Thursday, January 15, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Update from Budrus 15.1.04

Hi everyone, Report from people in Budrus is that today a great demonstration was held, with a van of Israelis* attending. Despite the attempts of the Occupation Forces to crush the resistance by arresting the Palestinian activists, the people went down to the bulldozed land and planted about six small olive trees and two big ones. Some Israeli and Arabic media were there. The families of Ayed and Na'eem are holding up okay. LAWYERS: Kate from IWPS and Jonathan from the Israeli Anarchists have, in consultation with the family, been trying to get a good lawyer. From talks with lawyers today, it seems that at least $1000 (US) will be needed. Israelis who want to donate could call Jonathan on xxxxxxxxxx. ISM please can you put this appeal out on your list. There are ISM'ers who were in Budrus but are now back in their countries who might want to donate. I could not reach Huwaida today but suggest that internationals who can contribute any money should call her on xxxxxxxxxxxx.

DEMONSTRATION AT OFER PRISON: Various people today were discussing holding a demonstration at Ofer Military Prison as soon as possible. Can the Israeli Anarchists and ISM figure out what is a suitable date for you and then we can work together on arranging it.

PHONE CALLS are needed demanding the release of all the Budrus prisoners:

Ofer Prison 02 5884202 or 02 5884348

Minister of Justice, Yosef Lapid
Phone: 02-646-6527
Fax: 02-628-5438

Military Attorney General, Brig. General Menahem Finkelstein
Fax: 03-569-4370
*[Ed. Note: The Anarchists Against The Wall initiative]

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