Saturday, April 10, 2004

Israel/Palestine, an anarchist analysis & articles from an anarchist perspective and of other radicals* 10/04/04

Palestine and the International Solidarity Movement The ISM has had a good deal of success in helping out in some of the day to day situations faced by ordinary Palestinians
* Israel - Palestine, Tel Aviv - Zububa, 20m fence removed Tel Aviv-based "One Struggle"* anarchist collective initiative of "Anarchists Against Fences" action with the Zabuba people
* Israel/Palestine: Roots of the conflict The historical roots of the current conflict in the Middle East
* Israel / Palestine is not a nice place to live in - it is a war zoneAn Israeli anarchist looks at the growing opposition to the occupation and why it has developed. In Italian as Israele/Palestina non è un bel posto in cui viverci - è zona di guerra
* Interview with anarchist refusenik An interview with an anarchist jailed for refusing service in the IDF
* Five Convicted For Refusing to Serve in Israeli Military The five - Hagai Matar, Shimri Zameret, Adam Maor, Noam Bahat and Matan Kaminer - had claimed conscientious objector status on the grounds that they oppose serving in "an army of occupation."
* Rachels War,2763,916299,00.html Letters from US activist murdered by IDF to her parents
* The occupation continues, the occupation will continue, is there any solution
* Courage to Refuse - Combatant's Letter o international supporters of the Israeli Refusers
* Ta'ayush - Arab-Jewish Partnership
* Gush Shalom - Israeli Peace Bloc
* The Electronic Infitada produced by a small network of pro- Palestinian activists with a history of Internet and media activism
* Indymedia Jersualem
* Indymedia Israel
* Pogroms in Palestine An Israeli anarchist on Jewish resistance to the Israeli state
* Anarchism and nationalism Almost all of our present nations, and the very idea of the modern nation itself, are relatively modern inventions. With the rise of the bourgeois state in the nineteenth century, ruling classes needed an ideology to make their subjects identify with the state in which they lived
* Protests against Israeli occupation in Dublin [with photos]
* Second Palestinian solidarity march in Dublin [with photos]

PDF file of End the Occupation: Support Israeli Refuseniks poster In English, Hebrew and Arabic =============================== * This page provided as part of the Struggle collection

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