Monday, January 5, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Truth from the land of Israel... Media still focused on the injury of Anarchist Against The Wall activist at Mas'ha 05/01/04

The shooting to hit with live ammunition on Israeli demonstration in Mas'ha against the wall is still in the news. The clear lies of the Israeli authorities is exposed again and again. The video documentary is shown again and again - including the detailed statement of the reporter of the main Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot.

Yesterday late evening, a special investigation reportage in which both the soldiers lying and the evident that exposed it were screened in details. In a nutshell, it exposed also the army policy of shooting with live ammunition on non armed demonstrators called "regulation of detaining suspects" (which is really not in order to detain but to deter) applied in the past only to Palestinian Israeli citizens in few occasions and regularly applied to palestinians - including children.

It seems, the naZionist left and liberals that were not so active in criticizing the shooting policy when applied to Palestinians in the occupied territories reached a qualitative turning point.

The fact that fluent and intelligent good looking Israeli anarchists are good interview subjects contribute too. The various media channels - printed, audio and visual, keeping bringing them again and again.

Yesterday and today the media is bringing in addition the young refusnics who were sentenced yesterday for a one year in jail. This was the peek of a three years initiative started by high school anarchists to whom joined others with less crystallized political consciousness.

The initiative started with a petition of about hundred signatures. At first, the local commander of the army sentenced those whose conscription date arrived but refused joining the army to few weeks in jail for two to four repetitions and then released them as "unfit to service". Later, the army escalated and stopped releasing the refusnics of regular conscription after few terms.

As result, the refusnics refused to be judged by the local commander who could continue to put them back again and again and took the alternative court martial.

After about a year of hearings, the verdict was given and they got one year in prison.

The struggle is not at end yet as they will appeal it to the military appeal court and probably later to the Israeli supreme court.

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