
NO to the wall between people!
End the occupation!!!
leaflet distributed by "Anarchists Against The Wall"

A leaflet distributed in the demonstration Saturday evening in front of the Israeli war office in Tel Aviv in protest of shooting a comrades during the direct action against the wall at Mesha the previous day. NO TO THE GETOS! NO TO THE WALL BETWEEN PEOPLE! END TO THE OCCUPATION Yesterday we experienced the reality of our Palestinian brothers.

The shooting of the Israeli army on us, Israeli activists, is a crossing of a red line never crossed before, but it must remind us the daily atrocities of the army in the occupied regions. In this weekend too the killings, the closures, the strangulation, the invasion and the annexation continue. The shooting on us will not deter us from continuing actively resisting the Apartheid wall built before our eyes. Yesterday we break the gate of Mesha, but it must be remembered that all along the route of the wall the gates stay blocked and the Palestinian people remain with no access to their source of income. We will continue to try to block the occupation with our bodies, to open a breach in the wall of hatred, and to put with our actions a lively and kicking alternative to the geto policy of the Israeli government.

We express solidarity with our comrade Gil from Kibbutz Reim who was shoot at by the Israeli army just few weeks after he was released from army service. Gil was hit in his two legs by live ammunition and was taken unconscious to Beilinson Hospital diagnosed there as in serious condition. To day, Saturday Gil regained consciousness for the first time, and was able to smile and talk. The condition of his legs still not clear. We send him our wishes for his quick recovery.

We express our solidarity with our comrade Jonathan from Tel Aviv, held by the Ariel Police since the action as he refused to sign on commitment not to enter the occupied territories for three months. He is scheduled to be brought in Saturday to court in Rishon-Letsion for prolonging his arrest*. We call from here to immediate release of Jonathan.

Description of the direct action:
About 13:00 we came to the gate of the apartheid fence built between the village Mesha to the illegal settlement Elkana. In spite of the army promise all the last few weeks the gate stayed shut, and prevented the inhabitants of Mesha to reach their fields and sources of income. It was a nonviolent demonstration in which we wanted to do a symbolic act of protest against the building of the fence and the closure of the gate. To our astonishment, the soldiers started to through on us big stones, then they shoot in the air, and on the ground near us. In spite of our calls "do not shoot, this is non violent demonstration, we have no intention to heart you", and the holding high of signposts in Hebrew against the wall, after just few minutes and without warning the soldiers started to shoot with live ammunition towards the bodies of the demonstrators. From this shooting Gil's legs were hit. In contradiction to the army spokesperson, no tear gas was shoot towards us and no warnings were given by the soldiers. The have not communicate with us in any way before the shoot to hit with live ammunition.

The activity was carried as part of the protest camp against the wall started a week ago in the village Dir-Balut in Sumeria. The camp inhabited 24 hours a day by Israeli and Palestinian people is located on the route of the apartheid wall within the half built school of Dir-Balut. The building of the school was stopped after the confiscation of the land needed for the building of the wall. We invite the media who believe in the promises of the promises of the prime minister Ariel Sharon, about the so called evacuation of the illegal settlements, to come and see for themselves the project of annexation of land and the expansion of settlements that continue even these days.

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