Thursday, January 1, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Buddrus, In the continuous actions against building the apartheid wall, Israeli and internationals were injuredand/arrested 1/01/04

This morining a group of international media and israeli activists arriverd at Budrus village. The Israeli army accepted the group with live ammunition gun fire, but after a few minutes the army stop shooting because they seen international media. The soldiers retreated back and the demonestartors went down the hill and carried a noun violent demonestration while the solders were keeping watch. When the activist reach the work site they were supprised becouse there wasn't bulldozers... so how much you can help try. ....After the story of this morining the israeli army entred the village Budrus and conducted an operation to find the internationals and the israeli activists. This day was a very bad day i mean a lot of things was happend like a lot of people injuried in budrus and the army was going from house to house trying to find the activists. In this evining i was recieved a massage that liad arrested after she was going to her hearing in Areiel police station so for anther time you help needed.....

From the media "The activists were demonstrating Thursday for the third consecutive day against the construction of a portion of the separation fence north of Modi'in. The construction, which commenced a few days ago, involved uprooting the village's olive groves, and the fence is planned to surround the village from every direction."

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