Saturday, April 3, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Urgent: protest tonight at jerusalem shalom court! 03/04/04

Dearest activists, The Jerusalem police are still holding Leila Mosinzon*, an Israeli activist arrested two days in a row at non-violent demonstrations, Friday in Budrus and Thursday in Hirbata. They have not offered release conditions and are demanding that these be determined by a (right-leaning) judge tonight, who might very well follow their recommendation for a 3 month entry prohibition to all the territories. Another example of the blatant escalation of their attempt to clamp down on our non-violent resistance to their crimes. Please, protest tonight at the Shalom court house in Jerusalem, the hearing takes place an hour or two after sundown.

For more details From: Ivy Sichel To:
* [Ed. Note: Leila is affiliated to the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative.]

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