Friday, December 26, 2003

Israeli anarchist seriously injured and ISP one moderatly in activity against the aparthide wall 26/12/03

In activity against the apartheid wall an Israeli anarchist was seriously injured by Israeli forces live ammunition and an internationalist by rubber bullet. They were shot at as 100 activists have damaged the wall near the village Mesha.

The activity initiated by the Anarchist Movement against the Wall (The One Struggle collectiv)* Israel occupation soldiers shot and wounded two people during a demonstration against the West Bank security fence Friday. An Israeli anarchist - Gil Naamaty of Kibbutz Nirim sustained serious live ammunition wounds, while International Solidarity Movement comrade was moderately wounded by rubber bullet.

The incident occurred close to the Palestinian village of Mahase, east of Rosh Ha'ayin, while protesting against the construction of the security fence.

During the protest, troops used live ammunition shooting to hit. At a later stage, the ISP activist was wounded by a rubber bullet. Gil, whose friends said was hit by two bullets, and the ISP volunteer were evacuated to Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikva.

The troops involved in the incident are from a Golani company stationed in the area. According to military sources, known lately for their lies, said one live shot was fired in the direction of the demonstrators, who were attempting to cut through the security fence with wire cutters. One demonstrator was hit in the leg by the shot, the sources said. "The shot was fired in accordance with regulations," the sourcesinsisted.

One of the demonstrators, Jonathan Faulk, told Haaretz that a group of soldiers opened fire in his direction, from a distance of several meters. Faulk said that there was no warning before the shots were fired, and that "the soldiers' lives were never in any danger."

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