Friday, April 2, 2004

Israel, Palestine, Media (Walla), Just another day of ongoing struggle with Anarchists Against the apartheid Wall 02/04/04

Yonatan Polak, member of the Anarchists Against The Wall was injured with rubber wrapped metal bullet. Another Israeli protester described how 5 soldiers fell him on the ground and hit him with the bats of their weapons. The army spoke person justified it because there were disturbances. Few demonstrators were "slightly" wounded in a demonstration late morning at the building site of the "wrapping Jerusalem wall" at Bitunia in the Ramalla region. At noon, about 150 Palestinians and few dozen Israelis and internationals to the building site in order to have a peaceful demonstration. When they were 2 kilometers from the place the bulldozers the soldiers ordered to stop. The demonstrators set down and the soldiers started to disperse them by force - through on them shock grenades and shoot them with rubber wrapped metal bullets.

... An internationalist activist was injured in the feet and back by bullets. Eye witness said the soldiers shoot the demonstrators while they held their hands above their heads and asked to let them return to the village they came from. Among the injured internationalist "street medics" and Palestinian villagers.

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